TITLE: Teaching

SUMMRY: A year after the Cullen vampires moved to Forks, Bella Swan, a vegetarian vampire like them, moves into the area. With gifts beyond imagination, she both terrifies and entrances Jasper - who struggles viciously with his own self-control. When he loses control, Bella takes some control of her own…

WARNING: Graphic death scene, and lemons. Lots of them. The good kind!

A/N: I know. Another long story. Couldn't help it, the bunny bothered me. As always, I'll write the first chapter, and you guys review, and if feedback is good, I will continue.

Anyway, here's the basic deal: Jasper is the single Cullen, not Edward, who is with Alice. Other pairings remain the same. The Cullen's are vampires, and so is Bella. Bella has never met the Cullen's before. She also has a variety of gifts, which will be revealed through the course of the story. All other gifts and characters remain the same.


Something was coming.

"Alice? Aly?" Edward's voice filtered through the haze in my head. I blink slowly and look up at him. He's frowning, worry in his eyes. The others have stopped too, looking back at us. We're hunting, the whole family. And then, out of nowhere - the vision. "Alice, I didn't catch it all," Edward says, looking worried. "Who was that?"

"One of you two gonna tell us what gives?" Emmett demands playfully. "We're not all super-geniuses."

"I saw a vampire." My eyes dart towards Carlisle. "She's coming here. She'll move in tomorrow."

"Move in? Carlisle asks. "How can that be?"

"She's like us. Her eyes are very yellow in my vision. She is one of us. She is alone."

"Why would you have seen her?"

"Because she will mean something to us." I frown. "I don't know what exactly. But she will be a friend." Then I smile as another vision flits through my head. "We'll meet her tomorrow at school."

Nobody talked about anything else all night. We all wanted to know who she was, what she'd be to us.

"All I got from the vision was that she'd be important to us. I don't know how." I'd left them to it after that. Edward had come up after me and stroked my hair.

"Sorry, Alice. We're just - excited, I guess. It's not every day we meet someone like us, and it certainly isn't normal to have someone like us - in every sense - move into the same town." I sigh and rest my head on his shoulder, he loops his arms around my waist.

"It's OK, Edward. But this sense I have - that she'll be important - I'd have expected to get more than that. And she was…blurry almost. Like she was an out of focus picture. It was weird. Edward, it was almost like she didn't want to be seen - by anyone. Like she was blocking."

"Tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll know." He put his faith in our abilities, and Jasper's. I knew that.

And I knew we relied on our powers far too much for things that are not flawless.

Jasper was worried, I could practically feel it. Another day of agonizing pain. I squeeze his hand gently. There was a time I thought Jasper and I were mates, destined. But I know now that he was just the person I was meant to be with to find Edward. And he may as well be my brother by blood. I love him with everything I have in me to love him with. I hate seeing him alone. He certainly could do with meeting someone, preferably this side of the next century. He's not meant to be alone. Some vampires are, some vampires are content to wander alone. But Jasper isn't. Jasper is meant to have someone with him.

He stops breathing when we get into the canteen. Human food, human blood. This bit was always the hardest bit for him. We were all sniffing today though. Searching for her scent, this new vampire. She was already sitting down. Our table, by the window, watching the rain. Edward is frowning.

"I can't get a read on her. She's blocking, I expect. Which is probably why you couldn't see everything about her."

"That's serious power."

"My name is Isabella." She says, face still turned away. We're across the canteen from her, but we hear her as if she was standing next to us.

She got up and left. And we followed her, because we had to. She was waiting on the edges of the forest. Every bit as beautiful as Rosalie, her dark hair framed her pale face. Her eyes were almost gold, indicating a recent hunt.

"A shield, then," Edward states. "A very powerful shield, if you can stop Alice from seeing you in visions, and stop me reading you."

"Don't get too upset, Edward. Aro got quite irritated when I saw him, and he couldn't see into my head. Alice, I apologize for blocking you out, too. It's purely defensive, I'm afraid. I forget about it."

"You can block out someone like Alice, and you forget you have that power?" Edward demands. He looks wary. Hell, so am I. This is terrifying. Nobody, nobody should have that much power.

"What the hell did Aro say to you?"

"Hmmm? Oh, he doesn't know about my powers. He thinks I'm just a shield." She smiles, and there's something oddly predatory about it. "I'm not actually stupid enough to tell him everything. He tried to persuade me to join him - but I don't agree with his diet."

"Introductions." Jasper cuts across our conversation. "Introductions. I'm Jasper. That's Rose and Emmett. And -"

"I know. I know who you are. I know who you all are, and that includes Carlisle and Esme. And I don't like repeating myself. I'll tell you my story - it's only fair, seeing as I know yours - but I'll tell it to you all."

At least she's honest. She drops her shield long enough for Edward to be convinced she told him nothing but the truth.

