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iJust Don't Know

The Unpublished Chapter

By: Tech-Man


Sam marveled at being held once again in Freddie's strong arms. It was still strange after all of these years to believe that Freddie was strong, but he had buffed up quite a bit. Sam loved the feeling of those muscles underneath his loose fitting shirts. Freddie brought them both into the bedroom and Sam felt herself going airborne as she crashed into the fluffy bed they had often shared in his old apartment. Sam was still amazed at herself for being able to admit to Freddie that she really did love him. She had been so sure that would be the kiss of death for them, but she should have known that Freddie would always protect her heart and body before his own. She really wasn't sure what she had done to earn someone like Freddie, but she still felt an overwhelming joy from being with him.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the roaming hands on her body stop. She looked over to find Freddie propped up on his side one arm supporting his head the other still holding her hand. "Why did you stop," Sam asked the complete confusion evident in her soft voice.

Freddie smiled one of those dazzling smiles that always melted her from the inside out. "You looked like you were thinking," Freddie answered simply moving his hand that still held hers up to his mouth placing a chaste kiss on her knuckle. "I didn't want to interrupt your thoughts," Freddie purred reaching over an pulling Sam flush against him.

Sam couldn't believe that her nub was being so considerate and forward at the same time, but she figured that the time apart had been just as sexually frustrating to him as it had been to her. Sam cuddled up to his chest enjoying the overwhelming scent that was coming off him. Never in a million years did she ever think she could find something to compare it to. "Maybe I was thinking about you," Sam answered allowing her hands to roam underneath his shirt. She could feel every twitch and shudder of his body as her hands roamed his defined chest.

Finally moving her hands she began unbuttoning his shirt taking her time with each button. Locking eyes with him she silently spoke volumes of what the next few hours had in store. Sam watched as his eyes went from love to lust then back again like he was waging a war within himself. Deciding to solve his little problem for him Sam crushed her lips to his.

As if throwing a switch on a power converter or stomping on the accelerator of a race car, Freddie went from a stand still to a fast moving machine of kisses and roaming hands. Quickly, in an effort to speed things along, he peeled his shirt off working his hands underneath hers. Sam loved the feelings that his hands were generating. Slowly, almost painfully, Freddie moved his hands towards her breasts. Sam arched her back pushing her chest further into Freddie's hands as he began lightly playing with her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra.

"I think it's time to bring you into the light; so to speak," Freddie purred grabbing a hold of Sam's shirt and tugging it off. Sam lifted herself up to give him an easier time. Then with practiced skill he unhooked her bra separating her from those troublesome items of clothing. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen," Freddie growled into her ear. Sam gasped when he sucked her earlobe into his mouth.

He began working his way down her jaw line; placing small love bites followed by soothing kisses down her neck and over her collar bone. As he toyed with her left nipple he moved his mouth to her right. Biting and sucking in the most gentle manner. Sam was beside herself with the stimulation. She was brought back from her world of bliss when she felt another hand slowly working its way into her pants.

Freddie threaded his hand into Sam's pants allowing the top button to open. Then working his hand from one side to the other he managed to get them unzipped. Releasing her breasts he started kissing down the center of her chest burying his face in her perfectly shaped stomach. Using both hands he worked her jeans off, Sam helping him the rest of the way.

Soon, Sam was naked save her blue panties with little flying pigs. She looked from Freddie to herself before a frown crossed her face. Reaching up Sam flipped Freddie over on the bed. "No fair," she playfully growled. "I refuse to be the only one not wearing any clothes." Almost violently Sam ripped Freddie's pants off exposing her boxers. "I see someone is excited," Sam purred reaching down and taking hold of the bulge in Freddie's boxers.

A low groan escaped between Freddie's lips as Sam went to work massaging his sex between her fingers. Releasing him, much to his complaint, she proceeded to remove his boxers. "There," Sam said a smile to match Freddie's on her face. "It has been entirely too long dorkasuarus," she laughed sliding forward and positioning her opening above his hardened member.

"Wait Sam," Freddie called obviously torn about interrupting. "We don't have a condom," he said the strain in his voice evident. Sam couldn't help, but laugh at the look on Freddie's face. She started laughing leaning down and brushing her lips against his.

"Sir Nubs-A-Lot, I am on birth control so we'll be fine," Sam purred into his ear. Freddie involuntary moaned at the sensations Sam could cause with just her voice. It never ceased to amaze him that she could be so talented, smart, funny one minute, and then vicious, mean, and cruel the next. He guessed that was just Sam; his Sam to be exact.

"Sounds good to me," Freddie replied flipping them over so he was on top. "Now Princess Puckett, it is my turn to make you moan," Freddie growled resuming his kissing from before. Starting with her neck line Freddie proceeded to leave a trail of lite kisses down to her chest. Each kiss sent a chill of excitement through her petite body.

Freddie once again flicked out his tongue making contact with her hardened nipple. He sucked on it gently before moving over to the other; not wanting to leave either unattended for long. After a moment, one entirely too short for Sam, Freddie resumed his trail down her stomach. Placing a kiss directly on her belly button.

Sam continued to fist her hands in his hair trying to move him further down toward her sex. Once Freddie reached the opening of her temple he changed direction moving to her thighs. He ignored her whining protests as she attempted to direct him.

"Damn it Freddie," Sam poke very softly. "Either get to the point or Mama here will finish without you," she said gripping his head and jerking it up so she could look into his eyes.

Freddie just nodded before flicking his tongue out along her vaginal lips. He always loved how Sam tasted, but of course he never told her that. Bring up one hand he slowly inserted a finger as he continued to stimulate all around her clit with his tongue. Sam started rising her hips to meet the thrusts of Freddie's fingers. Low almost growling moans began to erupt from her throat as she gripped the bed sheets with her fists.

Slowly, Freddie brought Sam to her first orgasm. As the powerful sensations rocked through her body Freddie slide himself up higher until her was resting between her thighs. Getting the visual okay from her he plunged his sex into hers with more force than was necessary. The walks of her vagina gripped him tighter than he could ever remember them doing before. The feels were damn near over powering as Freddie worked to reach a comfortable pace.

Eventually, the two lovers found their mark as they worked the other toward the peak of pleasure. Sam was the first to cry out as another powerful orgasm tore through her tiny frame. She was followed closely by Freddie who remain buried deep within her as his release to rocked his body.

As the two finally came down from their respective highs Freddie pulled Sam into a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced together as Freddie pulled up the covers with his free hand. "Sleep well, Sam," Freddie purred into her ear. "I love you."



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