Peace & Quiet

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters. Stephanie Meyers does. The story idea presented is mine though.

Chapter 1


I'm Isabella Swan, Bella to family and close friends. I'm now 17 years old, and live in Forks, WA with my guardians, The Hales & the Cullens. Let me tell you more about me and how I got where I am now.

I was known as a child prodigy. I was ready and writing by the age of 3. I zoomed thru school by the time I was 8. I had a high school diploma at the age of 8. I was accepted to MIT to study Cognitive science, which I have a PhD in by the age of 12.

After I graduated from MIT, my parents wanted me to take time off to relax and have fun before doing anything else. So we got a mansion on wheels (as it's called) and toured the US from Cambridge and would end up in Forks. We were in Colorado, near Boulder when we had an accident.

I woke up in a private hospital room. I sat up and looked around my room. I was connected to an IV and monitors. A nurse promptly came in and started talking; only I couldn't hear her. I pointed to my ears and told her "I can't hear you ma'am." She nodded her head that she understood me and removed the IV and disconnected the leads to the monitors. She left and came back less than a minute later with a notepad. She wrote on it, 'Dr, Michaels will be in shortly. Can I get you anything to eat or drink?' I said "Yes, a burger, fries and a Sprite would be nice." She did the ok sign with her hand and left.

Then a nice looking man came in and his name tag said he was Dr. Michaels. He started talking but I put up my hand to stop him. He looked at me and I spoke to him saying "I can talk but I cannot hear you, why?" I pointed to the notepad the nurse had brought me and he wrote, 'I will have to run a few test and consult with our neurologist to try to figure out why you can't hear. Now, when you were brought in they had managed to bring in some things from the crash and I will have those things brought to you. I also have you purse in which we had found your ID and medical information to get you admitted.'

I said "Ok." Then I asked about my parents. His facial expression changed from happiness (I guess from my being awake) to sadness. He wrote ' I'm sorry, but your parents didn't make it. We found your emergency contact card and contacted The Hales and the Cullens and they are here now to see you. They have been here since day before yesterday waiting for you to wake up. Shall I tell them you're awake?' I said yes. He wrote 'I'll be right back with them, ok?' I nodded.

I sat on my bed looking out the window when I felt something jump on my bed. I turned to look at the face of a pixie, known as Alice. Alice was talking fast but all I could do was look at her. Then I looked around to see Emmet, Edward, and Jasper & Rosalie all looking at me, I could tell they were trying to get Alice to calm down and quiet down some.

Finally, she realized I could not hear her and became quiet. Then they all came and hugged me. I was glad for the hug. Then I said to them, "I can still talk but I cannot hear what you say. I don't know why?"

Then they all looked towards the door, I then turned to see Dr. Michaels with Carlisle, Esme, Jack & Sara. Carlisle and Dr. Michaels looked to be discussing something, probably me. Then the door opened and several carts came in and the stuff was stacked near the window in my room. Dr. Michaels came and picked up the notepad and wrote 'Here is the stuff that was brought to the hospital. Here is your purse and believe me everything is still in there.' I looked at him and he was smiling. I smiled back.

I looked over the stuff that was brought in and noticed my laptop bag. I got up and got it. Then I looked at Dr. Michaels and asked "Does the hospital have wireless Internet?" He shook his head yes. Then he wrote 'I'll have our IT person come by and get you hooked up.'

I set up my laptop and then Alice commandeered it to ask me a ton of questions.

Alice typed "How are you?"

I said "Fine. I'm ready to get out of here"

Edward then typed "My dad is finding out when you can get out and go home with us."

I said "Thanks. I just hate hospitals. Who will handle my parents' funeral arrangements?"

Esme came over and typed "We have it taken care of per your parents' wishes."

I nodded.

I looked back to the stuff and noticed my dad's briefcase and went and got it. I opened it and found their wills, deeds to the house in Forks and Cambridge, and other papers i could not look at since I had started crying. Edward had come and sat beside me and pulled me into a hug. I just sat there and cried while he held me.

Jack and Carlisle noticed the briefcase and came over to look at the papers and realized why I had started crying. Carlisle tapped my shoulder and the typed 'We will look over these papers for you and see what needs immediate attention and what doesn't.' I nodded at him.

Then everyone turned towards the door and I looked to see what got their attention and saw a guy had stepped into my room. He looked around and started talking, I felt Edward talking by the vibrations of his chest since he was still holding me close. I looked back to the window. I pulled away from Edward and he released me and I went and stood by the window looking out.

After about five minutes, Edward came and tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to my laptop. They had made themselves comfortable and were watching TV (although I couldn't hear it). I went online to find Dragon Naturally Speaking. This way they can talk and I would be able to talk to them as well. I got it working and when it was doing what I wanted I tested it. Dr. Michaels came back and started talking to Carlisle and Jack that I could be released and that I would need to make an appointment with a specialist in hearing loose like mine. Carlisle said there was someone back at Forks General that I could see.

I then started laughing. Everyone turned and looked at me, all though I was still laughing. I asked Carlisle what this doctor could do for me. Everyone looked and me with puzzled looks. Carlisle came over and asked me if I heard him and Dr. Michaels talking. I said no, but I can see what you're saying on my laptop now. Then Alice started talking fast and the software was unable to keep up. I had to tell her to slow down or she would have to use the notepad to talk to me. Everyone laughed, except Alice, she was saddened.

We spent about two more hours in the hospital before I could leave. I used that time to find the American Sign Language charts for signing the alphabet. I also found a program that I downloaded that taught American Sign Language from the alphabet to words. I would use this to teach everyone how to communicate with me. I also looked up service dogs and how to get one.

We managed to get my stuff into the car and go to a nearby hotel where the others already had rooms. I was to share a room with Alice & Rosalie. Emmett, Edward, and Jasper had a room next to us and there was a door to connect our rooms. The adults and a similar set up across the hall from ours.

We went to eat dinner that evening and the next day we flew back to Forks.