Wow my second story.
Hope you like it.
Spoilers: If by some chance you still don't know what
happened in Endgame and you want to keep it that way
don't read.
This is chap. 1 of ?. Depends upon want you all think
of it and whether or not I'm able to get any more free
time this summer.
Once again be kind to my mistakes especially spelling
& grammar. This is a newfound hobby of mine.

Fri Jul 27, 2001 8:02 pm

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Title : Three Mistakes

Author: Ryan


Disclaimer: This is Paramounts baby. Maybe they should be charged with abuse?


"Annika, you were looking for me?"

"Yes Commander, I have something I must tell you"

Chakotay looked at her seeing not the Annika Hansen he had been dating but 7 of 9. She was in full Borg mode again today. Calling him by his tittle, not his name. Standing ramrod straight and eyeing him with a cool indifference that dismissed the relationship they'd started to build. He knew what she had to tell him. He supposed he should try to change her mind, he silently told himself. Then unbidden came the thought, did he really want to?

"Commander" she said again in her emotionless borg tone. " I am sorry if this causes you any pain but I must end this relationship. I want you to know that I'll always treasure our time together. I hope we can still be friends"

And with those words Seven of Nine turned and walked out of the mess hall.

Chakotay sat stunned, not by her action, he'd been expecting it, but by her manner. He'd been dumped and dumped good. This wasn't the first time he'd been given the old heave ho, but it was probably the most emotionless ending of any relationship he'd been in. She'd shown no more emotion than a Vulcan would have, less in fact. He sat gazing out the residency windows seeing but yet not seeing Voyager as she lay resting on the Academy grounds. The same grounds, where almost two weeks ago, Tom had gently brought Voyager to her feather light landing. How do I feel?, he thought to himself, trying to sort out the jumble of emotions racing through his conscious.

Hurt? Not really.

Heartbroken? No.

Bruised ego? Yes. Because looking in her eyes as she so efficiently discarded him he realized, she really didn't care whether or not it caused him pain, she didn't treasure their time together, and she couldn't have cared less about continuing there friendship. In fact she'd looked at him as he imagined she would have a failed lab experiment. Nothing more than a waste of time. He admitted to himself that yes his pride was hurt, he wouldn't be human if it wasn't.

But the uppermost feeling in his mind was relief. He'd dodged a bullet. He still wasn't sure why they had started dating in the first place. Maybe it was because he was tired of being lonely, of yearning for something that seemed impossible back in the Delta Quadrant and because she was looking for someone to explore her humanity with.

Being home in the Alpha Quadrant changed all that. Suddenly there was no crew morale to think of, no more life and death decisions, and no Starfleet protocol. Everything and anything now seemed, oh so possible.

Funny he'd been so apprehensive about their homecoming. A bastardized ship consisting of Starfleet personal, traitorous Marquis, former borg drones, and a pain in the butt sentient hologram. And yet they'd all emerged as heroes. The marquis had been pardoned, and Seven and Ichabod were seen as survivors of horrors unimaginable(this attitude nourished by Capt. Picard who knew all to well what they had endured).

Admiral Paris had explained it this way, the Federation was still recovering from the very brutal and destructive Dominion war. A war whose ugly nature had caused some to question the ideals and existence of both the Federation and Starfleet. Starfleet needed heroes, heroes to remind everyone just what it and the Federation really stood for.

Janeway and her crew where made to order. Stranded 100 years from home they had banded together and done the impossible, returned in seven short years. And all the while following Starfleet protocols. Most of them anyway he thought to himself with a wry grin. So pardon's all around, feted all over town.

The crew had been housed here at one of the residencies at the Academy. Then as they'd been debriefed, crew members had drifted away to renew their old lives. Everything had been going better than he had imagined possible, until 3 days ago. With just the command crew left, the other shoe had dropped. The decision made regarding the Doctors sentience had been overturned upon appeal. They'd only learned of this when security had arrived to collect the Doctor and his mobile emitter. It had not been pretty. He'd been in his quarters reading when suddenly all hell broke lose.

He'd heard running in the corridors, B'elanna screaming Klingon curses like they were going out of style, and Seven saying in her patented menacing tone , all the more terrifying for it's very calmness, "to unhand the doctor or I will make you suffer in ways you couldn't begin to imagine."

He'd rushed down the corridor towards the lobby where the voices had gone. He entered the lobby to see Seven and B'elanna advancing towards four extremely nervous security personal holding the Doctor in front of them like some sort of holographic shield.

