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Title: The Doctor and Seven: Sleepless Nights
Author: Andrea "Ann" Elisabeth
Summary: Takes place after 'Someone To Watch Over Me', Seven has trouble
sleeping. The Doctor helps her overcome it and discover her feelings. And
when Seven goes into a coma he discovers his own feelings.
Rating: PG-13
Archive: Ask me and I might let you do it. I'm a nice person. Disclaimer:
If the characters did belong to me, you'd be paying me
to write this not suing me. They don't, so I'm doing this for free out of
my loving heart.
Feedback: I, the author, struggled with this one so let me know if it was
all in vain
Thanks: Samantha, for whom I began writing; Jesse, for encouraging me to
write this and letting me bounce these ideas off of her, without whom this
might never have been written.

Revised (Feb. 11, 2000): Sleepless Nights

Seven of Nine walked purposefully down the corridors of Voyager en route to
the captain's ready room. With her regeneration complete, logically she
needed a place to sleep. Cargo Bay 2 wasn't exactly private. She went to
discuss it with Captain Janeway, but personal space wasn't the only thing on
her mind.

"Come in." Janeway called out as she heard the chimes. Secretly, she'd
been expecting Seven's arrival.

"Good morning, Captain. I have a request--" Before she could launch into
her compilation of convincing arguments, Janeway handed her a PADD. Seven
stopped and examined the text.

"Is this what you wanted to ask me about?" It was a manifest of crew's
quarters. "A little bird told me you'd outgrown your alcove." She smiled

"Yes, it's true." Seven puzzled for a moment. "A little bird?"

"Just an expression. I was already informed and thought it would be a nice
surprise. You're all set."

"I see. Thank you, Captain." She was indeed grateful, but the sudden
gesture caught her off guard. She stood silent for a moment staring at the

"Is there something wrong, Seven?" She asked pausing before sipping her

Seven looked up abruptly. "No. This is sufficient." She turned to go but
stopped short. She'd been wanting to ask the captain about something.
"Captain," then she said in a softer tone, "may I ask a personal question?"

"Go ahead," she said with slight reservation.

"Why do we find it necessary to be in love in order to mate?" Her jaw
tightened and her eyes cast down. She'd come to a mental deadlock on the
matter. She couldn't decide the reason one needed the other.

Janeway chewed on that one for a moment and replied, "It isn't necessary for
the act to take place. Fact of the matter is that many people do it just
for gratification. It's innate for humans to love, be it a spouse or child
or friend." A thought occurred to her.

"You know I hope to have this same talk with my daughter, if I ever have
one. It's important for you to understand what love is more than it's
purpose in procreation. When you find someone that you want to be with for
the rest of your life it's more than a contract to mate. It's finding a
companion, a person you want to raise those children with and someone who'll
be with you after those children have grown up. When you're truly in love,
life becomes...better than what it was before you met them. You can't
imagine life before or without them."

Seven was enthralled with interest. "How does one know when they're in

Smiling, the captain said, "That's the hard part. Falling in love is easy
but determining if it's the real thing may take getting
hurt--emotionally--to find out. It happens to all of us at one time or
another, so I'm sure you'll find out soon enough."

"It seems detrimental to have these feelings if one can only hope that it's
real." Seven said not feeling any better.

"It's a part of life to go through it and truly worth every minute. I don't
have the definitive answer, but I've been in love enough times to know how
it's supposed to work. I only wish I understood it myself. Getting back to
your original question, making love to the person you are in love with is
far better. Otherwise, it's an empty act."

Seven nodded and considered these things for a moment. She started out the
door and suddenly remembered her manners. "Thank you, Captain."

The captain nodded and returned to her work. She paused sadly, wondering if
she'd ever have a chance to have a daughter to have that conversation with.
They might all be family on Voyager, but sometimes she wished for the real
thing back home. Soon enough, she told herself sharply.


Seven quickly found her new quarters. Looking around she saw that it was
normal Starfleet regulation d├ęcor, monochromatic and sparse at best.

