Hello everyone.

I've actually written a story! Well, it's not really a story. It's short.
But at least I've written something. I hope you all like it. I intend to
outshine Damon at every turn. ;) *G*

Title: Moments of Magic
Author: Jesse
Contact: chartreux...
Rating: G

It started quietly, as I remember it. It's almost a blur. I can't actually
tell when exactly it was that I fell for her. It just seemed to come out of
nowhere, but had been creeping up for some time. One day I just felt
something more than I had the day before.

Since that day, things have progressed slowly. I'm around her every day, so
I've almost gotten used to the overwhelming emotions that come over me. I've
noticed changes in my personality, though. I stare longer, I fidget, my
energy comes in waves, deepening when I see her, leaving when she does. My
mood escalates when I think of her. I take my time studying her, moving into
every perfection of her flawless face, memorizing every detail. My obsession
is comsuming. I can't help myself.

I sometimes wonder if my probing glances make her uncomfortable. I watch her
closely for any signs of interest, but I find myself unable to tell one way
or another. She *is* my friend, so she's friendly towards me. I'm too
inexperienced to tell if it's anything more. Of course, it's probably just
wishful thinking on my part. She has no reason to even think of me as being
anything more that her friend.

Still, I find myself drawn to her. Her appearance lifts my emotions so high
I feel as though I'm floating. I can't help but grin like an idiot when I'm
around her. I hang on her slightest word. I gaze into her eyes, hoping for a
flicker of more, but it never happens. I always leave wanting. I never
learn. But a part of me doesn't want to learn.

I'm not sure what I can do anymore. I wait in agony for each moment with
her. I want to tell her more than anything how I feel, but how do you
confess a love to someone who just can't feel the same way? It's obvious the
interest isn't mutual. I can't let go of her, though. I can't let go of
these feelings. As much as it causes me pain, it also makes me feel happier
than I've ever felt before. She's my life.