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Chapter 1 : Helpless to you!

James POV

I had her slammed up against the wall and video camera in hand I stared at the little screen while taunting her about her dear sweet Edward.. "come on Bella, you know you want Edward to avenge your death no need…" My voice cut off as I turned my head to stare into her wide brown eyes. My brain started going a million miles a second while a new plan formed. The video camera dropped from my hands with a loud obnoxious crash. Bella flinched from the sound and her scared eyes turned confused and concerned.

I leaned into her and ran my nose from her jaw to just behind her ear lobe. She smelled so good "I have just changed my plans Bella, it seems we will both be in for a wild ride." I chuckled darkly to myself, wondering what the hell I'm thinking. I grab a hold of her and throw her onto my back with ease and tell her to hold on. Then we leave…

I had been running for hours taking back trails and empty back streets and sticking to the forest as long as there was some around.. Bella's grip was loosening and her breath and heartbeat were evening out, she was falling asleep. I quickly grabbed a hold of her one thigh and moved her to the font of me. She looked at me shocked with drooping eyes and I put my hand on the back of her head firmly pushing it back to my chest… the last thing I needed was for her to fall off I don't think I could handle her blood I haven't fed in a week. Seems I have all of a sudden been quite taken with my recent meal.

We were well in the middle of the night and Bella was once again awake and squirming. I could hear her stomach growling and I all of a sudden remembered all the tedious things a human has to do to survive. How ludicrous it all seems. I could hear murmurs and thumps of heartbeats as we came into a small town. I put Bella down as we came close to a 24 hour store and turned to Bella. "You can either wait here, or you can come in and watch me feed…" I paused to let that sink in her eyes grew wide and horrified and she shook her head quickly, I smirked and continued. "If you try to run I will not be very happy, and I WILL find you, do you understand… Bella." She nodded again and opened her mouth only to snap it shut. I raised an eyebrow as if to ask her to continue.

She opened her mouth to speak again but the only sound that came out was a squeak I laughed loudly and her cheeks flushed a beautiful and very tempting crimson my throat burned at the sight and I stopped breathing immediately, she cleared her throat and tried again. "I-I need a human moment, is it possible to use the washroom in there before you decide to massacre the guy behind the counter?" I looked at her slightly stunned and nodded for her. I put my hand on the small of her back to walk her in, she noticeably tensed when I touched her but she didn't shrug me away. For the millionth time that day I wished I could have met her on different terms, or when I was still human or if only I had more humanity. I walked her to the bathroom door and stood outside. The overweight old man with greasy fingers was staring at Bella's form until he could no longer see her I growled and his eyes snapped to mine then widened before he quickly looked down… oh how great it will be to destroy him, even though he will not be the tastiest meal I've had. He smelled fine so he will have to do. Bella walked out and I told her to go outside and turn away from the windows.

As she walked away I could hear her heartbeat accelerate no doubt petrified for the pervert with the wandering eyes watching her ass as she walked away I ran over to him in vampire speed and he didn't notice me till I grabbed a hold of his filthy collar. He looked at me and I leaned over and whispered "She will be the last person your disgusting eyes will ever ogle." then I turned my face towards his neck and bit down. As soon as his blood started to pour down my throat the inferno of a fire dulled and by the time his heart beat stopped and I drained him dry I was quenched. I quickly tore into his neck so it didn't look like bite marks and I grabbed the video tape out of the machine and crumpled it till it was unrecognizable. I grabbed a plastic bag from behind the counter and started to fill it with sandwiches, chips, water, juice and a small travel sized tooth brush with toothpaste. I walked to the till and forced it open and took the little bit of money, and the safe in the back room was easy to break into, sure enough there was a nice chunk of money in there. I walked out and Bella was sitting on the ground taking deep breaths. I pulled her up roughly and threw her onto my back without saying a word.

It was easier to breath around her now that I had fed, I will have to feed more often if I want to stay in control. I ran for several more hours but I knew Bella would need rest soon. Humans can not stay in one position for too long or they start to ache and my body would be like hugging granite, not comfortable I'm sure.

Once we reached the next town the sun was starting to come up, we would need to get indoors quick before someone seen me shining like a damn diamond ring.

I quickly got us a dungy cheap room no credit card required. It was small and smelled of mildew. I put the bag on the table beside the bed and told Bella to eat. She reached in and grabbed a sandwich and bottle of water and ate silently at the table. I stretched out on the only bed in the room and flicked the TV on and switched through the channels quickly. Bella was staring at me I could feel it and see it from the corner of my eye. She was itching to ask me what was going on but was too afraid to ask. Once she was finished she cleared her throat so I looked over, she was looking right into my eyes that were practically screaming help but I held my tongue till she talked. "What do you want with me James? I don't understand what's going on." I smiled at her slightly and sat up on the bed. And turned my body to face her before speaking.

"I want to get to know you Bella, I think you are very interesting and I want to know you." that sounded so ridiculous to my own ears and her eyes were incredulous. I knew it sounded awful considering I was going to kill her not a day before. "Listen Bella I know that this makes no sense but as a vampire I have been around for several hundred years, my life has always been about the hunt and nothing else, there is something about you that flipped a switch very suddenly, something about you that intrigues me and I want to know you." Her face was getting red and her hands tightened into fists. Her heartbeat was erratic and I was a little afraid she might have a heart attack.

"Well James…" She sneered. "When you want to get to know somebody you don't kidnap them there are better ways do it, trust me. I want to go home NOW." My temper was at boiling point, I was fuming. How dare she talk to me that was, this human talk to me like she is better then me.

I scoffed at her and moved quickly in front of her I jerked her head up with my finger so she was staring into my eyes. Her breathing hitched and her heartbeat was going impossibly faster. I said to her in a deadly calm voice. "be thankful that I didn't rip your throat out, DO NOT talk to me like that again, I will not tolerate you disrespecting me… do you understand" she nodded yes as best she could with my finger under her chin. "That's better. Now I understand this is hard for you to concept, but I will promise you one thing, I wont harm you Isabella, not on purpose anyway," she nodded again and I leaned in and kissed her warm cheek. She froze and blinked rapidly. Then I moved quickly back to the bed and laid back down. Bella walked to the bathroom with the toothbrush and toothpaste in hand, and I had to pat myself on the back for grabbing it for her.

Bella came out 5 minutes later and looked around the room probably wondering where to sleep. I flipped the opposite side of the blankets and patted the bed to let her know to get in. She slowly walked over to the edge of the bed and crawled in. She moved around for several minutes till she got comfortable and then turned to me. "T-Thank you… for the toothbrush I mean, I really hate when I don't have a toothbrush." she blushed furiously and I nodded at her. She turned over on her side facing away from me and within seconds she was asleep.