"This is sufficient," she thought to herself.

She ordered a cup of tea from the replicator. It was a beverage that Neelix
had introduced to her and she'd discovered it wasn't unpleasant. She sat
down to contemplate her new living space.

"Sonic shower, bathroom components, clothing apparatus, bed, chairs, table,
computer console,..." she mentally catalogued.

Seven finished her tea and prepared to rest. Removing the clasp that
secured her hair and removing her boots, she lay down on the bed.

She soon decided that this was not comfortable. Tossing and turning, Seven
tried to relax. She tried every possible sleeping position to no avail.

"This is bothersome," she complained aloud. Perhaps her clothing was
inappropriate, she thought, searching the database for sleepwear. She
decided upon a gown and had it replicated.

Seven changed apparel and tried again. She lay there and stared at the
ceiling for what seemed like hours. Finally giving up on sleep she went to
her display and did research. Before she knew it her alarm signal went off,
she was to get ready for her shift. Still unrested and frustrated, she
showered and dressed in a new suit.

After resecuring her hair, she put on her customary cosmetics and frowned at
herself in the mirror. She'd failed at sleeping. Since humans often failed
it was only natural that it would happen to her on occasion and she tried to
except that fact. Nonetheless, she hated it. So much for perfection, she
thought and left for her shift.


"Computer, activate Emergency Medical Program. Doctor, I request to speak
to you." Seven of Nine said as she entered sickbay.

"State the--Hello, Seven, what can I do for you?" He was genuinely pleased
to see her.

"In the event that my regeneration process no longer requires extended
periods, the captain has granted my request for quarters."

"Good for you, Seven" he said. "My request has been ignored as usual" the
doctor muttered to himself. He had a desk, why shouldn't he have a place to
retire? He turned his attention back to her.

"And there is a problem?" he suggested. He noticed a weary and
uncomfortable look in her eyes.

"I am yet to attain a state of repose." She paused and added, "I have tried
on numerous occasions and failed. I request to be sedated."

"Having trouble sleeping..." he mused.

"I have never slept before." she added blankly.

"I see. I would like to refrain from using sedatives right now as you might
become dependent. Perhaps a more natural remedy would suffice. The captain
once told me of an old earth remedy, warm milk."

She wrinkled her nose at the thought. "Couldn't I resume regenerating in my

"I'm afraid not. It wouldn't have any effect after we've deactivated your
uplink. Reinitializing it would be detrimental to your health." Sensing
her wavering patience he continued with suggestions.

"There are other remedies, of course. I'm glad you came to me instead of
Mr. Neelix. He would no doubt have you ingesting some concoction that would
have you right back here, and worse for wear."

"What ever you suggest, Doctor." she said feeling slightly annoyed at the
delayed-gratification aspect.

He went to stir up something while she looked on nervously.


The next day...

Chief Medical Officer's Log (Supplemental)

Seven of Nine remains to have a condition of insomnia to which I have tried
every recourse and countermeasure. None of my treatments have had any
favorable results. I am uneager to admit it, but I am at an ends with my

"Doctor, are you here?" Seven said as she walked into sickbay.

"Why, Seven, what a pleasant surprise. How are you feeling?" he said
standing up from his desk chair.

"Unchanged." she said. "Have you determined an efficient solution to my

"Not yet. It's odd that the simplest of things like insomnia have plagued
mankind for millennia and no one has found a sufficient cure. I'm sure
there's no cause for concern yet. I plan to talk to the other crewmembers
and find a remedy that works rather than looks good on file. I've
discovered that many of my patients respond to more...metaphysical
treatments." He saw the defeated look on her face and took a step closer.
Putting his hand on her shoulder, he caught her eyes and said, "I promise to
help you. What my main concern is your ability to carry out your duties
without doing any harm. You are in a compromised state."

