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Chapter 8

Naruto's eyes slowly opened as he lay on the sofa, the sofa, walls and other small bits of furniture were sliced and stabbed at. "What just happened?" Naruto muttered as he glanced to his left and watched Ray put Sakura Haruno's form down on the sofa by the door. Naruto's mind jolted back to life as the memory played out and Naruto's eyes widen and he sat up. "What just happened out there?" Ray glanced to Naruto. "What happened with ani-chan? What did you do to draw that sword and why the hell didn't you tell me about what I was capable of?" Naruto flinched as Genpaku rested his hand on the blonds head.

"Relax Naruto. It's explanation time..." Genpaku sighed before looking to Sakura Kinomoto, Kero and Tomoyo. "Come on you three... To Ray's study." With that Genpaku followed Ray out of the room and the group followed behind the teen. Ray sat down on his chair as Genpaku leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and eyes closed.

"Take a seat on the floor you three." Ray spoke as he turned his chair so his back was to them. They sat down and waited a minute in silence. Each one of the young group nervous about what was about to happen. "Naruto." Ray spoke. "First off, we're sorry for not telling you sooner. But we felt no need to say as of yet." Ray muttered before turning to face the three. "Naruto, Sakura. What I explain to you two will stay amongst you two... And you too Tomoyo-chan. Furry thing here, as I know is with Sakura so I'll let him stay. But no one else will know, got that?" The group nod. Ray took a breath.

"I will begin with this... Like me, Genpaku, Sakura Haruno..." Ray's eyes wonder left absently. "Fujitaka, Toya and several others. Are not from this world." There was silence. "We come from a world where ninja reign. I am Ray Namimaki a jonin ninja to konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. Genpaku and Sakura are chunin. It is where they have been going during the summer." Genpaku nods slowly.

"So..." Naruto spoke first. "I'm from a ninja world?" Ray nods. "What's it like?" Ray leaned back in his seat.

"It's hard to describe, there's little technology there and it's got far less population. Ninja are the weapons of war and keep order of the land so to speak." Ray eyed the pair. "I was expecting a larger outburst Naruto." Naruto scratched his head.

"I was also... But, I'm curious as to why we are here. And not in konoha." Genpaku clenched his arm lightly.

"Naruto..." Genpaku spoke. "The reason why is inside you." Naruto looked confused. Genpaku took a breath. "We are part of both the Namikaze clan and the Uzumaki clan. Our mother was Kushina Uzumaki, last known of her clan she was sure. Our father was Minato Namikaze... The village hero, the fourth hokage." Genpaku muttered. "On the night you were born... A demon called the Kyuubi no kitsune, a nine tailed fox spirit that could do massive amounts of damage. Attacked the village, the fourth couldn't match the beast and did the only thing left." Genpaku clenched his arm more. "Seal it... He sealed the demon into a new born child. 'His' new born child, you." Genpaku said pointing at Naruto. Naruto's eyes widen as Sakura and Kero look at Naruto in realisation.

'Those dreams... Were the fox?' The three asked mentally. Naruto frowned slightly.

"I know it's not nice to know that the reason you carry the marks on your cheek came from the beast. But it was this that got us here." Genpaku muttered. Naruto looked back up with a wonder of why. Genpaku glanced to Ray, who intern looked to Sakura.

"Sakura." Sakura looked to Ray. "You too, come from our world. You were born in that world; Fujitaka was a friend of the fourth as I was and Fujitaka's teammate later on. You're mother was a civilian, while Toya, was beginning as a stundent like Genpaku and Sakura."

"Though he gave up after we left that world. While me and Sakura continued our ninja training." Genpaku spoke up. Naruto looked to his brother.

"Then how are we here?" Naruto asked as Sakura took in the fact that her family also kept this from her. "What brought you to take us from our home?" Genpaku growled as he looked up.

"Because of the village fools. When the 3rd hokage spoke of what had happened the idiot. The village's called for your death! They wanted to kill my baby brother because of the fact my father put the demon inside you. I demanded out of the village. And Fujitaka and Ray-san were there to back me up thankfully. The 3rd did let us go........" Genpaku's voice dropped to a whisper as he looked away. No one head what he said.

"Huh?" Naruto asked. Ray frowned and glanced back to the young group.

