Chapter 1

Blonde Monster

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Evil eyes

Are comforting…

Cast spells on our hearts…

We don't mind

Kakashi didn't know what to make of it. It could be called, at best, a brutal murder with no evidence, or, in truth, no evidence that couldn't be bought from the higher ups in his division.

It was clear who they were. She was a fashion model, and the daughter of the richest man in Konohagakure. He was the head of a special ops team named Anbu, they were the elite of the elite, yet here he was, dead. It was no secret that they had been together, in fact, the ring on her finger showed what was to be planned three days from now.

They had been crucified. She had several stab wounds all over her body, but the cause of death was the large gash, caused by a kunai, that stretched from her left earlobe to her right. His death seemed so much quicker, a large hole in the chest cavity, Kakashi recognized the technique. He had taught it to the one that was responsible, but what could he do, he had no real power any more, he was just a beat cop. He'd gotten too involved with cases like these, was too focused, so his boss decided that he should be put back on the streets before he started talking. Hopefully the escalating crime rate would pick him off, it hadn't yet. By the way his body sat, they had tortured her in front of him, killing her slowly, the way his body was slumped shown defeat. All it took after that was a gallon of kerosene and a match, and then both of them were up in flames. He wondered if he had died before or after his flesh started burning.

He sighed, he had more important things to do, he needed to call this in; he reached for his radio, wondering what had happened…

Twelve Hours Before…

"Come on…if you don't tell him, then nothing will be done." He said as he looked into her eyes, the opalescent orbs reflecting in the deep pools of blue.

"I don't want to stress Father any more than he already is, with what's happening Sunday," she replied, sheepishly looking down at her feet.

"Hinata." He said, his finger lifting her chin, making her resume eye contact. "He won't stop following you unless you tell Father."

"Maybe he just needs a little more time to get over it." She said, showing a little discomfort that the man so close to her had implied that her father was now his too. The idea was just too new to her.

The man sighed, "He's had two years now, he doesn't want to get over it." He kissed her lightly, "If you won't do it for you, do it for me, it makes me uncomfortable to watch him stalk you."

She looked down. "Tomorrow, I'll tell him tomorrow over brunch, let's talk about something better. Hey! Play your new song again."

He smiled and turned to a cabinet by the television in their apartment. He pulled out a guitar and plugged his amp into it.

He strummed a couple times to make sure it was tuned; then began.

You're clear to me

Despite my blurry vision

It's another night

Of sleeping with the lights low…

A loud crash filled the air. He felt a searing pain and saw a blinding flash of white light. The last thing he heard before losing consciousness was her screaming.

He woke up in pain.

His ankles and wrists hurt, he opened his eyes and turned to the left. His eyes widened in horror.

Hinata was crucified beside him.

She was awake and aware, he could tell, she was silently crying, and she was praying.

If it never worked before, oh god please let it work now. He pleaded with the air, he knew he was about to die, but Hinata didn't deserve it, she had done nothing wrong.

It was only after coming to grips with his demise that he realized he was also crucified, no crosses, but they were nailed to and old part of the dock that the water never rose to touch anymore, not after the damming of the river.

With a touch of cold irony, he realized that it was this place that had caused all his problems. He had fell in love with her here, this is where she told him her feelings, and also where she had cut it off with her last boyfriend, also this is where he had proposed, it was fitting that he would die here.

But not her…never her.

"Finally awake, are you Naruto? Good, I wanted you to watch this." someone said, he turned to see a masked man leaning against a pole to his right, the man slowly sat up and walked towards Hinata.

"Just kill me," he said, "It's what you want isn't it? Take her down and take your time on me. I won't fight if you let her live."

In response the man pulled out a kunai, a knife commonly used in this area for its cutting ability and its great accuracy when thrown. The man smiled and made an incision from her belly button to the inside of her thigh. She whimpered as the blade parted the flawless pale skin, large tears of blood welling from the cut and sliding down her leg.

Naruto gave a strangled cry and pulled at the railroad ties that had been sharpened and forced through his arm, serving to anchor him to the pole.


The man pulled off his mask, revealing coal black eyes and hair of the same shade, he was staring into the face of his childhood friend, Hinata's stalker ex-boyfriend, and poster boy of the kingpin, Sasuke Uchiha.

"I don't think you've got the balls Naruto-kun. You couldn't kill me back then, when it would have been a good idea, and you can't kill me now, even if I fucking slaughter this bitch in front of you."

Naruto growled and pulled at his restraints again. "I bet that's the plan, huh, hurt her to get information from me?" he pulled for a few minutes before hanging there limply, his wrists and ankles bleeding heavily. It was a few moments before he spoke again. "Tell you what; let her down and I'll tell you everything your boss wants to know."

Sasuke let out a booming laugh, high and cold. "Do you really think Orochimaru-sama put me up to this? No; I'm doing this because I want to see you and the bitch dead."

Naruto's eyes widened. "N-no…You mean…"

Sasuke grinned as he stuck the knife deep into her leg. Hinata screamed in pain.

Sasuke pulled the knife out and stabbed her again.

…and again.

…and again.

Her screams filled the air, yet she didn't beg, tears flowed almost as fast as her blood, but she kept her eyes locked on Sasuke, staring him down. He lost his grin; it was replaced with a snarl of hatred. Sasuke stooped, glaring at his captives.

Naruto had eyes for Hinata alone, and she had eyes for him. Both knew that death was fast approaching; Hinata's eyes told her deep sadness at their fate. But Naruto was broken.