"Let the Doctor go" Seven repeated.

The guards obviously unnerved by the two hostile women warriors facing them, one a klingon in full blood lust and the other an unstoppable borg bent upon their destruction, gripped their phasers and aiming at the two women, made to fire.

"Stand down" Janeway shouted in her best Captains voice as she ran into the lobby.

"B'elanna took a deep shuddering breathe of air and halted her aggressive advance upon the guards.

The guards recognizing the voice of authority seemed to regain control of themselves.

Only Seven ignored Janeway and continued her advance upon the cornered guards. They in turn shifted both their focus and their phasers solely onto Seven.

"Seven" the Captain called more forcefully.

"Stop or we will fire" one of the guards, the squad leader Chakotay judged, warned.

Seven ignored him.

"Seven," cried the Doctor, "Stop, it's alright, I'm unharmed. Listen to the Captain. It'll be alright. I promise."

With that Seven stopped her relentless advance.

Chakotay knew then, that he and Seven or Annika (as he'd tried to get her to be) were never meant to be.

The Captain took charge in an effort to get to the bottom of this.

She first talked to the security officers who still maintained their grasp upon the Doctor. Than apparently not satisfied with their answers she used her communicator to talk to their superiors. Chakotay could tell by her mannerisms that the call was not going well. Finally she walked over to the talked to the Doctor and began a long conversation with him.

With a hug she left the Doctor and walked back to her crew. By now all of the remaining crew members had entered the lobby. They formed a semi-circle around the Doctor and his captors. They were awaiting their Captains orders.

As she walked back to them she knew if she gave the order they would attack the guards. Almost certainly the guards phasers were on stun. They could swarm the guards and free the Doctor but only temporally. She could tell her crew wanted to do it and damn the consequences but she knew that would gain them a hollow momentary victory at best.

Before she could even to begin to explain the situation to her crew, a squad of 12 more security personal in full battle gear arrived to surround the Doctor and his captors and proceeded to escort them out of the building.

In the background Chakotay could hear Harry whisper to Tom " Now that's overkill don't you think"

Tom replied, "Ah but you forget Harry, we're Janeway's Voyagers. I think they need another dozen. At least"

"We have to let them take him, for now," Janeway stated.

Seven started forward.

Janeway grabbed her. "Seven I'll get him back. I promise you."

"Captain," Tuvok questioned, "exactly what is the nature of the problem"

"The Admiralties ruling granting the Doctor sentient status has been appealed and overturned. Therefore Starfleet Security has quote "classified the EMH as part of Voyager's original equipment and confiscated the holographic program for further study and experimentation" unquote. His portable emitter being of 29Th century is also being confiscated pending further review."

"You are letting them get away with this" Seven raged.

Chakotay glanced at Seven. He'd seen her eyes the dispassionate ice blue of a borg, he'd seen the twinkle of hidden laughter in them as she'd teased her crew mates and he'd seen the stirring of passion in them as she'd started to explore her sensual side with him but he'd never seen her eyes full of such rage and fury. B'elanna at her worst could not come close .

"I have no choice Seven, but I'll promise you as I did the Doctor, I'll get him back," Janeway responded. "He's a part of our family, I'll get him back Seven"

"Three days Captain, I'll give you three days, then I take matters into my own hands."

With that pronouncement she turned and stalked back to her quarters.

He'd tried to call her later to check on her but she wouldn't answer his hails.

The next day he went with Janeway as she made her rounds of the Admirals trying to gain support for the Doctor's cause.

Tuvok ,spending most of his days undergoing treatment, had promised to see if he could learn anything from his old security buddies.

Tom had called his father the first night only to find out he'd been left out of the loop. Admiral Paris had a "conflict of interest".

They did have some good news the first day. They were allowed to visit the Doctor. When he'd commed to tell her the news Seven had raced out of the room before he could even finish his sentence.

Chakotay was sitting outside their residence with Kathryn, when Seven, Harry, Tom and B'elanna, carrying little Miral , came walking across the parade grounds from the nearby security centre where the Doctor was being held for study. Seven looked calmer today, he noted. Talking to the Doctor had obviously helped.

They came over and both groups exchanged information on what they'd learned. All talked except Seven who seemed to have slipped back into her borg queen persona. She just sat back and listened. She only spoke once. "Two days"She then left for her quarters.

B'elanna, Tom and Harry, soon followed.

"They're planning something," Kathryn stated as she drank her coffee.

"I wouldn't be surprised" Chakotay replied. "Do you want me to find out what?"