"Do not concern yourself with my work performance. I am quite able to
manage my duties." He looked unconvinced. "It is true that I am weakened,
but I am aware of my limitations. I will not put myself in any dangerous

"Alright, but I want you to check in with me periodically so I can monitor
your progress. I wouldn't want you to pass out in engineering and damage
yourself. I didn't want to have to do this, but for now I will sedate you
in order to let your body rejuvenate. Now that it's helping itself it is of
the utmost importance that you have a regular REM sleep regiment." He
reached for his hypospray. "I will have to accompany you to your quarters to
administer the sedative," he cocked a sarcastic eyebrow at her, "unless
you'd rather sleep here in a biobed?"

"Fine. Follow me, I am on Deck 6." She was ready to get rid of this
sluggish feeling. It was effecting her functions, concentrating, and at the
very least was disturbing.

The Doctor grabbed his holoemitter and followed her out the door to the
lift. When they arrived at her quarters, she immediately prepared like she
had before, removing her boots and letting down her hair. She got into bed
and looked up at the Doctor.

"When shall I return for sedation?" She noticed he was distracted for a
moment, but when she spoke quickly returned to her attention.

"I am still hoping for a less addictive solution. I will keep trying and
you will see me in sickbay tomorrow evening." he leaned over to inject her.

"Good night, Doctor." she said, her lids becoming heavy.

"Sweet dreams." he said quietly. He noticed how peaceful she was as she
drifted to sleep. And elegant, he thought to himself.

He breathed a sigh and returned to sickbay a shade more depressed.


"Mr. Tuvok." a voice piped up on the Vulcan's display screen.

"Yes, Doctor?" he said mentally wondering if the doctor knew how annoying it
was popping in like he did. Not unlike Mr. Neelix and his insistent

"I have a patient with a problem with insomnia. I was wondering if you had
a relaxation technique that would help. I have exhausted my own resources,
which I assure you is a feat in itself." The Doctor had reservations on
contacting Tuvok in the first place.

"There is a Vulcan mental exercise in which one visualizes the reason for
unrest, such as stress or a problem, in a physical state and then imagines
it dispersing. Soon the mind is relaxed and the anxiety is lost."

"Stress displacement? I'm not sure I agreed with the psychology of it, but
I will take your suggestion under experimentation. Thank you." he said
before popping out again.

Tuvok shook his head. There's never any peace.


The next day, Seven of Nine visited the Doctor precisely at 18:00hrs.

"Doctor, have you discovered a solution?" she said upon seeing him at his

"Hello, Seven. No, I have not for certain, but I have a lead on several

"Then, I am here for sedation." she said half as a question and half as a

He frowned and paced the floor with his PADD. "I had hoped we wouldn't have
need for a sedative again." He thought for a moment.

"Would you consider an alternative treatment? Mr. Tuvok has suggested a
relaxation exercise that may help." He believed the source of her difficulty
lay in stress and other mental burdens. "And I've added a few of my own

"And you believe this will help me to achieve sleep?"

"It's worth a trial." The Doctor was determined to find a solution. "Let's
get started."


Seven of Nine Personal Log

The Doctor has been attempting to correct my sleep disorder. It has been
necessary for him to join me in my quarters to practice the relaxation
exercises. The exercises have helped in the initial stages of sleep. There
are some side effects, with sleep come the nightmares. My mind is filled of
the cries of the victims of the Borg. They cry out in terror and I am among
them, helpless. In my regaining of my human tendencies, helplessness has
been a hindrance. My primary struggle is with my own mind. The Doctor has
confidence that this practice will help. His presence has also helped to
alleviate the stress that disturbs my slumber.

"Your assistance is most appreciated, Doctor," she said as they completed
the exercises.

"You are quite welcome. Do you wish me to stay further or shall I go?" he
said, slightly nervous for a reason unknown to him.

"Stay until I lose consciousness." she said sliding beneath her sheets.
Something within her needed his presence.

"Alright." He watched as she breathed precisely and deeply. He had been
overseeing her sleep for a week now and it had become routine. On occasion,
he would linger and watch her sleep. He saw the frowns and the anguish of
night terrors on her face, but felt helpless to do anything about it.