"My name is Isabella, Isabella Swan. I was born - originally, at least - in Houston, Texas in 1841. I got caught up in the Civil War and fled to New York. I was twenty one in 1862, and that was the year I was turned. I met a very, very handsome man." Her mouth twists. "Oh, he was very handsome. His name was John, I think - I don't remember. It may have been James, or possibly Jack. I'm more inclined that it was James. He changed me the same day. When I woke up, he was gone. Vanished, left. I've never seen him again, although lord above knows, I've looked. I spent fifty very long, boring years looking. How depressing of me. I couldn't remember very well what he looked like. In the end I went back to Texas, but not to Houston. I wound up in Galveston, where I uncovered a mystery. Fifty years before, Major Jasper Whitlock vanished off the face of the Earth. He'd been evacuating the city, then vanished on his way back to help more get away. I had a new mission, a new purpose. The height of the vampire wars - I put two and two together and got seven at least. I even found Maria, for goodness sake." Jasper's eyes are burning.

"Why the hell were you coming after me?"

"I didn't want to kill you, if that's what you're worried about. I don't now. We used to live next door to each other in Houston. Until we were ten, then I moved away, to the other side of the city. We used to make mud-pies together." Her lips twitch. "I didn't remember you either. But the name was doing deja-vu in my head, and I didn't like not knowing. So I got on with it, and tried to find you. Failed, obviously, but then I went to see Aro."

"What did Aro say about your powers?" Carlisle queries.

"Aro knows nothing about my powers. He thinks I am just a shield. I quite like my freedom, and I did not like his way of life. He tried persuading me to join him. He said talents must not be wasted." Her mouth twitches again. "Tosser. And then I got wind - quite by chance - of the Cullen family. That intrigued me. I questioned Felix - with persuasion thrown in, coaxed what information I wanted from him. He was remarkably helpful, all things considered. He told me who you were, what you were. And having be alone for…err…147 years, I thought I'd drop by and see if it was true." The eerily golden eyes sweep us all. "And, I've got to say it, Carlisle, Aro wasn't exaggerating. This family is remarkable. All of you bonded, except Jasper, and three of you with significant power." Her lips twitch. "You know, when I figured it out, Jay, I wasn't remotely surprised you could manipulate emotions. You always were persuasive."

"Bells, shut up." Her eyes light up. And she smiles for the first time - a full, proper, glowing smile. "You went along with it all."

"That's it. That's what you used to call me, especially when you wanted something. Anyway, we'll wander down the memories later. Carlisle, Esme - I need a favour. I don't expect you for a minute to say yes -"

"Yes. Move in. Stay with us. And Bella, I must ask - and forgive the personal questions - but I have to ask you something."

"Carlisle, for granting me that, I'll answer you anything."

"If you woke up alone, who taught you control? Who taught you to resist the bloodlust?"

"I taught me. I find, to be perfectly honest, the idea of snacking on humans repulsive. I never even thought about it."

"You've never killed -"

"No. Not once. My life was taken - I wouldn't do that to another human. I imagine the people they left behind would be devastated. I have self-control beyond anything Aro has ever seen - and he told me you were the sole exception. I rather think he finds the idea of us teaming up together a little strange, to say the least."

"What else do you have?"

"I can't tell you that, Edward, and I'm truly sorry I cannot. I ought tell you, after you've been so kind to me, but I cannot, not yet at least. I've never told anyone the real extent of my power. I don't even know the full extent of my power. I believe the man who changed me may know - but I am no longer sure whether he is alive or dead. It's why I searched for him, why I go on searching, even now, in my way. Those first few years -" She shudders, and Jasper gets up and touches her arm lightly. "Thanks, Jay. Those first few years were - well, I was terrified. That was my challenge - not bloodlust, but controlling my power. I was terrified, angry, worried, and I wanted answers, and I still do. But the man who made me left, and I don't know why. I believe that I may have killed him during my transformation. I woke with venom that was not my own on my clothes, on my hands and face. I either killed him, or I injured him. Because I've never been able to find him and nobody I've asked seems to know who I'm talking about, I believe I either killed him, drove him into hiding, or that he lied to me, and never told me his real name. I don't suppose -"

"I know a James. You said that might be his name? And he had a scar, a long one. It ran the length of his face, and I assume it covered much of his torso. Just one line. But I haven't seen him since I was two years old - vampire-wise, I mean." Emmett answers her, and our heads snap round.

"You never told me that," Rose whispers.

"Yeah, well, it isn't a period of my existence I particularly like to talk about." But Bella is rigid in her chair, staring very hard at Emmett.

"Emmett, tell me, what did he look like? What colour were his eyes?"

"Well, they were red. Well, reddish-orange. Much like mine. And he was blond, I think. Looked young. He sort of made me come back. Convinced me the guys here wouldn't be mad at me." Bella gets up and leaves the house so fast we barely see her. Jasper looks after her, thoughtful expression firmly in place. He gets up and he goes after her.

Silence reigns for a while.

"Carlisle, do you know her?"

"I've heard of her. Caius wrote some months ago. Told me she existed, and several of the nomads have been talking." He looks disturbed. "She's rumoured to be extraordinarily powerful, although nobody seems to know what these powers are."

"Hands up who wants to know why she calls him Jay," Emmett murmurs. We laugh, and the tension leaves, although I wouldn't doubt she was still on everyone's mind. So much was left unanswered, but we knew already that she'd tell us when she was ready to tell us and not before.

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