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Title: Black Magic
Author: Jesse

Rated: PG-13, I guess
Disclaimer: Grrrrrrrrr.....
Comments: Yes I know the science is bad. But I am an ARTIST, and artists
need creative freedom! So get bent!

The Doctor took a swig of his beverage and smacked his lips.

"Geez, Doc, careful with that stuff."

The EMH turned to an amused Tom Paris, and snorted in his face. "What is
*that* supposed to mean?"

"Well, that's your sixth drink, by my count. Don't you think you're
overdoing it a bit?"

He furrowed his brow and turned up his nose. "Mr. Paris, in case you haven't
noticed, I'm a hologram. These drinks aren't going to affect me." And with
that, the Doctor emptied his glass. "Ahhhhhh..."

Tom rolled his eyes. "This is new stuff, Doc. Holographic drinks. You have
no idea how it's going to affect you."

The Doctor glared at the Ensign next to him. "I'm trying to enjoy the party,
Mr. Paris," he sneered. He leaned on the bar and added, mumbling, "The way
it's been going lately, it'd be nice to get drunk."

Tom raised his eyebrows. "Feeling bitter?" he asked, half-baiting.

He raised himself up and stood straight. "I am not bitter." He paused. "I'm
only telling it like it is!" The Doctor then turned to the bartender,
"Barkeep! Give me another!" He slid his empty glass across the shiny

Tom sighed. He spoke softly, "Do you want to talk about it?"

The EMH looked at him sideways, lifted his newly filled glass, and held it
outward. "A toast, Mr. Paris. To Voyager, to the women on Voyager, and to
you......" he threw back the liquid, "......for knowing when to mind your
own business!" He slammed the glass down on the bar with a sharp clatter.

Tom glared at him. "You're drunk."

"I most certainly am not!"

"You're drunk, and you're acting like a jerk. Maybe we should go to

"Maybe you should go to Sickbay. I'm staying right here." And with that, the
EMH stalked off, leaving Tom Paris, and his empty glass, behind.

Seven watched dismally as Captain Janeway and Commander Tuvok leapt into a
work-related conversation. She was tired of work.

She leaned back and took a swallow of champagne before heaving out an
irritated sigh.

They both looked at her. "Something wrong, Seven?" asked Janeway.

"I am bored," she stated.

Kathryn smirked and glanced at Tuvok. "Well, what would you like to do?"

She raised her nose high. "I would like to alleviate my boredom."

Tuvok blinked. "Then alleviate it."

Seven raised her eyebrow in a mocking manner. "Perhaps you should alleviate
my boredom. You induced it."

Kathryn had to stifle a laugh. She let out a barely audiable snort. Tuvok
didn't notice, but Seven did.

"Captain Janeway," she said, turning her glare, "Perhaps you could alleviate
my boredom."

Kathryn inhaled deeply and humoured her Borg crewmember. "I'd like to try.
How do you suggest I go about doing that?"

Seven took a sip from her glass and tossed her gaze around the room. She
settled on a subject, pursed her lips, and turned back to the Captain.
"Flirting with Commander Chakotay will suffice."

Now it was Tuvok's turn to stifle a small Vulcan smirk. Kathryn's smile
dropped from her face. "Excuse me?" she asked.

Seven proceeded to explain. "Since I am now unable to witness the details of
Ensign Paris' and Lieutenant Torres' relationship without being noticed, I
suggest you flirt with Commander Chakotay so that I may study your

Captain Janeway leaned back against the wall and sighed.