Both Seven and the Doctor hesitated for what seemed like several minutes.
Slowly, the Doctor made the first move. He walked close to her, reached his
hand around to the back of her head, and undid her hair. As it fell around
her shoulders he slowly ran his fingers through it.

Seven stared into his dark eyes, not blinking, as he ran his hands in her
hair. The feeling was incredible. She slowly shut her eyes to bathe in the
raw emotion. A sudden pain in her head jolted her out of her trance.

The Doctor looked sheepish. "Sorry," he smiled, "I got my fingers caught in
a knot."

Seven instinctively ran her hands along her hair to flatten it out. She then
cautiously moved her hand up and her fingers gently touched the Doctor's
hair. She ran her forefinger down and around the back of his head. He
shuddered at the touch.

"Doctor," she whispered, "I want you to kiss me."

He leaned in and touched his lips to hers, softly and carefully. Their first
kiss was chaste, warm, and slow. He moved an inch away after, and looked
into her hooded eyes. She leaned back on the bio-bed, her legs numb. He
smiled and tried to kiss her again. He was too far away to just lean in and
the distance between them was erased when the Doctor once again lost his
balance and tumbled to the floor.

He hit the ground with a thump and watched as the several Sevens around him
began spinning. They knelt down beside him, and asked in an echoing voice,
"Are you alright?"

He squinted against the glare of Sickbay's lights. "How many of you are
there?" were the last words he said before he fell unconscious.

Tom sat at the bar, staring at the shiny counter. He knew something was
going on. The next voice he heard only confirmed it.

"Seven to Ensign Paris."

Tom closed his eyes and hit his commbadge. "Paris here."

"There is a medical emergency in Sickbay."

Tom noticed the trembling emotion in Seven's voice. He scrunched his face.
"Where's the Doctor?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"The Doctor is the medical emergency."

He sighed. "I'll be right there, Seven." He got up off the barstool and went
to get B'Elanna. He knew there was nothing he could do for the Doctor. He
needed an engineer.

As Tom and B'Elanna exited the holodeck, she asked, "What's this about?"

He threw her an exasperated glance. "Seven called me. She said something was
wrong with the Doctor."

Torres huffed. "Why did she call you?"

They both entered the turbolift. Just as the doors shut, he said, "She told
me it was a medical emergency."

Seven sat on the ground next to the Doctor, her head resting on his chest.
Her eyes had tears in them, but none had fallen. She jerked up when she
heard Sickbay's doors swoosh open.

Tom and B'Elanna watched as Seven stumbled to her feet. She walked up to
Tom, her lower lip quivering. "I think he's dead," she said, just before her
face crumpled and she began to cry. She moved to Tom and burrowed her head
into his neck. Tom looked at B'Elanna helplessly.

Torres bit her cheek and went to check on the Doctor. She scanned him over,
sighed unpleasantly, and walked back over to Tom and Seven.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Tom.

"Simple. He drank too much." B'Elanna looked over at the Doctor in disgust
and then back at Paris. "Apparently, the alcohol has overloaded his systems
and rendered him unconscious, for lack of a better term. He has the
equivalent of a human hangover." She caught Seven, still sniffing, peeking
out from Tom's shoulder. B'Elanna looked at her directly. "He'll be *fine*.
He'll be out for a bit, but when he wakes up he'll be back his old self."
Under her breath, she added, "Unfortunately."

Seven pushed herself up from Tom. He let go of the hug he was holding her
in. Her eyes were swollen and red and her hair all messy. She gazed at
B'Elanna with a look of pure adulation. "You fixed him?"

Torres furrowed her brow. She wasn't used to this kind of behaviour from
Seven. She cast a look at Tom, who was grinning like and idiot, and back at
the Borg. "Uh, yeah. I fixed him." Seven's face brightened. "Now if you'll
excuse us," B'Elanna took hold of Tom's hand, "we're going back to the
party. Why don't you stay here until the Doctor wakes up?"

"Yes, I'll do that."

"Good." B'Elanna and Tom left Sickbay, and had an unusually good laugh in
the corridor.

Seven didn't hear them. Instead she walked back over to the sleeping Doctor
and sat down beside him. She moved his arm so it engulfed her, and she
relaxed into him. It wasn't long before she was as unconscious as he was.

The next morning Seven awoke in an embrace she didn't remember getting into.
She rose her head slowly.

"Doctor?" she whispered.

The EMH opened his eyes slowly and surveyed his predicament. "What
happened?" he asked cautiously.

Seven got to her feet. She smoothed back her lose hair and dusted off her
suit. "I'm unsure. I don't remember coming here."

The Doctor got up and frowned. "Me neither."

They stared at each other for seemingly long moments before Seven spoke up
again. "I should begin my shift." She said it almost as a question.

He smiled stiffly. "Yes, of course," he paused. "Me too."

Seven nodded, turned, and walked carefully out of Sickbay. The Doctor leaned
on the bio-bed closest to him and actively wondered what exactly had
happened the night before.