She was pretty. In fact, she was more than pretty. She was hot. With a capital H. He smirked as she danced with the other young men and patiently waited for his turn.

The music pulsed through her body. She laughed with exhilaration. This place she had reached, this musical oblivion that shattered all worries for a few moments was heaven on earth. Scarlett moved away from the young man and slid into rhythm with the next one. She was slowly making her way across the dance floor and to the bar. Glancing up, she noticed that one more move would have her out of the crowd; and then she saw him. His pale skin was framed by his ragged pale brown hair but it was his eyes that – for a moment – rocked her composure. Silver. They were silver and Scarlett had seen silver eyes only once before – werewolves.

Her sea green eyes finally noticed him and he smirked again. She moved easily away from her current dance partner and headed over towards him. He ran a casual hand through his wavy hair and heard the wolf-whistles from his friends behind him. The girl strolled over to him and then brushed past; but the heat of her breath warmed his ear as she whispered,

"Bar." He smiled to himself and then followed her, his friends tagged along.

Scarlett knew that he had no idea who she was and that suited her perfectly; transformers and werewolves rarely got along at the best of times...rarely.

"Rafe." He said and Scarlett laughed. Her honey tones filled the air as she chuckled,

"Suits you. Sounds like a little dogs bark 'Rafe, Rafe'." A laugh behind her called her attention away from Rafe and to a girl behind her. One glance at the girl's long blonde hair and silver grey eyes triggered the reaction in Scarlett,

"Vivienne!" She said warmly.

"Scarlett!" They embraced like old friends as Scarlett remembered how Vivienne was the only lupe-garrou she actually liked.

"Ah-hem." Rafe cleared his throat and the girls turned to him, "I see you know my cousin then...Scarlett." Scarlett smiled at the young, arrogant werewolf before her,

"Oh, I know a lot more than that."