He could take torture, he was trained for it. But to watch his soon to be wife stabbed repeatedly had taken its toll. He could bear his own pain, his own death, but not hers…

"I think it's time I finish her off Naruto, and then after her, I'll kill you, but yours will be quick, I got a kick out of watching you suffer, so I'll be merciful." Sasuke said with a smirk.

"Please…" Naruto said; his head hanging. "Just kill me and let her live, please…"

Sasuke's grin widened as he placed the blade under her ear; with one swift motion he sliced her from ear to ear, laughing hysterically as she choked on her own blood.

Naruto stared, horrorstruck.


She gave a weak smile as her eyes started to fade, she stared directly at Naruto and with her last breath, in a rasping whisper, she spoke.

"Naruto…I love you…" and then her body went limp.

Naruto's eyes clouded over. He stared at her body as it was doused in kerosene. He felt as well as heard it, the crackling and chirping of the Chidori. But he didn't feel it enter, he couldn't remove his eyes from her. As his body caught fire due to the electricity, he snapped back into reality, his chest felt heavy, his vision was dimming…

His body was burning.

The ambulance pulled up, along with a black limousine and a news van. Four police cars blocked the way onto the beach. The ambulance was allowed to pass through, and the people in the limo were as well. The camera crew was not allowed onto the scene.

Kakashi stood by his friend as the man cried.

"I can't tell you it's going to be all right Hiashi…I never could, but I can tell you this, they're in a better place now, that's all we can hope for."

He knelt by Hiashi as the man stared in shock at the corpse of his daughter and his soon to be son-in-law.

"It shouldn't be like this Kakashi…It shouldn't happen," he looked up at his friend. "Why my family?"

Kakashi's visible features hardened. "Who knows what twisted scheme the kingpin had behind this, but I will do everything within my power to bring him to justice, I will find him, and I'll make sure to bring his pet Sasuke with him as well."

"Thank you Kakashi…" Hiashi said through his hacking sobs…the man was deathly ill, and had been for a long time; cancer was slowly taking hold of his body. The duty of running his family had been given to his daughter, who was advised by her cousin, Neji.

Neji had been missing for almost three weeks, and now Hinata was gone.

Kakashi turned to look at the young girl standing beside Hiashi as the man's sobs turned into a violent cough. The girl was only fourteen, five years younger than her sister. It was up to her now.

He turned and signaled the EMT's to retrieve the bodies; then turned and helped Hiashi stand so that the man could get back to his car. Hanabi walked steadily beside her father, not a tear on her face. Kakashi understood, the tears would come later. he had taught Naruto when he was younger, and had watched him grow up, he felt this at a personal level as well, the boy he had high hopes for was now dead by the person he valued most as a brother.

Little known to the city of Konohagakure, a war was being fought. On one side, the Hokage, a powerful official in charge of the military, along with her servants, the Anbu and a large portion of the police force. On the other, a group known as Akatsuki had hundreds of specially trained operatives. Then, in the shadow of that war, lay another, a man known only as the kingpin and a very powerful official unknown and their group, they sought to destroy both of the other groups and gain complete control of the city.

Naruto was one of the highest ranked officials on the Hokage's side, and he had trained under Kakashi by the Hokage's order, he had two teammate's, one being Sasuke.

Naruto and Sasuke pushed each other to new heights, both trying their hardest to surpass the other, and neither ever succeeding, until…

The kingpin had given Sasuke an offer he couldn't refuse, and now he was the biggest threat to the Hokage and her subjects.

Kakashi watched Hiashi leave. Already planning his verbal report to the Hokage, along with warning the operatives in the police force, or Shinobi, ninja, as they liked to be referred as; he took a moment to think about where his fellow operatives would be at this time, and then took off in the most likely direction, he didn't have a lot of time.

Akatsuki might already have gotten wind of this and would be preparing a strike. He could not let that happen.

A bird, a crow hovered over the streets, following an object, an ambulance, it waited until the vehicle stopped before perching on the back hatch and cawing huskily.

The ambulance made its way slowly to the closest police operation's facility. There were only two EMT's and their cargo happened to be dead bodies, charred dead bodies, so the cab was closed off, both medical techs in the cab, paying no attention to the bodies in the back.

The bags were side by side, zipper up. The left bag was larger than the right, and seemed to be rocking to a different motion than that of the vehicle.

The zipper burst and a charred head lifted itself out, sparkling blue eyes scanning the area. With a little effort, it managed to extricate itself from the bag and open the doors, lightly jumping out.

The ambulance kept its speed without realizing it had lost half of its cargo.

In a subway bathroom not far from its escape, the being stood in front of a mirror, looking at his charred body with wide eyes. Angrily, he began peeling at his face until the charred flesh was gone. Staring back at him was his face, only what used to be whisker marks had now become scars. It began as one scar cutting through his eye, then curving at the base of his nose, splitting into three separate scars. The same mark was mirrored on the other side of his face. His hair had blackened, falling down to his chin at its longest point. He was pale, not his normal golden tan.

Only one thought ran through his mind.


A bird landed beside him, carrying a key in its beak. The man took it.

His body burned as he saw flashes of his memory flying through his mind, all of one woman.

"Hinata!" he cried as he fell to his knees.

The crow cawed.

Naruto looked at the key he held in his hand, it was her house key.

His hand curled into a fist around the key.

Everyone involved in her murder would soon be regretting every waking moment of their lives.

He had the means, he had the will, he had the desire, he was a monster.

And they would all pay…

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