Me: Um its not me I swear

Naruto: Are you sure cuz I want more money in my contract

Me: naw man I'm getting no money for this


Me: Oi ok that was weird but they guys I need a vote on whether or not to keep Orochimaru loyal to the leaf or not since Sasuke's not avenger boy anymore send me your votes. I might bring Itachi back with him also.

Naruto hastily threw his right hand up to stop the kunai. It met his hand and the kunai broke on impact. Naruto struck the offender in the chest with an open tiger claw. The person flew back into a tree and then through it. Their body bounced before settling in a clearing. Naruto ran over and was about to finish his attacker before he got a good look at them. She had changed clothes but it was definitely the fake hunter-nin from the fight earlier. Naruto bound her in some chakra enhanced ninja wire and sat down against a tree and waited for her to wake up.

Hm well I wasn't expecting an attack out here. I shouldn't have let my guard down. Naruto looked up as the hunter-nin stirred awake. She opened her eyes wearily looking around. Seeing Naruto she immediately started struggling against her bonds cutting herself as she did.

"I wouldn't do that if you want to live." Naruto said simply giving her a bored expression. She gave him a confused expression. I'm surprised he hasn't killed me yet. The longer I get him to talk the more time I have to figure out how to get out of this. She nodded slowly and stopped struggling. Seeing she had calmed down for now Naruto pulled out a small green book and held it up for her to see.

"This is a bingo book. It's little gift from a friend of mine for my first mission outside of the village. See in here it says that Zabuza attempted to assassinate the Mizukage who had seemingly gone off his rocker and was ruining Kirigakure. See Zabuza's famous and very strong to have the nickname demon of the mist. It says that he usually runs with different accomplices and has been know to work with the demon brothers. I'm guessing you are that accomplice. It's amazing to have kept your name out of the bingo books running around with Zabuza." Naruto finished as he closed the bingo book. Haku looked at him impassively not betraying her true emotions. He must be dealt with before he causes further problems. Naruto held up his hand to calm Haku.

"I have no quarrel with Zabuza. I am here on a simple mission for my village but I do have a proposal for him. I know it can't be easy dodging hunters out for your head. I can Grant him amnesty if he joins my clan as a retainer. Konoha as one of its ninja's will protect him. In exchange I offer back to you the demon brothers who are in my care. What better way to sabotage a village that turned their back on you then by joining another hidden village." Haku's eyes widened. He must be bluffing. Naruto smiled a baring his fangs. He got up to walk away.

"Oh that wire will come off as soon as I am out of range. Oh and another thing you're probably already on your employer Gato's bad side for failing to kill the bridge builder don't be surprised if he tries to double cross you." Naruto said before fading into the tree line. As soon as he was gone the wire wrapped around Haku dropped. She immediately fled the area back to Zabuza's hideout. Meanwhile Naruto headed back to Tazuna's house to inform Kakashi of a possible alliance.

Tazuna's house

Naruto entered the house and was immediately bombarded by Kakashi with questions about him and Sasuke. Not wanting to answer them in front of Tazuna and Tsunami he dragged Sasuke up to their room with Kakashi hobbling behind them on his one crutch. After locking the door and sketching a seal into it Naruto sat down on the bed and waited for Kakashi to begin his interrogation. Sasuke sat in a corner sharpening his kunai watching the pair.

"Ok Naruto your completely not what I expected from reading your file so I need to know what it is that you've been learning since they don't seem to be normal ninja arts and what exactly are those gloves that Sasuke is wearing and what do they do." Kakashi said staring intently at Naruto.

"Well first" Naruto said holding up one finger." I've been learning alchemic arts and a bit of tech from my mom's old scrolls that she left me I talked jiji into letting me get them. " Naruto said as he pulled out an scroll.

"I've basically been combining alchemy with ninjutsu to make a whole new range of badass moves for me to pull of. I've also taking up the hobby of making armor and animating them like souls. At this Kakashi's face darkened. That didn't sound like something anyone should be tampering with.

"Naruto that's sounds like a very interesting usually puppetry is confined to Sunagakure." Kakashi said. Naruto nodded agreeing.

"I know right.. There are so many possibilites with alchemy and jutsu. The seals for alchemy work just like the seals for sealing I'm learning two things at once here check this out." Naruto pulled out a scroll bit his thump and smeared it over the seal. He laid it on the floor just before a poof of smoke appeared. When it cleared stood a full-grown shaggy grey wolf. Kakashi nearly fell out of his chair. Sasuke wasn't fazed at all as he had seen Naruto work on that very wolf before.

"Calm down its not real sensei well not entirely. I made it " Naruto said as it knocked on the wolfs head.


"It' basically an animated wolf armor. I either find a dead animal in the forest of death and skin it or I buy a pelt. I make the armor to fit it and then I draw a seal on it." Naruto opened the wolf's mouth to show a blood red seal on it.

