You Are My Sunshine
by Amber Andersen
Disclaimer: I guess Paramount owns em, but I wish I did. *sighs*
Summary: Vignette told from the Doc and Sev's POV.

The other night dear as I lay sleeping,
I dreamed I held you in my arms,

I think about you every minute, Doctor. Your voice clouds my thoughts, and your
face my clouds my dreams.
I believe that I share romantic feelings for you.
And I'm absolutely certain that you don't return them.
So I stand here in my regeneration alcove, unable to sleep, living in my
I am . . . crying.
Because of you.

When I awoke dear,
I was mistaken,
And I hung my head and cried,

Seven, my beautiful Seven.
My daydreams, my fantasies, my every waking moment is spent thinking of you.
And how much I love you.
So for awhile I am happy with my dreams.
Until reality sinks.
You don't love me.
And, at this rate you never will.
How can an ex-Borg love a hologram?
It's not possible.
I don't even know if you are capable of love yet. You are still a little girl
inside after all.
But perhaps . . .
Here is where I let myself hope, even for an instant.
Perhaps you will.
Perhaps you could.
A lovely little word, perhaps.
Then you enter, and ask for you weekly maintenance.
"I will comply," I answer, grinning.
Of course I will.
I'll do anything for you.
I runs my scans, and am about to pronounce her in perfect health when . . .
"Curious," I say aloud. "Your blood pressure are slightly elevated, and your
breathing is labored. Are you positive you're feeling all right, Seven?"
I look up into her eyes, and receive another surprise.
She's blushing.
"I'm perfectly fine, Doctor," she mumbles quickly. "Thank you for the checkup."
She goes to the exit quickly, but I rush after her, grabbing her arm.
I am slightly alarmed by the intense emotion showing in her eyes.
But what emotion is it? I wonder.
No, it can't be. I can barely allow myself to hope.
She might - maybe she possibly- loves me.
"Seven," I say as gently as possible, "You are my sunshine."
I blink, and she is running away.
Leaving me with something unusual.
The End
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