(A/N: Well, this is a companion piece to "Cell Phone." I guess you don't have to read that first, but you should. It's not that long. So, if anyone was wondering what Fiyero was thinking during "Cell Phone," here you go. Enjoy!"


"Galinda, would you like to go out with me tonight?" Fiyero asked into his black cell phone.

"Of course!" Galinda answered on the other end. "I'd love to go out with you, Fiyero!"

"You're too cute," Fiyero said.

"No, you're too cute!" Galinda insisted. Fiyero wasn't sure how he could tell, but he somehow knew that Galinda was tossing her hair as she said that.

"So…what are you doing?" he questioned, a smile on his face.

"Oh, just thinking of you," Galinda squealed. "What are you doing?" Fiyero could tell that she had just tossed her hair again.

Then, there was an odd silence, the sound of Galinda protesting faintly, and Elphaba's voice. "Sorry, Fiyero," she said in a voice far too sweet for the green girl. "Galinda is temporarily unavailable right now." Before Fiyero could express his confusion, he was hung up on. Fiyero opened his mouth in surprise. No one hung up on Fiyero the Winkie Prince!

"Well," Fiyero muttered. "That was strange."

Boq glanced up from his book at his roommate. "Thank Oz you're finally off that stupid phone," he sighed. "Now I can finally have some peace and quiet."

"Shut up."

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