Title : Three Mistakes part 3 "The Rescue"

Author: Ryan

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all rights to Star Trek Voyager& her crew.


The Doctor sat and absently examined his prison walls. It was a nice prison when compared to some he'd had the dubious pleasure of being confined in over his life. But the holo-emitters hid the truth. No matter how pleasant the appearance a prison is still a prison, and a condemned man is still a condemned man his inner self mocked him.

His program was going to be deleted tomorrow. The engineers studying his program hadn't even bothered to hide their orders from him. After all without his portable emitter, which they had whisked away as soon as they had downloaded his program , he was helpless.

The thought of death didn't frighten him so much as the manner of his death. He hoped they would do it while he was deactivated. He didn't want to be active when they started to decompile his program. To be conscious and aware as all he had become over these past seven years, was stripped away from him would be unbearable. To be aware as his mind kept getting smaller and smaller, as his knowledge of his accomplishments on Voyager, of his friends, of his goddaughter and of Seven, especially Seven, was ripped from him. That would be torture. Better by far just to be deactivated to never wake up again.

"Funny how things change," he thought, "A week ago I wouldn't have cared. Hell I would have pushed the delete button myself."

Looking back he realized that he'd given up hope.

He'd always been an optimist. A good doctor had to be. He could name at least 12 crew members who wouldn't be alive today if he hadn't kept on fighting for their life's long after all reasonable hope had been exhausted. But his personal hope had died when Admiral Janeway had told him of Seven's life and death in the old time line.

The Doctor realized then that his dreams were nothing more than that dreams. He'd always believed that he and Seven belonged together. That somehow they were meant to be. They were good friends, they could tell each other things they'd never dare mention to anyone else, they were both outsiders, human but yet not, and they were both better people together than apart.

He'd believed that and used it to smother the pain as he'd watched her dating Chakotay. It's alright he told himself, it's just a passing phase. Someday she'll realize that the only person who can give her the love she wants and needs is me, and I'll be here waiting.

He'd hung on to that belief even as he'd removed her implant. It had hurt seeing them together but he'd told himself this was nothing more than a schoolgirl crush, she'll grow out of it in a couple of months.

Then the admiral had arrived and destroyed his fantasy. Seven and Chakotay had been together for three years and they'd married.

That knowledge had killed all hope and with it his desire to live.

Oh, he'd tried to act happy when they reached Earth, but it was only an act. Every time she smiled at Chakotay, every time the two of them had touched he felt as if his matrix was being torn in two.

Oddly enough it had been Tom and B'elanna who'd given him his dream back..

Four days ago he'd been in their quarters checking on his goddaughter and her mother. As he'd handed Miral back to B'elanna, Tom had come up behind him and kicked him. It wasn't the kick so much that had shocked him as the terminal location of the kick.

Outraged he'd turned demanding an explanation.

"Doctor, that's from B'elanna and myself. If anyone deserves a swift kick in the ass it's you" Tom had answered forcefully. "B'elanna and I are tired of you moping around here feeling sorry for yourself. I know, we all know how you feel about Seven. You say you love her, you've loved her for years. Prove it. Fight for her love. I've seen you fight for so many different causes and so many different people but I've never seen you fight for Seven's love. Instead you've always stood back and suffered, in a not so noble silence. Fight for her love, Doc, it worked for me. It wasn't easy. There were some tough times but I made it and look at me now. I have now a beautiful wife and daughter."

The Doctor stared at Tom, then turned his gaze towards B'elanna she nodded her agreement with her husbands words. His eyes seemed to lose focus as he meditated on Tom's words.

"It's too late." he sighed.

"They're not married yet Doc." Tom replied.

"But what do I do?"

"Just be there Doctor," B'elanna counseled. "Spend time with her. Look, she already enjoys's your company and you both enjoy music, so invite her to an opera or to a musical. Do something. Show her that Chakotay is not the only option out there. You can't win her love if you're sulking in your lab."

The next day he'd spent sitting in his quarters thinking about what they had said . They were right, he'd expected Seven to hand her love to him, he'd never tried to earn it. Whenever things had gone wrong he'd hidden. No more, he was going to fight for her love, he may not win but at least he'd have tried.

Feeling better than he'd had for weeks, he'd left his quarters. First to thank Tom & B'elanna for their help and from their he intended to go see Seven. That had been his plan but his plans always seemed to go awry and no sooner had he arrived in the Torres-Paris rooms than Starfleet Security had appeared to drag him away.