"I infuse my chakra into the blood seal and so it runs of my chakra and I control it. It can actually move on is own. It's pretty epic." Naruto exclaimed like a happy child with his first crayon drawing. Kakashi was lost in though as he remembered how his sensei used to act when he came up with new seal after seal that Kakashi couldn't even comprehend. Naruto was like the second coming of his sensei. No Naruto is coming into is own and will be his own ninja.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI" Naruto yelled snapping his fingers in front of Kakashi's face. Kakashi shook his head of his thoughts and looked around. The wolf was gone presumably sealed back into its scroll.

"You ok sensei" Naruto asked looking worried. Kakashi nodded and looked at Sasuke who also looked genuinely concerned.

"Yea- Yea I'm fine go on Naruto." He said nodding slowly. Naruto said back on the bed and glanced at Sasuke who gave him a slight nod.

"Ok well um moving on. Well Sasuke's gloves are um how to explain it. These gloves create a spark when Sasuke rubs his fingers together and allow him to manipulate the concentration of oxygen in the air surrounding his target, raising its density to a level at which it becomes combustible and creating narrow pathways of oxygen through which he can direct the ensuing flame birthed by the spark. The 'snap' sound is caused by the instantaneous speed at which the gases and sparks react together and pop but with the addition of my own chakra seals he can turn them into fire jutsu. If he can't do it through hand seals the gloves won't fire right. He still has to work. I hate fucking lazy asses.

" Naruto concluded. Kakashi just stared at the boy awestruck.

Here was the supposed dead last of the academy explaining things Kakashi couldn't even fathom. He'd seen some of the works of alchemy when he was on the battlefield with his mother Kushina but Naruto seemed to be completely enhancing everything Kushina and Minato-sensei had ever learned and at such a young age combining them in a way only their son culd..

"Naruto you are simply amazing. You've made a lot of headway with your mothers scrolls in such a short time Kushina would be truly proud of you." Kakashi said giving a truly heart warming eye smile to Naruto. Sasuke snickered in the corner as Naruto's eyes swelled up with tears. I always wondered if my parents would be proud of me for what I've done in my life. Naruto nodded his thanks to Kakashi before pulling out another scroll this one much smaller then the one his mom had left him. He tossed it to Kakashi who caught it and opened it. As he read over it Kakashi's eyes widened. He looked up at Naruto uncertain. Naruto nodded at him.

"Yea it's real he was meaning give it to you before he died apparently. You really were his prized student. I guess It was left in mom's scrolls because he figured id be able to get to hers first or something I don't know but if you show it to jiji I'm sure he could do it or have Jiraiya of the Sannin do it. How much chakra that damned Sharingan draws has to have been a kick in the nuts. Now you can get it fixed." Naruto said.

Kakashi was in tears. His sensei had been working on a seal to stop the massive chakra drain from his transplanted Sharingan. He had just finished it not long before the Kyuubi attacked and didn't have the chance to give it to him. Naruto and Sasuke let him think in peace both understanding what it meant to have something left behind to them from a loved one. For Naruto it was his mothers scrolls for Sasuke it was his mission on rebuilding his clan and its status as noble loyal ninja of the leaf.

"Kakashi there's something I need to tell you about the mission." Naruto said. Kakashi looked up and steeled his emotions giving Naruto his full attention. What surprises could this boy have next?

"Go on" Kakashi said. Naruto nodded before leaning back and scratching his head.

"I talked to that fake Hunter-nin that is working with Zabuza. As far as I can tell it's the one they call name as his accomplice in the bingo book." He said as he held up his book. I would ask him how he got that since only upper class chuunin have access to them but it would be a waste of time.

" Did you find out anything about when Zabuza might be attacking again? Is the hunter Nin dead? Did you capture him?" Kakashi asked quickly.

"Yea Zabuza's only taking the job for the money he has no real stake in it. We honestly don't really need to fight him if we can get him to drop the job. This guy Gato sounds like a total dick so in the case of that happening I offered him a place with us in Konoha. What better way to sabotage one village then by having it's one of it's most renown missing Nin joining another with a bunch of juicy secrets and manpower in tow." Naruto said.

"Naruto while I see the credit in that if it works there's no guarantee Zabuza will join us and if it comes down to a fight we will have to kill him and his friend." Kakashi said. Naruto gave a disgruntled look but agreed. Kakashi looked at Sasuke who was still idly sharpening his Kunai.

"Well if that's all I believe we need to start training I'm going to grab Sakura and you two meet me down stairs." Kakashi said as he hobbled downstairs. Naruto glanced at Sasuke who looked at him. They locked eyes and neither of their gazes wavered until Sasuke smirked.

"You know that wall of fire was badass." He said. Naruto chuckled and nodded.

"So badass man. " Naruto said as they got up and walked downstairs. Kakashi was already waiting with a silent Sakura. She refused to look at either of them as they all walked outside. Filthy monster tainting my Sasuke-kun. I'll get rid of him soon enough. Yes yes we will. They will all see what a monster he is and we will be heroes for bringing him down. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. No one was aware of the scheming going on inside of Sakura's twisted mind. After finding a decent clearing Kakashi pointed at a set of three trees.

