The warm air and the soft wind combined to make a pleasant summer evening for all to fully enjoy.

Oh, but it was a pleasant evening already, even without the inviting weather. A wedding, a wedding that came out of a deep love which was beautiful and sincere beyond all common description, was happening in the silent, but strong town of Everwood.

Laughter and music filled the air as Andy Brown, one of the town's esteemed physicians, held his new wife, Nina, close to him as they swept across the dance floor, embracing their new roles as husband and wife.

At a table close to the dance floor, Rose Abbott sat holding her newly adopted daughter, Lily, in her lap, while Amy and Ephram, who were at the same table, watched with interest. Nearby, Harold Abbott, the other esteemed physician, watched Nina and Andy dance as he sipped a cup of juice and lingered.

"Amy, I sincerely hope that you and Ephram are not thinking of getting into an engagement or marriage just because Doctor Brown did," Rose said, gazing at her daughter as she bounced Lily on her lap.

Amy shook her head and smiled," Mom, don't worry, Ephram and I are working through our relationship at a reasonable pace," she said, smiling as Ephram put an arm around her protectively.

Rose smiled, relieved. However, before she could answer, Harold, who had been listening and was uncomfortable about the mention of an engagement between Ephram and Amy, came over to Rose and took her hand, giving Amy and Ephram only a polite smile.

"Rose, can we please go dance?" Harold asked, gently pulling his wife to her feet. "Amy and Ephram can mind Lily. I want to spend some time with my wife."

Giving Harold a curious smile, Rose quickly handed Lily to Amy and grasping her husband's hand, allowed him to lead her out on to the dance floor.

"Babies are interesting, but while I'm loving having another sibling, I definitely am not ready for my own yet," Amy confessed, as she bounced Lily on her lap.

Ephram nodded, "I think we're doing just fine for right now," he said, relieved that there was no pressure to get married and have a family, they could just enjoy each other right now. "Anyway, I thought Bright was going to stop by the reception after he did some homework."

Amy sighed, "Bright's in a real funk right now," she admitted. "I'm not sure if he'll show up or not."

"I've noticed that as well," Ephram commented. "Ever since Hannah decided to leave Everwood and go to Notre Dame to try and become closer to her family, Bright's been in a really sour mood."

"They weren't even going to be in a relationship, but I don't know what came over Hannah when she left like that," Amy scoffed. "She just left him a text saying that she was leaving and he'd be alone."

At that moment, Lily stretched out her arms towards Ephram. Amy smiled and without a word, she gently placed Lilly in Ephram's arms. Ephram grimaced but gradually relaxed so that Lilly was comfortable.

Continuing to hold hands, Amy, Ephram, and Lily watched the townspeople continue their celebration.

Miles away, in a deserted parking lot, Bright Abbott was leaning against his car, not caring that dust was getting all over his clothes. His full attention was on the degrading piece of paper in his hand.

It was from Colorado A&M, and it was telling him that, due to his major slip in grades, that he was not only off of academic probation, he was out of the school for good. Despite doing his best, Bright knew that it had been coming and the fight with Hannah certainly knocked his esteem down further than it already was.

Even though he had never wanted more than a friendship, Bright reflected, Hannah had assumed that he did and that misunderstanding had led to a verbal confrontation. It ended with Hannah walking away, packing her things, and leaving Everwood for good. She left a text message saying goodbye, which hurt him deeply.

Things had been horrible since the spring semester began, but it had gotten steadily worse. Without telling anyone, Bright had been forging perscriptions using his father's name to get a hold of anti-depressants from the local drugstore. He only took one every few days, but lately, they weren't doing any good.

Bright sighed, he was supposed to make an appearance at Dr. Brown's wedding reception, per the request of his parents, but in light of all that happened, he just wanted to go home and hide in bed.

Moving around the car, Bright got into the driver's seat and revved the engine. Crumpling up the letter, he put the car into gear and quickly sped out of the lot. A joyride around town, then home to bed.

Cheers rang throughout the air as the massive crowd watched Andy and Nina drive away from the party.

Of course, because of their love of Everwood, Andy and Nina elected to not take a honeymoon. Instead, Andy was going to take Ephram and Sam out to Buck's Rock for a little father-son bonding early the next morning, giving Nina and Delia some much needed mother-stepdaughter time.

Ephram and Sam had tied a bunch of cans to the back of his father's truck, but they did not cover it in shaving cream, as they knew Nina would find it cute, but Andy would be mad at them for it.

At the back of the crowd, Rose and Harold watched fondly, "I'm going to have to have a talk with that boy of ours about not showing up for the reception," Harold said, as he handed Lily to Rose. "Does he forget that Doctor Brown saved his life once? I really don't know what's gotten into him lately."

Rose sighed, "Harold, it's late, you can talk to Bright tomorrow," she said, putting Lily against her shoulder. "It's been a lovely day and a lovely break from life. We can deal with his absence tomorrow."

Harold nodded and, catching sight of Ephram and Amy at the front of the crowd, he turned away, "Come on, let's go home and go to bed," he said, taking his wife's hand and leading her away from the crowd.

Nobody knew it at the time, but the situation was about to get far worse than anybody ever imagined.