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Is this love, that causes so much pain..."
"What Is This Love"

Seven of Nine walked the halls, head lowered, thinking. Her eyes darted
around, her jaw clenched subconsciously. She had decided to go to the
Doctor, to tell him her feelings. But she was so nervous.

Captain Janeway's words had had an impact on her. She couldn't let another
day pass without letting the Doctor know how she felt, no matter if he
didn't reciprocate. It would be unfair to him to lie. She needed to let him

She stopped in front of the Sickbay doors, her legs numb with weight. She
was about to step through when the entire ship lurched.

She grabbed the side of the bulkhead to catch her balance. Then the words
came through her commbadge.

"All Senior Officers Report to the Conference Room Immedaitely!"

The Doctor swiftly came through the doors and stopped short of Seven.

"Are you alright?" he asked, worry very plain on his face. He had nearly
panicked when he saw her leaning against the wall.

She took hold of his arm. "Yes, I'm fine." She looked up at him, her heart
heavy. "We have to go to the Bridge."

He nodded and put his arm around her waist. Together they quickly made their
way to the Conference Room.

Watch the stars....

Captain Janeway paced at the front of the room, anxiety in her eyes. "The
ship has been hit by an asteroid storm." She paused, and set her hand on the
back of her chair. "The reason we didn't detect it is because of the
interference from the cluster." She hardened her grip. "The asteroids took
off pieces of our nacelles. We can't transport them back, again because of
the cluster. We need the Delta Flyer to retrieve them."

The feeling around the table was sombre. The Captain continued, "We need
those nacelles to get out. I'm not going to lie, this is a very dangerous
mission. Your sensors won't work properly, and if one of those asteroids
hits the Flyer.......well, I'm sure we can all imagine what will happen."
Kathryn sighed and rubbed her neck. "I've chosen an away team. Chakotay,
Tom....." she spoke the last name more softly, "...Seven. It's up to the
three of you." She took a look around the table. "Dismissed."

Nothing can compare to how I feel when I'm by your side. And nothing can
compare to the world I see in your eyes.
You fill my head with colours of wonder and delight. You move across my mind
like the dance of the northern lights.
"Know Where You Go"

"Don't worry. I'll be back before you know it!" Tom Paris grinned at
B'Elanna Torres, and ran his hand along her face. She smiled softly, and
gave him a peck on the lips. He looked at her fondly, turned, and walked to
the Delta Flyer.

Commander Chakotay picked up his tools. "See you soon."

Captain Janeway smiled. "Good luck."

He thanked her and began packing up the shuttle.

Kathryn took B'Elanna and led her out of the Bay. The Doctor and Seven
watched them go.

"Here," he said as he handed her a small box.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It's a medical kit. Hopefully you won't need it."

Seven looked at the trunk in her hands. "Isn't there already a kit on the
Delta Flyer?"

He smiled sadly, "Yes, I suppose there is."

She looked up at him, and felt a clenching in her stomach. His eyes
travelled over her face, trying to make sure he took in every aspect of her
incredible features.

From behind them, Tom called to Seven. She turned to acknowledge him, and
watched as the Ensign and Commander got into the shuttle. She turned back to
the Doctor. Her eyes were burning, her heart was heavy.

He put his hand over her shoulder. He couldn't say anything to her except,
"Good Luck. Come back."

Seven gazed at him without blinking. She considered her options, and thought
it would be best to wait to tell him.

Her emotions got the better of her. "Doctor," she whispered, "If I don't
make, know that I've loved you all along."

He inhaled sharply, his eyes wide with disbelief. She moved in and kissed
him tenderly and quietly on the mouth. She lowered her eyes, touched his
face, and without looking at him, turned and ran toward the shuttle.

The Doctor raised his hand to his lips, feeling the warmth. He watched as
his love entered the Flyer, and watched tensely as they left Voyager. He
didn't move a muscle, too scared that if he did, the world around him would
crumble apart. Instead, he waited in the Shuttle Bay, alone and with a fear
he never thought he could have known.