"Hm well Sasuke and Naruto already know the water walking exercise so I'll assume you can both climb trees correct." Kakashi asked eliciting a nod from the two.

"Pft you call this training Kakashi anyone can climb trees." Sakura said with a sneer. Kakashi's gaze immediately turned cold.

"It's Kakashi-sensei to you genin. Now I may have been a bit overly harsh earlier but I will not tolerate ill will towards any member on this team from another. You are a member of this team and a ninja of the village hidden in the leaves. You can remain on this team if you can act like you're on one I don't need any of you getting killed because of the recklessness of another. And this exercise is about climbing trees with your chakra no hands allowed it is meant to build chakra control so you will do this exercise as instructed or is that to hard for you Sakura." Kakashi said he threw a kunai in front of Sakura. Filthy traitor acting like he's trying to teach teamwork. He just wants to protect the monster. Yesssss he just wants to keep an eye on you. He doesn't want you telling anyone about his cooperation with that monster child. Sakura kept quiet as she grabbed the kunai and managed to run up the tree in one go.

"That wasn't hard Kakashi-Sensei" She said the last part in a singsong voice. Kakashi gave her a slight glare before eye smiling.

"Good job Sakura. Now keep practicing to increase your reserves." Kakashi said. He turned and looked at Naruto and Sasuke who were having a very intense staring contest. Sasuke's eyes were watering while Naruto just looked bored. Eventually Sasuke cried out and blinked.

"Goddamn you fucking bastard. I will win one day and you will bow to me." Sasuke yelled shaking his fist at a laughing Naruto as he blinked his eyes continuously. Kakashi sweat dropped at the two boys.

"Um well as fun as you two are to watch we need to seriously train. Hmm You both seem to have excellent chakra control so lets check your elemental affinities. Now this is only meant for those that have made it to chuunin but you'll never get anywhere as a ninja if I hold you back. Just don't tell people about it and don't use elemental manipulation in plain sight of other people." Kakashi said sternly giving the boys the 'eye'. They paused briefly before nodding. Kakashi pulled out two small sheets of paper and handed them to Naruto and Sasuke.

"Now just-" He was cut off as the boys flared their chakra. As usual for an Uchiha, Sasuke had an affinity of fire and a slight doton (earth) affinity. Naruto now he was a true surprise. He had the rare wind affinity like his dad but also a lightning affinity. In one way the boys complimented each other. Wind made fire stronger but earth and lightning are natural opposites. This might be a bit funnier then I thought. Kakashi started showing Sasuke and Naruto some of the more basic element jutsu he knew. He started off showing Sasuke his Doton Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (inner decapitation skill). It was a basic jutsu that allowed the user to hide underground and surprise his opponent by pulling them under ground. He showed Naruto the Kaze hatsubai-bi: Shin no kaze-jutsu. On a low lever it created miniature tornados no taller then Naruto. With more practice they could take the skills to the full potential. Hopefully if he could straighten out the headache that was Sakura they could have an all-star team. Yes Sakura was going to be a problem. She really seemed to hate Naruto and he couldn't let her spread nasty rumors of his actions that might spike more assassination attempts. Hopefully it wouldn't go that far but there were always chances, Hell Naruto still had his own tricks up his sleeve and

Probably wouldn't settle for just running away anymore. Kakashi shook his head at his dilemma. He'd already shown his hand with the outburst back in the forest and had most likely alienated the girl. Kakashi looked around at his team. Naruto was bashing trees with mini tornados, while Sasuke tried disappearing into the ground he was currently only getting up to his kneecaps which made it look like he was being pulled into the ground. Sakura was running up and down her tree with she was slowing down with each run as her reserves started emptying. After awhile he called break. It was late after noon. Sakura had long succumbed to chakra exhaustion but the boys were still going. Naruto flopped down on his stomach as Sasuke fell on his back.

"Quite a workout there boys. You guys seem to have a decent grasp on the basics of your respective jutsu's" Tomorrow u guys can go with Tazuna to the bridge while I work with Sakura." Kakashi said as he leaned against a tree. They both grunted individually.

"Don't stay out too long you're on guard duty tomorrow." Kakashi said as he hobbled back to Tazuna's house. Eventually Sasuke stood and looked over at Naruto.

"You coming dobe." He said smirking slightly. Naruto flicked him off and waved him away. Sasuke chuckled and waved him away. Naruto waited until he felt his chakra signature disappear into the house before calling out.

"I assume since you didn't kill us that Zabuza likes my offer." The fake hunter-nin dropped out of the tree line across from Naruto.

"Zabuza-sama wishes to meet you."

"Can I get your name first" Naruto said barely lifting his head. The nin stiffened a bit before relaxing.

"My name is Haku. Come Zabuza-sama is impatient." Haku said as she turned around.

"Two things first. If this is a setup you can bet I'll still walk out of there alive. Next you hide the fact that you're a girl very well". Haku kept walking in stride not flinching.

"What gave it away" she asked. Naruto chuckle and tapped his nose although she couldn't see it.

"You smell like lavender and lilacs. No self respecting guy would smell like that." He laughed as he got up and followed her.

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