a Torchwood crossover story

by RoadrunnerGER

Disclaimer: I don't own anything of the related shows. I just love to play with their characters.

Summary: Team Torchwood investigates a series of mysterious disappearances and makes a disturbing discovery, leading to one of them being left behind alone to search desperately for the others. And this time even Jack is helpless.

A/N: Hey, all! I'm back! I thought I'd get a story finished at some point, but being several chapters in and having no end in sight on all the stories I'm writing on, I decided to finally post something. "Odyssey" is this year's NaNo project (winner: 52.306) and… far from being finished. It's set in season 2 and will go AU from there. I have lots of ideas for the story and I'm curious where the plot will take me and how long the story will be in the end. I owe big thanks to my beta Mandassina and my "muse" Galadriel who helped me through NaNo. And now, cutting a long story short... Enjoy.

Chapter 1

"It's been fun," Alyssa said to her boyfriend as they strolled down the street. "We should go to the cinema more often."

"Provided they show good movies like this one more often," Calvin replied.

"From time to time you could also accompany me to one of my kind of movies."

"What? You mean a chick flick?" Calvin smirked. "Isn't that what Isabel and Patty are for?"

"Probably, but sometimes I'd like to watch one with you," she purred, taking his hand and snuggling up to his arm while walking.

"Maybe we should do something like that at home," he suggested, wrapping his arm around her. "Somewhere more private."

"I see where you're coming from," she chuckled and tickled his side.

Absently throwing a coin in the hat of a bum, they passed him and turned around a corner.

"Thanks," he shouted after them, but they already were out of sight.

But they were not out of earshot.

Two swishing sounds.

Two thumps.

A flash of light.

With some difficulty the bum got up from the pavement and walked round the same corner. The alley before him was empty.


"Tosh? Did you have any success with the translation UNIT asked us to do?"

Captain Jack Harkness sat in his chair at the head of the conference table in their boardroom, addressing the final subject of their morning meeting.

"I think I could finally make sense of something," Toshiko replied. "It'll need more work, though."

"How much more?" Jack queried.

"I should be able to tell you by noon if it'll be necessary to translate it completely," she said.

"All right!" Jack slapped his thighs. "Then we know what to do. Tosh, you'll take care of that translation. Owen, you'll hand me in the test results of our last Rift victim this afternoon. Ianto, I'll need you to go over the budget plans…"

Their team mates snickered when he said that.

"What?" Jack snapped.

"Oh, we just wondered how much of a budget plan you'll actually get done once you've vanished behind closed doors with our teaboy," Owen teased.

Jack pouted, but the leering glance he threw at Ianto told them that they were right. Then the captain returned to the business at hand. "Gwen, you'll…"

"Um, Jack," Gwen piped up. "There's something else."

"What, Gwen?"

"Missing people." She got up from her seat and held her hands up defensively before someone could cut in. "Andy asked me to have a look at a chain of disappearances. Can we at least talk about it?"

"As long as we won't end up in the countryside again," Owen growled.

"We'll see. Maybe someone vanishes out there extra for you, Dr. Harper," she retorted.

"Thanks, PC Cooper."

"No problem," she smirked.

"All right, Gwen," Jack grumbled. "Enlighten us."

"Okay… there have been several disappearances that could not be connected in any way… Let me finish, please," she turned to Owen again when she saw him roll his eyes. "And then Andy talked with a man who claimed to have heard an attack, saw a flashing light, went around a corner, and couldn't spot the couple anymore that gave him money before. Andy did not believe anything he said until, last afternoon, Rebecca Corbin reported her sister, Alyssa Eldridge, missing. She said that Alyssa went out with her boyfriend, one Calvin Spencer. That was last Friday, and when she called yesterday she still got no response from her sister. So she went to check on her after work and there was no sign of her. Andy then tried to contact Calvin Spencer, who wasn't seen at work either. A patrol car finally found Spencer's car…" Gwen paused for effect, "further down the street where the witness claimed the couple had vanished."

"So what?" Jack asked. "I don't see what that has to do with us."

"My question is, Jack, if it could be Rift related."

Thoughtful silence fell for a moment.

"The man mentioned a flash of light. Could that have been the Rift?" Gwen prodded when Jack did not answer right away.

"But the Rift doesn't take things or, God forbid, people," Owen said instead.

"How do we know?"

Once more silence settled over the board room.

"The question's not that stupid," Toshiko conceded. "We assume that the Rift goes only one way because we get all kinds of stuff and aliens washed up on our side. What if Gwen's right and equally much stuff gets pulled in and ends up on the other side of the galaxy?"

"I don't like that idea," Owen said.

"I don't like it either," Jack growled. "Tosh, could you please check all Rift activity of the last… two weeks for anything unusual?"

"Of course, Jack."

"Okay. Gwen, you have the dates of the presumed disappearances?"


"Then you'll work together with Tosh and compare your dates with whatever she finds. Owen, you still have to finish those tests. Go."

The team members got up and turned to leave.

"Ianto…?" Jack said.

"In your office in ten," the young support officer said and straightened his already perfectly fitting suit. Then Ianto got out his stopwatch and started it with a smirk at the captain before he put it away again and left.

Jack smirked and watched Ianto's excellent bottom as it vanished up the corridor. He was so looking forward to working on the budget plans, pushing any thoughts about the disappearances aside for the time being.


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Tracking down alien life on Earth and arming the human race against the future.
The 21st century is when everything changes.
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