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By: Reggie


"TenTen this is ridiculous," Neji sighed, blowing a spare lock of hair out of his face as he leaned back on his hands, pushing his sleeping bag at even more awkward angle than it had been originally placed. Guy-sensei had left the three of them to set up camp over three hours ago while he continued the watch on their client. This, Neji suspected, had something to do with the district of town their client had been heading towards, and he pitied Guy-sensei having to stay there so long.

It had only taken them about a hour to get their camp complete secure and the tent set up, and TenTen had begun entertaining herself by pulling out her pack of Tarot cards that she brought with her on escort missions like this. She'd often used them to try and predict any danger they would face on a mission, and sometimes Guy-sensei would have her read his. Just for a laugh, he said.

"It doesn't hurt or anything, Neji," Lee grinned at him from where he was lying sprawled on the other side of the tent. TenTen had already finished his, but Neji had stopped listening after TenTen had told him he would find the love perfect for his heart. It was all so silly. His teammates told him constantly that there was no such thing as fate, and here they were trying to predict it.

"All you have to do is sit there," TenTen giggled, and Neji rolled his eyes. She must have taken this as consent, of some kind, as she flipped the first card of her deck. "Oh, the Magician. He means that to make changes, you should use your talents and not hold back."

Neji watched as her pale hands turned the next card, and fought not to smile as she smiled. What was it about TenTen that always made her smile so infectious?

"The next card is Justice. From the position, I'd say you're supposed to use your talents to correct an injustice in the world."

"Maybe change your fate," Lee said, rolling over so his grin Neji's direction was right side up. The Hyuuga just scowled at him, kicking his foot in Lee's direction.

"You'll succeed in that change," TenTen smirked at him and Neji turned his scowl to her. Not that this deterred her in the slightest, but then, it never had. "The World says so. And," she flipped another card, "the Priestess says you'll find love in that accomplishment."

She reached for another card, but Neji stuck out his hand, curling his fingers around her smaller ones. He gave them a squeeze, noticing each scar on those fingers as he pulled her down so their faces were only inches apart. "That's enough. Let's leave the rest of it a surprise."

Her eyes didn't flinch away from his like they had a year ago when they'd become a team, and she nodded. "Okay, Neji. As you wish."