E/O Challenge: Blanket - A 100 word Weechester drabble

Something that just popped into my head this morning.


Quiet sobs woke him.

"Sammy … you okay?" Dean whispered into the darkness.

When his brother didn't answer he pushed back the warm sheets and climbed out of bed.

"Sammy … what's wrong?" he asked kneeling beside the bed, stroking tear-dampened locks away from his little brother's face. "Did you have another nightmare?"

"No … just … can't find Blankey Dean," Sam sobbed. "I lost Blankey."

"It's okay … he can't be far," he assured, feeling around on the floor until he touched the treasured object.

"Here he is," he said, placing a small blanket into his smiling brother's hand.


My sixteen year old (six foot tall) son would kill me if he ever found out I told you but this is what he used to call his snuggle blanket when he was little (nobody tell him okay!)