And bite her he did. Or he tried to.

Before his elongated canines could sink into the seductively pale flesh Scarlett shifted. Suddenly, an eagle was hovering three feet above his head. It called harshly and he shivered. A memory flashed into his mind; He was young. Three perhaps, four? He had just eaten his first ever kill. He was brimming with pride. He had killed a rabbit! A rabbit! All on his own. He howled with happiness. His young eyes spotted a golden eagle perched high on a branch above him. The eagle looked at him and he shivered, changed back into his human form. He turned to run, over-flowing with energy from his meal. There was an aura about that eagle that ordered him away. His instincts screamed at him. He took one step and stopped. A voice called to him from above. A girl's voice.

"You killed my sister." Was all she said and as he looked up the eagle took off and flew into the rising sun. Rafe looked at the eagle above him,

"I didn't know." He whispered. His friends looked at him in horror, wondering if their wanna be little alpha had gone crazy. "I thought she was just a rabbit." Scarlett was on her feet again now, standing all fire and desire before him,

"Of course you did dear." She hissed, her voice raking through his mind like talons. "I won't hurt you, little puppy." She smirked, "not yet anyway. It would hurt someone I care for too much." She brushed a cold finger across his cheek, "but watch your back little dog. One day the moon will not rise to save you and I will bring my revenge to your door." She turned and took Vivienne's hand smiling warmly. "We" she said seductively, "have a lot of catching up to do." And Rafe watched sickly as his cousin smiled like a little girl when Scarlett's hand drifted from her wrist to the partition of her legs.

"My place or yours?" The blonde girl asked. Scarlett paused,

"Mine...then away for a while; I really must leave your territory by morning." Viv laughed,

"Of course, your place it is."

Rafe watched with a sickening dread of silence as a cloud of fearful anticipation of the day revenge would descend closed upon him. As the girls sashayed out of the alleyway and his friends made ridiculous comments, he tried not to imagine the sordid things his cousin would get up to that night...with a cursed filthy transformer!