He woke up to the sun pouring in through the window in his bedroom. His white walls and sheets made it seem even brighter than it already was. He turned over in bed to face away from the window and get a few more moments of sleep before going in for his shift, then he saw her. Her hair was a mess on top of the pillow, his white sheet was draped over her body, and he saw her shirt- his shirt- loosely wrapped over her shoulders. She sighed but remained asleep. His heart skipped a beat. Not only was a beautiful woman lying with him in bed, but it was HER. 'How could I possibly be this lucky?' he thought to himself. He reached over and pulled her closer to his body. Her brow furrowed, but the moment she reached to cover his hand with hers she smiled. He buried his head in her messy hair and breathed in.

"Reu, it's called food. Usually people keep it in the fridge or pantry. You eat it when you get hungry," She was going through his kitchen in search of something quick to make before getting dressed for work.

"You're hilarious. I only buy food for one person, sorry you don't have many options." He came up behind her and closed the fridge. She turned to face him, draping her arms around his neck, "But you don't have ANY food. This isn't a lack of options, this is NO options." He laughed and bent down to kiss her lightly on the lips. He could feel her smile and she kissed him back. "Then how about we stop for food on the way in, and after our shift we can stop and shop?"

She stopped smiling. He got nervous, 'Did I say something wrong? Why is she looking at me like that?'. She then looked up at him with no emotion on her face, "We're coming back? Together?" He was a little taken back, how was he supposed to answer? He wanted to say,' Of course we are. We can pick up your things another time, you're going to stay here from now on. We can get married and possibly have kids in a few years…' But he was getting ahead of himself, "If you want to?" 'Lame' he thought to himself, 'Very lame.'

"Rue," she started, "I do want to stay here, with you, I really do. But I don't want to get into this too fast. I'm not used to having an actual relationship." She let her hands run along his arms, 'Wow, hello biceps.' She smiled at her thoughts.

He tightened his grip a little around her waist. She had a point, neither of them had been in a real relationship in a long time. Maybe she was right, taking it slow might be fun. Although they already messed up the definition of 'taking it slow' in the physical sense.

"You're right. But I still think you should be with me when I get groceries." She lifted her arms back up to his neck, "I can manage that, if you went alone you would probably come back with a yogurt and a loaf of bread."

He lifted her up to the nearest counter and kissed her again, "You're probably right."

"Are we telling people?" She threw her apple core out of the window and started pulling her hair back into a tie. "Do you want to tell people? And by people I'm assuming you mean the guys at work?" He wasn't sure if she was ready. He knew he was. He wanted this for so long he would be an idiot if he wanted to keep this a secret. He wanted everyone to know about the beautiful, passionate woman that he was in love with.

"I want to, but do you think they are ready? I mean a lot has been going on lately, I don't want to be the reason they all go into shock…"

He smiled. They both knew that this was a terrible excuse, but he was going to let it slide. "Yeah, it might be best."

He pulled into a spot and reached in back to grab his jacket, inconspicuously checking around the car to see if anyone was around. Once he was satisfied that they were alone for the time being, he turned and kissed her lightly on the forehead. She closed her eyes then opened them to meet his. He just kept staring, memorizing every feature, how was he supposed to go all day without seeing her angelic face? The only thing he could hope for was a huge emergency where both ambulances and helicopters were needed at the scene, 'What a terrible thing to wish for', he shook his head and stepped out of the car. They laughed and joked the whole way up to the station. The others were already getting their rigs ready for the day.

"Okay everyone, be careful out there. Contact me if you have any problems." Captain closed his door to the chorus of replies. Just before they were about to pull out Rabbit called from the break room door, "Have a nice day at work sweetie!"

She snapped her head around so fast she was surprised she didn't give herself whiplash.

From her left she heard Tyler and Boone call out, "Thanks babe! Have dinner ready when we get back!" They pulled out in front, waving and blowing kisses the entire way. She sighed and threw a look at Rabbit, 'Thanks for that' she thought to herself. She could still see him smiling as they turned off the driveway.