"Naruto... Kushina died that day after giving birth and requested to Genpaku to take care of you. He asked Fujitaka to protect the pair of you. Fujitaka contacted me when he learned of this. Sakura Haruno lost both her parents to the demon in battle. She was brought along because of the bond made by the Uzumaki and Sakura's mother. That Genpaku and Sakura when at age would be wed. Both were good friends and I didn't see fit to separate them." Sakura and Naruto looked to each other surprised by this with Sakura Haruno and Genpaku.

"Now... To explain what I did." Genpaku spoke. "That Naruto, was our bloodline limit. It has no name but is both unique and not. See there are five elements to the ninja world in chakra. Wind, fire, water, earth and lightning. Each member born of the Uzumaki clan gain's two elemental chakra from birth. I have the power of lightning and fire. I have yet to find a name for the limit combo. See, the limit allows us to combine the two elements into a sub element. Like with you Naruto. Have the power of wind and water. Which gave you ice."

"How did you know?" Naruto asked. Genpaku smiled lightly.

"A seal is put on your chest over the seal and it reacts to the chakra. It sliced in two and went soaking wet. We knew you had an ice bloodline."

"So... How did I do what I did against thunder? And what about Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Sakura will be explained in time. But Naruto, those weapons are more than just decoration, remember. We got those specially made. Zangetsu's bankai allows the user to extend the chakra subconsciously. If you will to cut it will without touching its target with the blade."

'So that's how I cut shadow...' Naruto mused.

"Hyorinmaru's shikai was simpler. It draws on the chakra nature and combined it like you would. When you've got control we'll remove the seal. But for now it stays." Genpaku said as she stood straight. "The pendent you wear Naruto. Is from my memories saved into it. I basically have to form the images. Like with combining chakra, drawing on it, sticking to surfaces and jumping free style like that. That is how you battled thunder. With my memories." Naruto nods slowly. "Keep that pendent for now."

"Okay..." Naruto took a breath as he looked at his hands. Genpaku took a breath and looked to Sakura.

"We are sorry for not telling you. Now Sakura... What we have to explain will be more... Troublesome." Genpaku mussed lightly.

"See, you're family come from a line of mages." Ray spoke. Sakura and Kero looked surprised. "I don't think you two are connected. Not that I'm sure. I'm not too sure of the time line of mages as I have yet to fully study it. But they gave a name for the power you use Sakura. It's called mana. Mana for magic energy. Zanpakuto are also connected and it has something to do with some ancient mages..."

"Hold up!" Naruto spoke. "Zanpakuto? Their bleach they don't exist!" Naruto stated. Genpaku chuckled.

"Naruto... Tite Kubo came from our world. He studied something similar back when he was looking through ruins and met Ray-san." Naruto looked stunned.

"So... He's..." Naruto muttered looking to Ray who nods. "Can I meet him?!" Naruto begged. Ray and Genpaku laughed; trust Naruto to see the bright side. Ray shook his head.

"He's a busy guy. But not only him, but lots of manga writers came from our world. Here... Take a look at this." Ray said picking up a photo and passed it to Naruto. Naruto and Sakura looked at the picture. Tomoyo and Kero looked over their shoulders. Naruto's eyes widen. In the picture was Ray when he was younger with Fujiktaka, they were standing beside blond haired male. Naruto looked back to Ray.

"That's Roy mustang. The flame alchemist!" Ray nods as crossed his hands over each other.

"I have similar powers which came from both chakra and mana. I can do everything Roy can. Because he was made after me..."

"So..." Sakura spoke before Naruto could drool over this info. "What about tou-san and kaa-san? My ani-chan also?" Ray sat back.

"Fujitaka, as I said was a teammate of mine. Minato met Fujitaka when they were young. I met them sometime later. Since I wasn't born in konoha. Fujitaka was part of the magic side that was not really around and it was him that I met and we formed these special moves made by seals, magic and chakra alone. We gained the title of konoha's lava duo. I can form fire with a snap of a finger and Fujitaka could summon vast amounts of earth by put his hands to the floor... No Naruto... It's not like that." Ray answered as Naruto waved his arm about.

"What about my kaa-san?" Sakura asked. Ray took a light breath as he looked to the ceiling. "Is what I've been told of her true or not?" Ray nods.

"Most is true; your father met her while she was just starting to model in our world. They hit it off quiet well and I know most were in konoha magazines... But most were in the land of fire's magazine since she wasn't born in konoha but a small village. She kept it up after she came to this world, which is why you didn't see any of them Sakura. The only ones you saw were the ones we found and picked the showed nothing connected to ninja and konoha." Ray said as looked on at the girl.

