Hey guys!
Since there's a lull in activity, I decided to bug you guys with some poetry
of mine. Here's the first of a pair.


Heaven of Mine
by Ann

I protect her
With my last breath
I will protect her
Although I am vulnerable to many things
But such is a mortal man
He bleeds and is at the mercy of age

She is the only thing I have
What I can call mine
She is mine
I took the thorns from her side
Made her whole again
Released the light in her

She is beautiful
The word was made for her
Eyes that are the envy of stars
Hair that destroys me
Flesh that I cherish
For her I would give all

Known to me alone is her soul
Hidden smiles
Inhales, exhales
Sighs, gasps, and shivers
All are for me
She is all I really know

There are many things inside
Some are mine many are not
Thoughts of her hidden away
Those put there by her
I'll never surrender them
The only real things I own

She is mine, mine alone