"No better we don't know. They'll keep an eye on her. They won't let her go to far"

Janeway paused, looked at Chakotay, started to say something else than stopped.

The second day was just as useless as the first. Everyone they talked to seemed just as surprised by the turn of events as Voyagers crew. They didn't know why the original decision had been overturned. No one they talked to could even explain what interest security could have in a medical hologram. It seemed most people they talked to wanted to help but that they couldn't overrule Starfleet Security, only the Federation Council could do that and they weren't scheduled to meet for another month.

When Chakotay and Janeway returned. They were met by a Seven wound up tighter then she'd ever been. Tom, B'elanna and Harry were also upset about something. Something they were keeping to themselves.

The third and final day of Seven's deadline was here and gone. No one could help. No one wanted to take on Starfleet Security.

Dreading what awaited them. Chakotay and Janeway returned back to their residency and to their separate quarters.

Chakotay to find a message informing him that Seven required his presence in the mess hall immediately upon his return.

Janeway to wait anxiously for what she did not know. She only knew that Seven did not bluff.

Suddenly "Chakotay to Janeway" came over her com.

"Captain, I've got a message from Seven to meet her in the mess hall. If she tells me of her plan what do you want me to do. "

"I don't know Chakotay" she said tiredly. "I just can't seem to get a handle on this situation. I've got this gut feeling that there's more going on here than anyone is willing to tell us. What it is I couldn't tell you. I'm tempted to let Seven carry out her plan whatever it is. At the very least it'll shake things up and may give us someone to aim at."

They then spent the next 15 minutes discussing possible scenarios and responses.

Chakotay then left for his meeting.

Sitting in her room, Janeway knew she had to trust her crew. Had to trust in Tom, B'elanna, and Harry to stop Seven from doing anything stupid.

She also spared a few thoughts for Chakotay. How was he taking all this. Was he hurt by Sevens sudden indifference to him. If he was he didn't show. "Ah" Chakotay she thought "what happened to us?"

Chakotay sat in the mess hall smiling as all that had happened in the last three days played through his mind. Yes for a man who has just been dumped, by the supposed love of his life, he felt very happy. The Admiral had changed the future in more ways than she thought.

Now the question was what was he going to do with this new future that now opened up before him and would a certain Captain be interested in sharing this future with him.

As for Seven's plan he still didn't know what it was, but he wasn't worrying about it about it anymore. Failure wasn't an option for her.

He realized now that he had never really knew her. He'd wanted her to be Annika Hansen, a normal human woman. Seven could never be just human. She was part borg in more ways than just implants. She'd spent most of her life as borg. Trying to deny that was like, B'elanna trying to deny her Klingon heritage. Like B'elanna, Seven to grow as an individual, had to fuse both aspects of herself into one person. Neither borg nor human but the best of both. He like the Captain had never seen that. Their goal had been to turn Seven into the woman she would have been without the borg. Only the Doctor, he thought, had seen that she could be so much more. Maybe that was why she loved him.

He spared a thought for the Doctor. "Oh my friend you have no idea what you're in for. You better hang on tight because they'll be no stopping her. But at least you'll know you have lived"

Starfleet Security was in for a nasty surprise. The shit was about to hit the fan now.

They'd pissed off the Captain. That was a mistake number one. You never pissed off a red-head. Starfleet had never seen the Delta Janeway in action, they had no idea what she could or would do to protect her crew.

They'd pissed off Voyagers crew. That was mistake number two. Seven years of isolation, of being surrounded by mostly hostile life forms of having only themselves to depend upon had brought Voyagers crew together closer than any other crew had ever been. Thus when word of the Doctors incarceration had spread. Former crew members had started calling in offering their services in what ever manner the Captain deemed best. As Chell had so succinctly put it "Starfleet can go kiss my big blue Bolian butt if they think they can treat one of our crew this way."

They'd pissed off Seven. That was mistake number three. She scared him, he admitted to himself. The anger and fear(for the Doctor) that he'd seen in her eyes, combined with the utter ruthless determination of her borg self made for a dangerous combination. In spit of that he believed that she was human and moral enough not to do anything she or they would regret. He prayed that no one at Starfleet Security had caused any harm to the Doctor, if they had, the only thing that could save them was Seven's Doctor inspired morality. Ironic as Tuvok would say.

He wished Seven good luck on her mission.

He almost felt sorry for Starfleet. They were about to learn that when it came to Voyager and her crew "resistence is futile".