"Oh..." Sakura muttered. She glanced to Naruto who glanced to Sakura.

"Now." Ray spoke again. "I know you guys have taken this in well. But I'm sure you want to think this over. I will inform Fujitaka and I'll leave it to him to decide if he wants to explain or leave it as it is. So I want you four to go off up stairs for the time being and just get to grips with this. Naruto, Sakura." Both looked to Ray once more. "If you wish, we can teach you. But it won't be for some time." Genpaku nods.

"When we have a big enough break we'll take you somewhere to train. Till then just keep your cool about it, got it Naruto?" Naruto nods. The group stood and began to leave. Sakura stopped a moment.

"Ray-san." Ray nods. "Sakura-san's healing skill... That was chakra right?" Ray nods. "Arigatou." With that she left. Genpaku and Ray sighed.

"We could have said so much more..." Genpaku muttered.

"But I think we said enough. Even the demon bit I think really shouldn't have been said. But what's done is done." Genpaku nods. "But I do think young Sakura might be talking to Sakura later." Genpaku nods, Sakura now knew how Sakura Haruno healed Naruto and her so fast. She might seek Sakura to learn. Ray took a breath a stood. "If you excuse me... I've got a dreaded phone call to make..." With that he walked off.

Upstairs Naruto sighed as he lay on his bed. "So... We're not even part of this world?" Naruto muttered out. Sakura sighed as she sat down beside Naruto. Tomoyo was busy looking outside.

"You seemed to have taken this well?" Tomoyo spoke looking to Naruto. Naruto glanced to her.

"After what me and Sakura-chan have done. Plus my love for manga... It's not as heavy hitting. It's sort of like a dream come true. I get to live out the part of my own character." Tomoyo glanced to Sakura.

"How do you feel Sakura-chan?" Sakura glanced to Tomoyo.

"I don't know what to feel..." Sakura muttered. "To know that you've lived a lie..." Naruto sat up.

"But you haven't..." Sakura looked to Naruto.

"I feel I have... To know we're not even part of this world... That... That you've had to suffer for so long Naruto-kun." Naruto gave a sad smile.

"Least that answers the dream trouble." Sakura lightly put a hand on the blonds arm.

"But... But it doesn't change the fact it's tormenting you at night Naruto-kun... It's not fair..." Sakura muttered. Naruto smiled.

"As long as you're there to keep the bad dreams away I'm just glad you're there. Sakura, I feel the same that we were lied too... But it's not like we found out. They had no choice as of what we were doing."

"But they may have gone on without saying anything to us. That they may have never told us." Naruto shook his head.

"I think we'd have found out when we were older anyway. I know ani-chan. He wouldn't hold it back for so long. Neither Sakura-ane-chan." Naruto stood and turned to Sakura. "Sakura... Just know that now Li won't be able to compete with us." Naruto said with a grin. "We'll get stronger together and gather the clow cards. Right Kero-chan?!" Naruto spoke. Kero nods.

"I agree. Ray-san has explained something important and it shows why Sakura had magic to open my book. And why Naruto was like he was with his abilities. This Li kid can't meet up to you." Naruto grinned. Sakura sighed.

"But... We're still nowhere near ready." Naruto nods slowly.

"True, but it's only a matter of time. We'll just have to learn." Naruto stated. "We can do this..." Naruto held out his hand. "Sakura-chan, as I said before we will get stronger together. Do you promise that whatever happens we'll stay together to the end?" Sakura smiled with a nod taking the blonds hand.

"Of course!" Naruto smiled pulling Sakura to her feet. Both smiled at each other lightly.

"Aww... So cute." Both turned to Tomoyo with her camera. "You two look so nice together." Both turned red and turned away from each other. Tomoyo looked at them properly with a chuckle.

Sakura glanced to Naruto a second. She liked Yukito-san right? So why was she so flustered? She did feel different lately with Naruto... And it did feel different to how she thought of Yukito. What was wrong with her?

Naruto was busy trying to calm all the heat in his face, he felt embarrassed now and Tomoyo didn't make it easy and neither did Kero as he looked on with a semi smirk. 'Damn you guys...'


