Here it is. My first attempt at a Seven/Doc story. Feedback would be very
appreciated! Please! More as I type it!
By Amber Andersen
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, and I never will. I'm not sure
who they belong to, but it's not to me.

Kathyrn entered the bridge, smiling slightly at the coming of a new day. Her
brow furrowed in confusion when she didn't see Seven of Nine on the bridge.
She'd only recently been "promoted" to taking over one of the stations on the
bridge. She only went to Astrometrics when she wasn't needed. But she was
usually always on the bridge first thing in the morning, awaiting instructions.
"Where's Seven?" she asked Tuvok.
"I am not certain," he replied with his usual stoicalness. "She hasn't reported
for her duty shift this morning."
"I wonder if anything's wrong." Kathryn replied, perplexed. "Computer, state
the location of Seven of Nine."
"Seven of Nine is in Cargo Bay Two." the computer chirped.
Kathyrn cast a pointed gaze at Chakotay. "Let's go take a look."

Part 1
Seven of Nine twitched, her whole body shaking. Her synaptic relays were
failing. I managed to stabilize them, then I feverishly went back to trying to
revive her.
I wouldn't let her die on me.
I couldn't.
Then, finally, after 48 hours of trying everything I knew to get her to awaken,
her eyelids flickered.
She opened them, those beautiful sea green eyes, and stared at me for a long
time without speaking.
"Doctor," she whispered weakly. "Doctor."
"Seven-" I began, and then she was in my arms, hugging me fiercely.
*Shock,* I thought, with the clinical detachment that was part of my program.
*She's in shock. That's why she's holding me like this. It's nothing more.*
Despite my analysis, I fervently hoped I was wrong.
For if I was, that meant that she might possibly . . . I hesistated to even
think this, love me.
Then, before I even knew what I was doing, I was kissing her forehead, stroking
her hair, tugging to free the tight bun it was always in.
There! Her golden locks were down.
But her hair was still- I wanted to ask Seven to shake her head, but I couldn't
find the words.
She must have felt my questioning gaze, because, with a slight smile, merely an
upturning of her lips, she viciously shook her head back and forth.
Seven stopped to stare at me, enjoying my surprise.
"Is my appearance sufficient?" she asked softly, playing on an inside joke from
our date months ago.
"Yes," I grinned. "Quite so."
She smiled again, and for the first time I saw it reach her eyes.
She fairly *glowed*.
"Doctor," she purred, making my entire body tingle. "I would like very much to
kiss you right now."
I was about to oblige her, and gladly, when I realized something.
Yes, she seemed happy that I was showing deeper feelings than just friendship,
but how could I be sure? Maybe she was only rejoicing that she was out of that
coma, nothing more.
Besides, I couldn't take advantage of a patient.
It wasn't right.
I broke away and stared at her. "I'm sorry Seven," I rasped, the pain in my
voice quite sincere. "But I can't do this."
I ran away, completely forgetting in my haste that I could have deactivated
myself and escape her that way. I left behind a very confused Seven of Nine.
Behind me, I heard her break down and cry her eyes out.

Part 2
He had terminated our contact.
I didn't understand why that . . . why it made want to die.
The thought that the words of a hologram could hurt me so much terrified me.