"Glenn I promise Sara and Tyler don't have a 'thing'. They are just friends, you know, two people are allowed to be 'just friends'." Boone held open the door for Nancy and Glenn as they walked in. Sara was already sitting at the bar with Tyler standing almost over her. She sat up straighter and kissed him on the cheek then spun around and glided over to the pool table. Tyler took one more drink and walked over to join her.

Glenn raised his eyebrows at Boone and Nancy, "Say whatever you want. I know it when I see it."

"It isn't like that," it was Nancy talking now, "they are just really close like a big brother and little sister. He really just watches over her." Nancy paused, "Promise you won't tell Tyler?"

"Tell him what?" Glenn was curious, Boone ordered his drink then looked up expectantly.

"Tell him what I am going to tell you. I am going to deny ever saying anything if anyone brings it up again, got it?" She gave him a stare.

"Yeah, yeah, of course. So what happened?"

"You know before you wanted to know how they care still so close even though they aren't partners anymore? And they didn't fight or anything?"

Glenn nodded and Boone started to look bored.

"It happened around the Night of Bruises and Scratches. All day they had close calls. I mean victims throwing punches at them and dogs chasing them, it was just a mess. Through it all both of them tried to laugh it off, and everything that happened after that night, for instance their brakes failing while they were going over the bridge. But Tyler pulled me aside a few nights later, he said that he just wanted to talk. Usually he talked with Sara, so it made me a little curious. He said that he was worried that he wasn't doing his job."

"I don't get it." Glenn continued staring at Nancy. From across the room Tyler and Sara were laughing as Rabbit walked in with Marissa. They didn't see the rest of them yet so Nancy tried to hurry along with her story, "He said that he felt like he wasn't thinking straight all the time. He was worried that he was getting caught up in the excitement of the job with Sara instead of watching out for her. He said he worried about Sara getting all mixed up in the mayhem and didn't know what to do."

"So you suggested switching partners? Nanc, that seems a little drastic doesn't it?" Boone took a swig of his mug and walked over to Marissa and Rabbit at the other end of the bar.

Nancy shook her head, "Tyler said that he didn't want to have to keep watching Sara get hurt. They were always a little more dangerous when they were together, taking risks and egging each other on. In the moment he was having fun, but thinking about it after made him sick."

"So he decided to switch?"

"Yeah, he wanted me to cover for him and tell her that she needed to train another driver, which was partly true, but I was supposed to get Tony and train him before we even knew that you would be along shortly after."

"So he really just doesn't want to see her hurt? That's it?"

"Glenn, Tyler never really had anyone to take care of. Like someone that was solely his responsibility. No little sisters or brothers that he had to watch out for, Sara was his stand-in little sister that didn't know right from wrong or dangerous from fun."

"I still think that he is in love with her. And I'm standing by it." Glenn nodded over to the rest of the gang and Nancy grabbed her glass as they walked over.

"Tyler, the next time you want to lose just let me know. I'm ready when you are." Sara shifted up onto a stool next to Glenn and Rabbit.

"Just give me some time, I was just warming up." Tyler took his phone out of his pocket and gestured towards the door. Sara smiled and he walked out.

"What was that about?"

"Always so curious Glenn? Or do you just like to gossip?" Sara teased.

"He just likes the gossip." Nancy pulled Rabbit over to the dartboard.

"I do not. I just like to know." He looked hopeful at Sara.

"It's probably nothing. Just one of his boyfriends on the phone again. I swear that man has that phone glued to his head when he isn't working." Sara got up as Tyler walked back in and raced her to the pool table.

Boone was laughing at the expression on Glenn's face, "I told'ya they were just friends."

"No way. She's kidding right?"

Boone laughed and again and shook his head then walked over to watch Tyler let Sara win for the millionth time that night. Glenn just sat, dumbfounded at the bar.

"What's his problem?" Tyler lined up his shot.

"Sara just told him you were gay in not so many words."

"Haha, oh that's it? Poor probie."