It was late afternoon and Sakura Haruno was walking with Sakura back home. Sakura Kinomoto glanced to the older Sakura. "Ane-chan." Sakura glanced to Sakura. (This is going to be murderous on my mind. XD And no, it's more fun than just doing K and H because I'm just that sort of person.)

"Yeah Sakura-chan?" Sakura asked as they walked. Sakura Kinomoto glanced down in thought. "What's on your mind? Do you have more questions about your past?" Sakura shook her head.

"Not right now... I... I don't really think I can talk to Tou-san or ani-chan right now about it." Sakura Haruno nods. "But..." Sakura muttered. "I was wondering, c-could you teach me how to heal like you did for me and Naruto-kun?" The pair came to a stop. Sakura looked down to Sakura. "I don't want Naruto-kun to be left injured like that day with Illusion." Sakura muttered. Sakura Haruno smiled lightly as she patted Sakura on the head.

"You like my little ototo don't you?" Sakura looked up at Sakura with a flustered red face and quickly shook her head.

"N-no... He's just my closest friend and we've done so much..." Sakura muttered not making eye contact. "He's been there for me... I want to be there to help him..." Sakura Haruno nods with a light smile.

"Okay... I'll help you. But learning medical chakra is no easy task. But for now, we can't really get into it. When we get time I'll help you. Right now, focus on what you can do. You will both be fine if you stick together..." Sakura nods with a smile before the pair start walking.

"Ane-chan..." Sakura glanced to her young friend. "Did you and Genpaku-san always get along? Since you too are... Well..." Sakura looked to the sky.

"Not always... We'd argue and fight. But we were friends since birth. We'd never really been without the other... Sort of like you and Naruto-chan." Sakura looked up. "True it feels weird knowing the guy I've spent all my years with like a family member is going to be my husband. But I've never felt is a strange... I love Genpaku and I wouldn't want to change what I've lived through. I'm the part that Genpaku needs to let his emotions out. He doesn't say it, but it hurts him every day he looks in the mirror and when he looks at Naruto. He sees his parents looking back. He'd cry himself to sleep and mutter in his sleep, calling to his parents. I can only do what I can to help him. That's why I became a medical ninja. So if he got hurt, I could sort him out myself." Sakura smiled.

"That's so nice..." They reached the front door to the Kinomoto household and Toya opened the door.

"Sakura... Kijuu..." Sakura walked on by. Toya blinked. Sakura Haruno sighed.

"Toya... Let Sakura be, she's had to go through a lot and is still taking it all in. It will do no good to talk now. Let her come to you okay."

"Don't worry Sakura." Fujitaka spoke with a smile. "I gathered Sakura-chan would feel hurt by us not telling her. But we'll let her come to terms. We won't say anything and go on as normal." Sakura nods.

"That might be best for now. Keeping routine for the pair of them will keep them settled. If we start talking about it, it might not help them. Well... I'm off home." Sakura walked down the path and looked up to the window with Sakura looking out it with Kero. Sakura Kinomoto looked to Sakura and waved and Sakura returned it before walking home.


Ray sighed as he rested in his chair. "Tomoyo really knows how to ask questions..." Ray muttered as he looked at the ninja clothing rested in the cabinate he had by the wall. It was the basic konoha chunin/jonin clothing with anbu in the next and finally the hokage robes... The fourth's to be exact. "She really likes to know her clothing."

"She's very inquisitive. But I think she's going to be looking into more of this for future cards." Ray nods to Genpaku's words. "Well... I'm off to bed. Later Ray-dono." Genpaku said walking off. Ray muttered a good night and reached under the desk and pulled out the orange book.

'Let's see... Chapter 10 I think I was at...' Ray mused opening the book and reading on. Sakura walked by with a glare at the book and then walked upstairs.

'Pervert... But then again... He's the only one who can keep a straight face with them...' Sakura glanced to Ray who sat reading a manga book in bed. He glanced to Sakura and waved with a smile. Sakura smiled and waved back. Before going to Naruto's room. The young blond was busy staring at the ceiling. Sakura closed the door too and walked off to bed. 'Good night Naruto-chan.'

