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Sighted - Yu Gi Oh GX

After losing to Aster, Jaden loses the ability to see not only his cards, but the physical world. But as the SOL takes over the school, he realises that things can be seen in more ways than one as a whole new perspective comes to light, and with it, a solution.

Judai Y


'The Tower,' he said quietly, looking at the Tarot card on his table. 'When upright, it signifies failure, when inverted, it signifies success. But at a diagonal, it signifies a changing of force. The moment in which the balance shifts. But towards light...or darkness?'

He inserted the Magician back into his Tarot deck, before shuffling his cards once more. He then lay out a spread facedown, with four cards circling a centred one. Turning it face up, it was revealed to be The Fool, also in an upright position.

'The Fool. Certainly an ambiguous card,' he mused. 'A spirit in search of experience. An insignificant with much untapped wisdom and potential. One who could be everything, and nothing.'

His thoughts drifted to Jaden Yuki. The one who had defeated the Seven Shadow Riders and the Sacred Beast Cards. Yet, when Aster had duelled him with his deck of randomly assembled cards, he duelled more like a naive child than a hero. The Fool was befitting of him.

But he had to know how much power Jaden truly holds.

He turned over the card furthest from him, revealing it to be The Hermit, in upright position.

'The Hermit, a representation of a being's true self. Upright, it signifies a search for one's inner self. Interesting.'

He turned over the card on the left. The Magician, upright. 'The Magician is upright. This signifies a change, a revelation of full potential. But to what end?

He turned over the next card. 'The High Priestess. Once again upright. 'The High Priestess. In a spread, she often represents an unrevealed future with hidden influences at work, and a need to trust in one's intuition.' He paused. 'This does not bode well. Outside influences could prove to be detrimental to the Light's cause. But then again, they may work to our advantage.'

He turned over the final card. 'Justice? Could it be? Is it possible that he is the one?'

There was only one to test him.

He held his right hand in front of him, his palm facing upwards, and watched as white energy emitted.

Soon, Jaden Yuki would see the light. If he was not the one.

If he was...then time will tell.

Author's Note

This takes place just before Jaden's defeat in episode 59 "A New Breed of Hero (Part 2 of 2)". Interpretation for the Tarot cards may have been altered since I am not familiar with them, but the overall interpretation pretty much gives an idea as to what is going to happen in future chapters. I noticed that during the second Season, when Sartorious was using his Tarot cards to foretell the future, much of what the cards said was ambiguous, and could be taken to mean more than one thing. So his predictions were not necessarily wrong, he just interpreted them in different ways.