Here is the more I promised. It isn't that much, but it's enough to
give you an Idea.


The Doctor realized even before he asked the computer where she had
run too. She would run to the only place that she felt safe, cargo bay 2.

He entered through the door, and glanced around. The doctor caught
her staring right back at him. "Leave." Seven commanded him. "This is
my private space, and I do not wish you in here at this present time."

The Doctor refused to leave, instead he took a step forward. "I can't do
that Seven. I can't leave you like this."

"Then how would you leave me Doctor?" Seven's tone was implied
more than the mere meaning of the words.

"Seven, I am sorry. I thought that I was helping." The Doctor replied.

"Helping?" Seven asked incredulously. "It's only made it worse. I can't
walk without hurting. I can't breath without craving."

The Doctor slowly approached her. "Seven, it's not how it works. You
have to give into it, before it gets better." He stopped standing in front
of her.

"What if I don't want to give into it." Seven backed away.

The Doctor shook his head, not quite believing their conversation. "You
don't have to do anything you don't want to Seven." He turned as if to
leave, the paused. "However desire isn't something you can keep
running from." He began to walk away.

Seven's voice stopped him. The slightly muffled sound, stopped him
dead in his tracks. "Don't leave me."

The Doctor turned around to see Seven facing away from him leaning
into the bulkhead. He walked towards her.

Seven could feel him approach. Her breath quickened, as she felt his
hand brush over the sensitive skin at the back of her neck. She shivered
at his touch. "Don't leave me alone."

"I will never leave you alone, Seven. For as long as you need me, you
will never be alone." The Doctor whispered into her ear.