ok...heres my attempt at my first story! yay! we
go....forgive me if I dont do something right.

-By Amber

The Doctor looked up from his Data PADD. Sickbay was empty...no patients
in any of the bio beds.* Hmmm....* Doc turned and tapped something into
his console and a steady stream of musical notes filled the air. He
smiled and closed his eyes. Bach:Cello Suite 1 notes
filled his ears and put him at ease. He leaned back in his chair and
just listened to the singular cello. Even one instrument could have so
much passion behind it. But then again when two played it was even
better. Then a beep interrupted him.
"Paris to Doc"
He sighed and turned the music off.
"Yes, go ahead."
"Hey Doc, I need your help. Im throwing a party and I need you to show
me a few tricks about holoprograms. I wanna do something it
more than your average program."
"Sure....Ill help. What kinda party is this?"
"Just a hey, its time to do something formal party."
"Oh, alright. when do you need me?"
"Whenever is good....as long as you arent busy."
"Well Im not busy now."
"Great! Im in holodeck 2."
"Alright...be right there."
Doc shook his head. Another great Tom Paris Idea. Well, here goes.

Seven sat down at a nearby table and sipped at her water. She was deep
in thought.
* I do not understand this feeling. It should not be there yet it is
there. What is this feeling? I dont believe Ive expierienced it before.*

Torres looked over and saw Seven lost in thought.
"Seven are you alright?"
Seven looked up.
"Hmm? oh yes. Im very well."
"You just looked a little...lost."
"I must admit that I am finding myself deep in thought over something."
"Really....well..."*I cant believe Im saying this*
"Wanna talk about it?"
Seven looked at her. *Is she actually trying to be nice to me?*
"I do not know...it is rather complicated."
"Seven Im sure its nothing I cant handle. Run it by me."
"Well, Im expieriencing this feeling...."
"Is it a bad one?"
"Not exactly..but I can not explain it. Its just there. Like a twinge of
sorts in my stomach."
"Have you talked to the doctor about this?"
"No, because I did not feel it to be of a medical nature."
"Hmm....Im stumped. Let me think about it a while. And if you notice
anything that triggers this feeling or makes it escalate, let me know."
"Alright. I shall do so. Why are you being so nice to me Lt.?"
"Lets just say Im trying to be your friend."
"Thank you."
"You're welcome Seven. Give me some more feedback k?"
Seven nodded and got up to goto Astrometrics.
Torres watched her leave. Who knows what Seven could be feeling.

"There. That should create the desired affect. Is that all you require?"

"Yea doc, thanks. Now I just have some more planning to do."
The doctor began to walk off when Paris stopped him.
"Hey Doc...they party starts at 1900 hours tomorrow. bring a date."
The doctor smiled and nodded his reply and turned to return to sickbay.

later that day....

"Hey Bel..whats up?"
They shared a quick kiss and Torres began to talk.
"Hey I had a great idea for your party."
"Oh really, and what would that be?"
"We should have some of the crew do some of the musical stuff. The doc
could sing..."
"Or Seven....hey thats it! Doc said Sev had a great voice...now the
whole crew could hear her."
"Yeah....maybe she'd have some fun for a while...k...I need to go do
something...Ill talk to you later Tom."
"Later Bel."
They smiled at each other and parted ways.

k..more is coming...gotta go to the store really quick...I cant stop