k.....I know where I want to go with live but I had a burst of new
creativity so I want to get this out first. So, now I have 2 working
stories.I read the challenge about the EMH wanteing to delete himself
and I thought hey, good stroy idea. So, here we go.

"Sic transit gloria mundi."(From Start To Finish)
Seven stared at her food. She moved it from side to side on her plate.
She had to admit it. She was bored. There was nothing to do. Everyone
was busy. Tom and Belanna were on leave and Janeway was busy reading
reports. THe doctor was bust with a project in Sickbay. What to
do....She HAD planned on meeting the doctor for lunch but he had told
her he was too busy today. Again she had to admit that disapointed her.
She had grown fond of her meetings with the doctor. But she wouldnt tell
that to anyone. Its not like this cancellation was to be permenant.
Just for today.
She took a last look at her food and deposited it in the nearest
receptacle. She decided to stop by sickbay and see how the doctor was

Seven walked into Sickbay and found it empty. She didnt see the doctor
anywhere. On a nearby table she saw what was an expieriment. She picked
up the padd next to it and saw that the expieriment of sorts failed in
its results.
*This is something the doctor was so sure of, yet it did not work.*
She put the padd down.
"Computer:activate EMH"
"EMH already active."
"Computer:Location of the Doctor."
"The doctor is in sickbay."
She looked around. Where was he?
She walked around and walked into his office. She walked around his desk
and found him sitting with his back to the wall completely lost in
The doctor started.
"Oh Seven.....what do you want?"
Seven was surpised at the doctor's inhuman tone with her.
"I was just coming to see how your project was going..."
Then the doctor got mad.
"well, my expieriement failed Seven!ok! there, it failed. Im a failure."

" You are not a failure doctor."
"Easy for you to say miss perfect. Look, I need time to think right
"Because things did go go how you had planned does not mean you may take
you aggression out on me doctor. And what could you possibly need to
think about?"
The doctor eyed her.
" well, since Im a failure Im considering deleting my program. Im of no
use. I cant even make a simple expieriment go right. Whos to say I wont
mess up on a life next time? Its not worth the chance. Plus, theres no
reason for me to stay. NO one wants me here...no one loves me, no one
cares for me."
Seven was speechless.
There was silence and the doctor spoke again.
"Im going to think about it and have my decision tomorrow. Until
tomorrow seven Id like to be left alone thank you."
With that he deactivated himself leaving a bewildered Seven alone.

"Sol omnibus lucet."(The sun shines on us all)