Author's note: Okay, this is my first fanfiction and I hope you'll like it. If there are any mistakes please tell me because English isn't my mother tongue. Enjoy the story. Reviews are welcome!

Synopsis: Amanda and Jack are on a convention in the mountains. But among the doctors is a murderer and his list of victims is long...

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters of DM but the ones I created on my own.

Red and White

Chapter 1: Let it snow

"Amanda, are you ready to go?"

Jack was annoyed. He stood in front of his car, waiting for Amanda. It was horribly cold – too cold for L.A. – and the young, charming lady from the news even predicted snow for the weekend, which he would spend with some bigheaded doctors on this annoying convention at a lonely hotel in the mountains. His only flicker of hope was being together with Amanda – at least one normal person among all those arrogant people. Well, just if Amanda actually managed to get her things packed any time soon.

"Amanda! I swear to God, I'll drive without you if you are not here in the next five minutes!"

"Calm down, I'm already on my way." Amanda got out of the door, dragging a huge case behind her.

"Come on, let me do that," Jack said walking towards her. "By the way, we are just staying for two days. Why do you need so much stuff?"

He hove the case to his car and into the trunk while Amanda was locking her apartment door.

"You won't understand this. Women just want to be prepared for all possible situations," Amanda explained smiling and got into the car.

The young doctor just rolled his eyes and started the engine. Trying to warm up he turned up the heating still shivering from the cold outside. The following sneeze didn't go unnoticed by Amanda.

"Are you alright? You look a little pale to me. Maybe you're getting down with something."

"Amanda, I just sneezed, which was more likely due to this annoying cold than to any kind of illness you might suspect. And don't even think of any other arguments because I'm totally in no mood for arguing right now, okay?"

"God, you're obnoxious today. Why are you so peeved?"

"It's just this stupid convention that is bugging me. I can't believe that I agreed to this. I must have been out of my mind."

"Jack, you know perfectly well why you are doing this. Mark really needed this holiday," she answered sympathetically.

Jack sighed. "Yeah, you're right. Well, at least there is one glint of hope. Maybe we will sleep in the same room. I've always wanted to know what your pajamas might look like."

This statement was rewarded with a playful slap from his friend.

"Hey, don't distract the driver during the ride."

The mood in the corvette brightened noticeably although Jack sensed a small twitch behind his brow and a raspy feeling in his throat. Maybe Amanda was right and he was really coming down with something – nonsense, he was perfectly alright...

Jack was hardly able to see the street in front of his car. Snow has begun to fall and the higher they were going the worse got the weather and the sight. In slow speed they drove along the road. Gladly they already were just a few meters from their destination and this journey would finally end. The stab behind Jack's brow has developed to a steady throb and all he wanted to do was to get a warm shower and a short nap before they would have to go to that convention, which was supposed to be in the hotel's conference hall. Amanda was dozing beside him, having slept for the biggest part of their ride and he envied her because he felt drowsy himself.

"Come on Jack, almost there," he urged himself.

Finally he detected the hotel through the thick mist of snow. He pulled into a vacant parking lot and carefully roused the sleeping young woman in the passenger seat.

"Are we already there," Amanda asked, drowsily opening her eyes and instantly astonished of the mass of snow outside.

"Wow, what's that? A snow storm?"

"Kinda, I presume. Come on, let's go inside and warmed up. I could kill for a cup of coffee right now."

With that Jack opened the door, instantly regretting it because of the flakes of snow that made contact with his skin and the cool air hitting him. Quickly he put his jacket on to save the last bits of body heat and circled the car for getting the cases out of the trunk. Meanwhile Amanda was finally entirely awake and after getting her coat on – inside the car – she joined Jack getting into the warmth of the hotel. They were immediately greeted by the receptionist.

"Welcome to the 'Snow Palace'. Do you have a reservation?"

"We're here for the doctor's convention today. Dr. Jack Stewart and Dr. Amanda Bentley," Amanda introduced themselves.

The young lady looked the names up in her guest-list and fetched the keys for their rooms.

"Jerry, will lead you to your rooms. If you need anything just call room service. You'll find the number beneath the telephone. The convention starts in four hours."

With that a young liftboy appeared, fetched their case and leaded their ways to their rooms.

"May I bring you anything," the boy asked after showing both of them their rooms.

"Coffee would be nice," Jack answered and gave the boy a tip.

"Well, I think I'll freshen up a little before the conference. Fetch me at 17.45 pm."

And with that Amanda turned around and closed the door. Jack sighed and went into his own room. Why would she need almost four hours to freshen up? But actually he was glad about it for he would be able to get a short nap. He dropped his jacket on the ground and collapsed onto his bed without even putting his shoes off. When he was almost asleep he was woken again by a knock on the door.

"Come in," he shouted without bothering to get up.

"Room service, sir. I bring your coffee."

"Thanks, leave it on the table."

He heard the clatter of china and the thud of the door closing again. He would get up any moment and enjoy the hot coffee – just one more minute. But before he could think any further he was asleep again.

Jack awoke three hours later to a knock on the door. Groggily he got up and noticed that he was drenched in sweat. His throat was sore now but at least the headache was gone. He opened the door and stared at two pairs of shoes belonging to a nervous looking Amanda.

"Jack, I need your advice! Should I wear pumps or sandals under my long gown?"

Now Jack registered that Amanda was dressed in a breathtaking black dress and already finished for the congress. Well, almost finished for she was still barefoot and with two pairs of shoes in her hands. Slowly something dawned on Jack.

"What time is it?"

"17.30 pm... Why aren't you ready yet?"

"Damn, I overslept!"

With that Jack rushed back into his room and vanished into the bathroom.

"Hey! What about my shoes?"

Jack's head reappeared one last time. He considered the question for a moment. "Pumps." And with that he disappeared again.

Fifteen minutes later he was showered and dressed. The coffee still stood untouched on the table. Jack took a sip of the now cold coffee and grimaced. He left the cup on the table and went to fetch Amanda who was already waiting in front of her room. The first thing he noticed was her wearing sandals. He pointed to her shoes.

"Why did you even ask me?"

"Those are more comfortable. Besides you should be glad. If I wouldn't have asked, you still might be asleep."

"Okay, okay. I got it. Thank you. Now let's go or we're gonna be late."

They went down the steps to the conference hall of the hotel where most of the other guests were already seated. The two representatives of the Community General Hospital searched for their seats and sat down. Just a moment later a doctor in his fifties got up and asked for the guest's attention. A long and exhausting speech followed. Jack might have fallen asleep if Amanda wouldn't have nudged him every time his head threatened to drop onto the table.

"Are you alright," she whispered.

"Yeah, just tired. It's kinda stuffy in here."

Finally his deliverance was announced by applause.

"I need some fresh air."

And with that Jack left the room.