He'd mentioned it to her and suggested a holodeck therapy program, but she
refused. He suspected that she bore the weight of guilt and she felt it was
her duty to do so. But still, he hated to see her suffer.

On one particular night and an especially torrent dream, he felt compelled
to go to her side and he held her, not restraining her, but gently embracing
her. He smoothed her hair and cradled her in his arms. Never uttering a
word he rocked her and her terrors seemed to subside. That night he didn't
leave her side except when he feared she would wake.

When he returned to sickbay, he felt strangely empty and heavy. But then he
smiled bittersweetly at giving her a minute of peace.

He pinched the bridge of his nose where his tension seemed to reside.

Ever since he'd held her in his arms the Doctor had felt that feeling, that
small adaptation to his program he'd tried to push away not so long ago.
Now, every time he would see her his simulated heart would pound and he only
wanted to spend just one more minute with her.

He felt a silent anguish that she did not feel the same way. He had no
right to wish that she did. After all, she was flesh and blood; he was
photons and force fields what future could they have?

But still, she amazed him like no one else. She was so much like a child
and so much like a woman. Outside she was powerful and commanded respect
not unlike the captain, but inside she was vulnerable and innocent. He
lived to be her mentor. It was an unmentioned honor he held. No one had
ever looked to him as she did now. But no, he couldn't acknowledge those
feelings. He felt lost.

How do you love someone who doesn't know what love means? He wanted to give
her the world but could give her nothing. He wanted to protect her but he
could not. He could only guide her and hope to help her attain the things
she needed. She needed a mate, a companion, a lover...

He would just have to find a way to give her those things even if it meant
breaking his own heart. "Computer, end program." Was this all his
existence would contain?


"Doctor?" Seven of Nine queried into sickbay. Not seeing him, she called to
the computer, "Computer, activate Emergency Medical Program."

"That program is currently running," a static voice replied.

She looked around again, "Computer, locate the Emergency Medical Hologram."
She was puzzled.

"The Doctor is in Holodeck 1".

Curious, she thought to herself. Why was the Doctor in the holodeck during
such unusual hours?

She made her way to the turbolift and headed for the holodecks. She had
learned the holodeck was a popular place for the members of the crew.

"Computer, what program is running in Holodeck 1?" she asked as she reached
the arch.

"Doctor, Omega 9, access restricted".

Seven didn't recall seeing this particular program and wondered why the
Doctor had need for privacy. Most curious, she mused.

Her reverie was interrupted by the computer's response.

"Program ended" the computer stated.

When he didn't exit the holodeck she guessed he must've transferred himself
back to sickbay. She headed for the turbolift. Once again she went to
sickbay and entered, this time finding the Doctor working as if he'd never
been gone.

"Seven, nice to see you. To what do I owe this visit?" He smiled.

"I had hoped we might resume my social lessons on dating," she said

"Oh? May I ask why? I assume it's not just for the pleasure of my company."
He deadpanned attempting to cover his disappointment. Dating meant
competition he couldn't win against.

"I wish to resume my search for a suitable mate." She'd thought about what
the captain said and realized it was the natural course of action.
Originally, she hadn't been looking for love, merely compatibility. With a
new set of criteria, she would try again. She had to admit she had other
reasons for resuming the search. It was like an unquenchable frustration
she'd been feeling.

"Have anyone in mind?" He said, turning away to pretend to look at his

"Not yet, but it has come to my attention that my body wishes to procreate."
She said in her perfect bluntness.

"Your body does?" He asked surprised and wondering exactly what she meant.

"Yes, I have noticed...inclinations toward the opposite sex."

"Ah, yes. Those unruly human hormones." He tried to appear cheerful. "We
can begin immediately, tomorrow--"

"Would this evening be acceptable?" she interrupted.

"I don't see why not. Tonight it is."

Seven nodded and left. He noted to check his subroutines for a glitch. He
was feeling like a jealous idiot.

"That reminds me." He tapped his combadge. "Mr. Neelix, you had a check-up
scheduled thirty minutes ago."