Even that had not been enough to kill his newfound determination, in fact in one sense it had nourished his dream. For Seven's reaction as he'd been hauled away had both scared and amazed him. Her eyes had never left his that night. Those eyes, those beautiful blue eyes that were the mirror to her soul, told him so much and promised so much more.

Since then she'd visited him every day, but never alone. She was always accompanied by Harry, B'elanna Tom and Miral, his goddaughter. They would sit and they would talk of Janeway's attempts to get him freed. About which Admiral, the Captain was seeing today, and what yesterday's Admiral had said. They'd hinted at other less legal plans but fearing eavesdropping had said nothing. (He knew that every moment of his program's activation was constantly monitored from some booth hidden behind these holographic walls.)

Then they'd fill him in on the progress of Tuvok's treatment and as a special treat he would be allowed to hold his god-daughter. One time as he'd rocked little Miral, who seemed much too good natured a baby to be 1/4 Klingon, he'd glanced up to catch Seven watching them and smiling a soft gentle , wistful smile that had melted his heart.

He'd been given a second chance, and if by some miracle he got out of here he wasn't going to waste it. This time he wouldn't let his fears stop him. He'd tell her how he felt, he'd give her all those poems he'd composed, he'd deliver those flowers he'd never had the courage to send. He'd fight for her love and he would win it.

His silent reverie was broken by one of his nameless captors disembodied voice (they'd never bothered to introduce themselves to a holoram),"Doctor you have a visitor."

"Friend or foe?", he asked.

"Definitely a friend. I think you'll be pleased to see her."

The Doctor smiled as Seven walked into his cell.

"Well this is a pleasant surprise" he stated as he rose to greet her. " You're looking lovely tonight, though I am surprised that you're back in your unitard."he added with an appreciative grin.

"It serves it's purpose" she answered with her customary dryness.

"Ah, still the same old Seven, that I love," he quipped. Only to pause in horror as he realized exactly what he had said.

"Oh God," he thought "I've done it again. Note to self engage self censoring sub-routines before verbal processor."

Seven just smiled.

Trying to remove his foot from his mouth, a situation he was all too familiar with, the Doctor asked,"To what do I owe this honor?"

"I wondered if you'd like to dance?"

He stared at her in amazement. She returned his gaze calmly, only the ironic lift of her eyebrow betrayed the strangeness of her request. If she wanted to dance, he'd dance. There were worse ways to spend your last night on Earth, than dancing with the woman you love.

"Of course Seven, any particular choice of music?"

-Computer play "Someone to Watch Over Me" vocal by Ella Fitzgerald-

"You remembered," the Doctor whispered.

"Did you think I'd forget? It was the first song we danced to."

-Computer change setting to Empress Ballroom circa 1930's- he commanded.

Silently she slipped into his arms.

It was both heaven and hell for the Doctor. Heaven in that she was in his arms, hell in that she was in his arms, He could feel her body as she pressed against him. He could feel the warmth emanating from her body. Her hair worn loosely tonight brushed against his face each feather light touch sending ripples of electricity throughout his program. God he wanted her, seldom used sub-routines threatened to overpower him as long suppressed desires raged throughout his program.

"Doctor" she whispered into his ear, every breathe a caress. "Do you still love me?"

"With all my being." There was no point in hiding the truth anymore.

A small shudder went through her and her body, already impossibly close, seemed to melt even further into his arms.

"I was afraid. So afraid I'd driven you away. Whatever happens Doctor. Know that I love you."

Than before he could begin to react to her declaration, she continued, " We'll talk later, right now I need you to keep dancing. Our song is almost over."

He was in shock. He was a doctor he recognized the symptoms. He didn't know what to say or do so he just followed her instructions. He wanted to tell her he didn't have a tomorrow but something in her stopped him. To the casual observer she might look the same as she had seconds ago but he could feel her tense up. She was preparing for something. He knew not what.

Their song neared it's end, as it reached as it reached it's final notes, she whispered her instructions into his ear. Immediately the Doctor obeyed and turning flung Seven towards the concealed control booth.

The Doctor was a man not of flesh and blood but of light and force fields. Force field's so sensitive that his touch could be hundreds of times lighter than a feather or force fields so strong they could propel a woman through the air with enough force enough to break through a wall.

