Title: The wrong kind of only
Harry Potter
Lucy Weasley
Only; Dandelion
Word Count:
152 words
Beta: Not betaed!! Be warned ;)
Lucy wishes not bring part of an 'only' for the first time.
A/N: I always thought of Percy's daughters as twins. I don't know if JKR said they weren't, but... And Dandelions mean "Happiness and faithfulness". I gave the prompt a tiny twist there then.

The wrong kind of only

Being a twin never left much place for the word 'only' in her dictionary. Lucy couldn't remember a time when her name didn't come along with her sister's, or when she was referred to as 'she' and not 'they'. Unlike Molly, she always hated being a twin. She hated not being unique.

However, being the only girl in the family who had never had a relationship was not the kind of 'only' she desired. Her mother was right when she said "Be careful with what you wish for"...

But Lucy was not the type of person to give up. She had struggled all her life trying to achieve anything that could make her different. Lucy was a fighter, and so she would keep having faith until she found that special someone. She would be happy one day. All her effort would be compensated; and when that happens, she'll be someone's only.