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iJust Don't Know

Walking on Cloud Nine

By: Tech-Man

Freddie sat at his laptop and flipped through the iCarly archive footage. They were coming up on their tenth anniversary so the girls had decided to make the normally thirty minute show an hour long special so that they could show clips from the last ten years worth of shows. He smiled to himself as he thought about everything they had gone through. He could remember all of the fun times he had had with those two girls. He remembered having that huge crush that he had mistaken for love on Carly for almost four years. That was until that time Sam had ousted his secret: that he had never kissed a girl. The ridicule he had received for that little outburst had made him really hate Sam. Then beyond his wildest dreams she had confessed to never having kissed a guy. Then, they shared what he had deemed as one of the greatest moments of his teenage life; he had shared his first kiss with Sam. While the kiss was short, it had fundamentally changed his entire view on life.

After that moment his feelings for Carly, that he had been so positive about, had started to disappear to be replaced by a growing feeling in the pit of his stomach for Sam. It had been that growing feeling that he did not completely understand that had caused him to increase the frequency of their fights along with the severity. He really couldn't figure out why they were fighting more, but Sam was just as into the fighting as he was. Carly was the only one that was getting upset with their antics. Freddie could remember the final intervention that caused him and Sam to finally cool off their little spats.

Junior Year of High School

Freddie and Sam were currently having one of their big arguments. They had long ago forgotten what they were arguing about, and had resorted to just calling each other names. They were so close to each other screaming different insults that neither had noticed that their noses were almost touching. Freddie had finally had his growth spurt and now was a good six or seven inches taller than Sam. He had continued his fencing and now had considerable muscles beneath those loose fitting shirts that he always wore.

Normally, Carly would just stand there and watch or head downstairs and get something to drink until they finally calmed down. She knew that neither would ever actually hurt the other. Well, Sam would try, but Freddie was more than capable these days of defending against Sam's attacks; which is why that most days they resorted to just calling each other names. Carly smiled as a devious thought entered her head.

Now, she had managed to get Sam to admit, granted she was usually loopy from the laughing gas at the dentist office or partially out of it from some other method, that she did harbor some nice feelings towards Freddie. And Carly knew Freddie well enough from all those years of him chasing after her that he obviously cared for the blond headed girl.

Well, now was her moment; sneaking up behind Sam Carly quickly judged the angle and pushed Sam hard in the middle of her shoulders causing the girl to fall forward into Freddie. It was just for a fraction of a second that their lips touched, but that had apparently been more than enough. The two pulled back and looked into each others eyes, seemingly trying to judge what the other was feeling. Then without any words being exchanged they leaned in and kissed for the second time on purpose. Carly watched with her jaw hanging down as her two best friends just seemed to melt into each other. Deciding to give them a little privacy she moved towards the door and headed down stairs.

Freddie, deciding to deepen the kiss, traced his tongue along Sam's bottom lip. Responding in kind she opened her mouth allowing his tongue entrance. His hands worked their way down her sides before moving in loving circles on the small of her back. Her hands in turn found their way into his hair pulling his face impossibly closer to hers.

Present Time in the iCarly Studio

Freddie continued smiling to himself at that memory. That had been the moment his entire life had changed and changed for the better. That had been the moment he had asked Sam to be his girlfriend. They had been together now for almost six years and he had loved every minute of it. After turning down acceptance letters to Harvard, Yale, MIT, and CIT; he accepted entrance into the Washington Community College where Sam and Carly would be attending. Sam had been beside herself when Freddie told her that he was staying so he could be with her. She had spent hours trying to convince him that she was not worth it and that he was ruining his life by not following his dreams. He would always answer that his life plan and dreams had changed from the moment that she had accepted and returned his feelings.

"Hey dork, what are you doing?" Sam asked walking into the studio with Carly following close behind.

Freddie just smiled at her pet name for him. "Well Samantha, I was just looking through the old archive footage for the upcoming special.

Sam scowled at Freddie, walking up and poking him in the chest. "You know if you were anyone else I would have to turn you inside out for using my entire name," Sam threatened. Freddie just smiled and pulled her into a long kiss.

"But I am me and therefore I can call you what I want, isn't that right Princess Puckett?" Freddie asked turning her around and pulling her back into his chest before laying his head into the crook of her neck and placing a quick kiss on her jaw. "I love you," Freddie whispered into her ear causing her to shutter slightly.

"Yeah…yeah…yeah, you always say that when you think I may make hurt you," Sam responded pushing away from Freddie and moving towards Carly. Freddie picked up the camera in order to start with rehearsals.

'One of these days I am going to get her to tell me that she loves me too,' Freddie thought to himself as he started the old familiar countdown. "We're on in five…four…three…two…," gesturing towards Carly and the love of his life.

As the show continued on Freddie began devising some way to make Sam admit that she loved him and much as he loved her.

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