A normal woman being thrown with such force would be seriously injured but Seven wasn't normal. Her bones were reinforced by borg technology and her reflexes controlled by her implants were faster than any humans. Thus she was able to fold herself into a ball and let her reinforced bones and her unitard(made of a much stronger material than starfleet issued apparel) bear the burnt of the impact. The viewscreen wall through which she'd burst had not been designed to take this abuse. After all why reinforce the wall the holograms hid it from normal view, but not from borg ocular implants. Seven was about to show Starfleet exactly what a borg/human hybrid was capable of if pushed.

The two technicians in the room never had a chance. The technician manning the console never even knew what hit him as as she straightened and with a Vulcan nerve pinch rendered him unconscious. The second tech made to use her communicator but before she could make contact Seven incapacitated her with another nerve pinch. The borg had assimilated many Vulcans, from their memories she had knowledge of the technique, with Tuvok's training and Harry to practice on(Tom had volunteered him) she had soon mastered the procedure.

"Seven are you alright" the Doctor cried.

"I am unharmed. Listen carefully, time is of the essence. I'm going to deactivate your program then download it into my implant. Once that happens you will be in control of my body. We are on the fifth floor, proceed to the end of the hallway and take the lift to the main lobby. The exit is straight ahead walk out the main doors and then..." The doctor's eye's widened in admiration as she outlined the rest of her plan.

"Doctor" she added with a hint of laughter in her voice,"remember no cheesecake."

"I love you" were the last words he heard as his program was deactivated.

Seven felt the Doctor take control of her body. She was once more a passenger in her own body but there was a reward. She could feel/sense the Doctors every thought. She felt his love for her, it was raging fire that warmed her soul, she felt his enjoyment as he once again experienced human senses and she felt his determination to fight for them as he proceeded to walk her body out of the security building towards safety.

It was going so smoothly, they had just exited the security centre when the Doctor stopped. Her hearing, much more sensitive than a normal humans had heard the whispered comments of the two guards. She could feel his anger at their lewd comments, comments she'd become immune to over the years. "No keep going we're almost there," her mind screamed. But of course he could not hear her. "Doctor please we must continue, they're not worth it please." Finally as if in response to her pleas he continued towards their goal.

Now that the fear was gone she could she could once again enjoy sharing the Doctors', her Doctors', thoughts. He wasn't happy about walking away from those guards that much was clear.

He really wanted to go back and teach them some respect. He should know better than anyone that she could take care of herself. Still somehow it touched her that he felt this primitive urge to protect her. It was so like him.

She felt a strong urge to laugh as the Doctor's thoughts turned from outrage at the guards suggestion to a silent musing on the possibility of engaging in those activities with her.

"Soon my love' she thought. "Soon."

Finally she could see their goal ahead. Voyager.

It was a strange feeling being a passenger in your own body. The Doctor was being much more cautious than she would be. She'd told him there would be no guards in this area. There were only a half dozen guards and most were stationed around Voyagers outer perimeter. After all why guard the starship when all the hatches had been sealed and locked. All the hatches that they knew about. Seven had been startled when B'elanna had told about the secret entrance/exit. Apparently the ex-maquis engineer had built and hidden this hatch during her first year on Voyager, thinking that it might come in handy for the maquis crewmembers to have a secret entrance and exit. B'elanna had never told anyone about it till now.

"Yes ," she thought, "that's the right hull section. Now say the activation code, the sensors will hear you. Good." She knew he couldn't hear her thoughts but she felt better running through it with him, pretending that he could hear her thoughts.

She watched as a small section of the hull slid aside and a ladder descended.

"Quick Doctor up the ladder, Open the outer airlock door. Through the hatch. Retract the ladder. Close, seal and lock the hull back into place. Open the inner airlock door. Pull yourself(me) up into the ship. Close and lock the airlock doors. Now run to the turbolift. Deck five and sickbay. Run. Approach the terminal, extend my tubules now, download your program. I'll see you shortly my love.

Once again alone in her body Seven wasted no time in activating the Doctors program.

-Computer activate Emergency Command Hologram-

The Doctor firmed into existence. His normal medical uniform replaced by his command colours.

Immediately upon activation of his program he issued a string of orders to the computer.

-Transfer all command codes to me, activate all emergency generators, power up all shields, keep weapons off-line, and route all communication attempts to ECH-

-Activate "Gibralter" protocols- he ordered.

At Seven's puzzled look he explained that Gibralter protocols instructed the computer to consider Voyager a fortress under siege.

Satisfied that they were now secure, the Doctor stepped forward to grasp the smiling Seven in his arms.

"We're home" he said as his lips meet hers.