Naruto let his mind wonder as he looked at the ceiling. But as his body relaxed and he began to fall asleep his vision in the blink of an eye turned into a stone temple, a red mist grazed the floor surface. Naruto looked left and right at the vast walls and then behind him to the small door way. He looked up to the black and red clouds above. "O...kay..." Naruto muttered looking to the temple. Naruto slowly walked forward and glanced left and right. "I feel like I'm in Yu-gi-oh..." Naruto muttered as he walked the steps to the top. He looked at the black empty space and looked back down. Naruto sighed before looking forward to see a figure sitting in a seat. Naruto stepped back startled and fell down the steps to the bottom as the figure stood. Naruto grumbled as he sat up, he felt no pain from the fall. "Am I dreaming?"

"Not really no..." Naruto blinked to the male voice and looked up the steps to the male as he walked down. His body was robed in red fancy clothing. Naruto really couldn't describe what he was looking at as he stood looking at the figure before him. The male also had a mass of red hair and black eyes. His face was wrinkled but he had a smile. "It is good to finally meet you Naruto Uzumaki..." Naruto blinked as he looked on. "Welcome to your soul." Naruto glanced about.

"My soul? Never thought it would look like this..." The male chuckled.

"Sorry... But my being here really moulded with it and made my home here." Naruto turned back to the male. Home? The male sighed. "Yes, this is my home... And my prison..." Naruto took a step back as he put two and two together. The elder waved his hand. "Do not fear me Naruto. I am and not the Kyuubi no kitsune that attacked... Please... Hear me out Naruto-chan... You are a very understanding boy and with what you've been through it maybe too much now. But if you will give me some time to explain while your body rests..." Naruto relaxed. "You have no reason to run. I... Am bound by the defence of the seal. I cannot touch you without harm..." Naruto blinked as two chairs appeared. Naruto watched amazed as a table formed from the ground. The elder sat down. "How about playing a children's card game as I explain?" Naruto's face lit up. He sat down and a deck formed. "I shall explain as we go. You may start."

Naruto nods and drew his hand. "So... Who are you then?" Naruto asked as he eyed his hand.

"I... Have no name per say. I have no memory of it... Just call me Kyuubi, it's all I know." Naruto nods as he played one card and set one face down behind it. Naruto watched as actual monsters appeared before his eyes as the elder drew. "I also want to say I'm sorry for all the nightmares... It was beyond my control..." Naruto looked up at the elder. "My chakra and I have been split apart. The chakra is sealed in the tomb of this palace and you and I can both go to it. Look up behind me." Naruto did and a pulse of red shot into the sky. "The chakra is constantly being absorbed into your body Naruto-chan. You're father was a good man, and I could tell in the moments as I regained my senses he was sorry for what he had to do." The elder set one card in face down defence and two cards down. As he waved his hand Naruto nods and drew.

"I see... Kyuubi... Um... Sorry, but you said you have no memory of your name correct?" Kyuubi nods. "What can you remember?" The elder sighed as Naruto summoned his second monster. "With both queens knight and king's knight out I can special summon jack's knight." The elder nods. "Attack!" The elder smiled as he flipped up the morphin jar and the pair discarded and redrew a fresh hand. Naruto attacked again.

"Sorry Naruto-chan, mirror force." Naruto sighed and sent his monsters to the grave. "And... Well I have some history of what happened. It's saved in the archives of my mind I'd made before I 'died'. But what I look like was never there. This form is made up by my magic." Naruto looked confused. "I have neither a male nor female body Naruto... I'm merely energy. Watch..." The male said as his skin lost its wrinkles and his form glowed. Naruto blinked amazed as a woman with short red hair in a kimono looked at the blond. Kyuubi smiled. "It's the only thing I can do now from time to time... Experiment on different forms... I can go from being the oldest male to the youngest red haired girl... To the strongest in the universe." The kyuubi spoke as he turned into Son Goku before the blond's eyes. "Or the great king of games..." Naruto stared in awe as he looked on at Atem from yu-gi-oh. "But I prefer the elder..." Kyuubi spoke as he returned to normal. "I like looking like a wise old sage." Naruto nods as he set one card down and motioned the elder to go.

"So... Can you tell me why you attacked my home? Why I lost my family and ended up where I am now?" Naruto asked as the elder nods as he played a magic card and special summoned a blue eyes white dragon. A small figure of Naruto appeared in duel disk and Naruto looked amazed as the blue eyes attacked.

"Sorry... Negate attack." The elder nods and motioned Naruto on.

