AN: A short little poem written for the 12 Days of Cadgins challenge on Livejournal. Written with Cam/Hodgins in mind but can be interpreted as any pairing. Happy Christmas!

A flaky, golden crust

Sprinkled with sweet dust

Crimped at the trimming

Stopping the filling from over brimming

He watched entranced

As her lips, around it danced

Before she took a bite

And he nearly lost the fight

Some caught by her mouth

He felt the effects down south

From his lips a moan was wrenched

Sliding by teeth that were clenched

A knowing smile graced her face

As she was pulled into an embrace

His lips on her neck

Upwards they treked

As their lips met

He broke out in a sweat

Hands grasping at hair

Clothes beginning to tear

Bodies pressed together

On top of pillow feathers

Material torn through aggression

It was quite a feisty session

As they lay next each other

Holding one another

Fitted together like a glove

They whispered proclamations of love

Crumbs lying on a plate

Waiting to be ate

Feedback is appreciated.