"I'll say it was over 500 years ago. Just before the birth of chakra. Magic or mana was around at that time and the world was still small. There were 9 powerful clans under each was a symbol. The nine were, Tanuki, cat, turtle, ape, whale-horse, gastropod , rhino beetle, ox-cephalopod and fox. I am head of the kitsune clan under the fox. We specialised in summoning kyuubi demons in combat as did the other clans have their own summon or summons. Each clan was the master of an elemental mana. But, each clan was stronger in that order I gave you. Each clan could do more than the last while the ones that did less have more power in that one skill." The elder said as Naruto played a spell card and special summoned the dark magician. Naruto played a spell and all the spell and trap were gone and Naruto made his next move. "But all clans can make spirit swords. Or zanpakuto as you read them as in that comic." Naruto looked up in surprise.

"Really? You created them?" The elder nods as the continued to play.

"That is correct. But very few exist now. See, a great battle waged and spirit swords were used, many died and in a last attempt to bring peace... The 9 elder's of our clans formed to make the juubi. The ten tailed demon, we won, but we couldn't return to our old selves... Spirit swords were used by few as none could grasp control and when the roku sennin, the sage of six paths who brought chakra to the world died. He separated our 9 spirits once more and we became the bijuu. I as the kyuubi no kitsune. But our bodies were formed by chakra and our magic and chakra waged war with chakra being far more over powering. Our demons ravaged the land and only the senju and Uchiha clan had any power over our states. Some tried and failed."

"I see... So what happened to the zanpakuto?" Naruto asked as he made his move.

"When we were sealed, our connection with the swords vanished and many faded from existence, but some can be saved through other means. Ray... Your guardian has done such by keeping his sword sealed in a separate dimension. It dodged the destruction sequence and is now free from my control." Naruto nods with interest. "When I was sealed I was free'd from my demon state of mind and was able to feel at peace, I guard the gate with the seal to protect you. I can see and hear also... So I know of what goes on." Naruto looked amazed. "That young girl you're so fond of, you two have a unique bond."

"Really?" Naruto asked. The elder nods with a smile,

"I can also tell your feelings Naruto..." Naruto raised an eyebrow. "You are very fond of the girl. It has only come up recently but you do like her." Naruto's face turned red. The elder chuckled.

"S-sakura-chan and I are friends..." The elder nods.

"You say that... But your heart and soul tell me the truth... You like Sakura but you're too scared to say something... its common young lad, do not worry." Naruto glanced down. "Fear of rejection is what we all worry of from time to time. I know you don't wish to say anything because of this Yukito lad... That you're jealous of the teen, even though he hasn't shown anything back to Sakura like she would want. He is kind to you and Sakura... Even the Li child... But you would also feel happy knowing she's happy with Yukito... For someone so young who is so immature, you have a good heart and mature spirit about it." Naruto smiled lightly as he scratched the back of his head.

"Arigatou oji-san..." Naruto muttered as the elder took out Naruto's remaining life points. "Again?" The elder nods and the decks returned to normal.

"Naruto..." The elder spoke as Naruto glanced up from his hand. "You want to protect the girl right?" Naruto nods. The elder smiled. "You don't have to agree... But I wish to help you. My powers are older than the clow reed I've heard of. I have my own magic that my clan uses. If you wish, I will take you under the fox clans wing and train you... I will teach you the 5 elements and the two sub elements. I will allow you to create magic attacks within reason... But this will only happen when you are ready... And... I will also allow you to create zanpakuto of your choice." Naruto's eyes and jaw were wide in silence. The elder held out his hand. "Do you trust me to do this? Or do you want time to think about it?" Naruto looked to the elders hand and looked to the eyes.

"The damage?" Naruto spoke. The elder nods.

"It will only be a short time... But do you agree to follow my arts? I'm not a simple teacher... It won't be easy." Naruto looked to the hand. He closed his eye and before opening them. He held his hand out.

"Oji-san... I will do it... I don't know if I have made an error before it's too late. But to protect Sakura-chan... I will take that chance." The elder moved his hand back a second.

"Even if you are killed in this process and I take control? Do you not fear that out come?" Naruto eyed the sage.

"You have to take risks in life right? I will take this risk and keep going." The elder smiled.

"You are a brave kid... You'll need that courage as you get older and stronger... Very well..." With that he held his hand out and Naruto took hold as red lightning jolted along the elder's body. The elder grunted as a white light shone in their palmed hands. "Welcome to the kitsune order... Naruto Uzumaki-san..." With that the pair was engulfed in white.


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