Kisha looked at her brothers then looked out the window to see the object of the latest lecture that they had given her. Dean and Sam hated her new boyfriend that she had made in this armpit of a town they lived in now. Dad was on a job in the next town which meant I was on lock down by my brothers. "Dean you go out all the time. It is Friday night it's not a school night. What's the issue here? It's just a movie. Please let me go. I will be back before you know it. Please." I turned on my puppy dog eyes hoping to get my way.

"NO! No and that is final. I know what your boyfriend wants and he is not getting it on my watch." Dean said.

"AWWWW God Dean. Just cause you are a horn dog does not mean every man is. Just look at Sam. His never been that kinda guy, he loves a girl for her mind not her body. He never goes past second base. Dante is just like him only cooler and better looking." I winked at Sam as he turned red.

"Kisha you know Dante is in a gang. So the answer is No. Now go to your room."

"Damn it Dean you're not my Father!" Dean grabbed my upper arm and turned me to my room.

"You will listen to me and that is that! When Dad is gone I'm in charge I AM the oldest. Now! No dates tonight, and if you try and sneak out again I will turn you over my knee. NOW BED!" He yelled as he shoved me into my room with a little more force than he needed to use.

Kisha spun and kicked the door that was not closed yet, "I hate you JERK! I'm 16! I will do what I damn well please just like you did, ya big ASSHOLE."

Tears rolled down her face as she turned to lay down on her bed. Why can she not go out on a simple date, it's not like anything supernatural is going to happen. She knew that most likely it was because Dean just didn't like Dante, add to that little fact that Dante had liked her and that was all Dean needed to hate the boy. Kisha knew that Dean was just being his usual over protective self with her, but she needed room to breathe. Sam usually took her side in things but tonight both of them teamed up on her. She just wanted to see the movie. She finally cried herself to sleep after a while.

Dean looked at Kisha's door as he heard her rant to no one. He understood why she was so angry with him. With Dad out on a hunt he was the one that had to keep the younger ones in line. He knew that Dante was trouble, the boy was an ass and in a gang to boot. Why did girl's always have to go for the bad boys. It worked for him he loved the fact that girls when for him. But Kisha was a different story. He wanted her to date someone like Sam a nice geeky boy that was safe not a bike riding punk. He walked to his room that he shared with Sammy.

"She mad at you now?"

"Yes! She will be better in the morning. She just can not go out with a normal boy, Dad would kill me if he knew that she had gone out with him when she did. I swear you two are going to be the death of me." Dean growled as he lowered himself to the ground.

Dante pulled his Kawasaki ZX-9 R Ninja Into the back of the motel where he knew Kisha was staying. He knew that her brothers had put her on lock down when she failed to meet him at the movies. They had been sneaking around with each other for the last month. He knew her brothers hated him and made a point of trying to keep them apart but he and Kisha found ways around them. He had known that he wanted to get to know her as soon as he had saw her climb out of the back of that Chevy Impala, man that car was tight. She was all legs and long hair just like he liked them. The two guys that were with her stood close to her in a body guard kinda way. The taller of the two boys looked like trouble, brown leather jacket, spiky hair, and a do not fuck with me attitude. The thinner kid was the same height as the new girl and looked like a nerd, so Dante just brushed him off.

He waited till lunch to talk to girl who was a lower classman and did not share any of his classes. But he did have the older brother, in three of his classes. The guys name was Dean and he seemed as happy to be in school as Dante. When the girl entered the lunch room she looked around and spotted Dean sitting with Sally Richardson the head cheerleader and rolled her eyes and looked around till her eyes fell on the younger boy. He was sitting by himself on the far side of the room. She walked up to him and sat down. Dante waited till she was settle then he grabbed a tray and walked over, "Mind if I seat here?"

'No go ahead, it's a free room." The Boy replied. "Sam be nice, he only wants to sit with us. Hi, my name is Kisha and this little ball of sun shine is my brother Sam."

"Dante, Nice to meet you. So where are you guys from?"

" Everywhere" Sam said. Kisha reach out and popped Sam in the back of the head.

"We just moved our dad got a new job here so he dragged us along. Same thing just a different city." Kisha smiled up at Dante. She was checking out his long black hair and lovin the way it fell in soft waves around his strong jaw.

"I know the feeling. I'm an army brat so moving was all we did. Dad dragged me all over the place, even when I begged to be left behind. Makes it a little hard to make and keep friends. Then he moved here and decided to set down roots in the most boring town in the US."

"Well guess you are as screwed as we are." Sam rolled his eyes at Dante.

"Dante would you like to sit somewhere else. My brother is gonna be a baby today, aren't ya Sammy?" Sam just glared at his sister, "Its Sam." He growled.

"Love to, follow me." Once they had walked to the other side of the lunchroom Dante pointed to some tables outside.

"Want to go outside for a while. It will be a little less crowded and you can wear my coat if you get cold." Kisha smiled up at him and followed him to the picnic tables outside.

Dean looked up from his table to spot Sammy sitting with their sister, so he when back to the charming Sally . When he looked up again he saw Sammy sitting in the same spot, but Kisha was missing. Dean let his green eye roam the room and still he did not see his sister. Then he looked outside to see her walking off with some guy. Dean stood up and walked toward the doors leading outside to the picnic area. Damn Kisha why do you always go for the Dicks? Dean could tell the guy Kisha was talking to was Dante a guy in his classes. Dean had not like the guy as soon as he saw him, he just was not sure way. Maybe it was because the guy was 3 years old than his little sister yet the guy could not keep his eyes off her. Once outside Dean yelled out to Kisha, "Hey Kisha, you need to get your ass back inside now."

Kisha rolled her eyes at Dean. "Dante this is my older brother Dean as you can see he's an ass."

Dante just laughed at the statement. He looked at the older brother and just grinned. "Dude chill I was just talking to her. It is not a crime and I think she is old enough to think for herself. Hey Kisha would you mind if I took you home today?"

Dante knew that by asking her, he would piss off her brother. Now all he had to do was get her to say yes. Kisha looked at him and tried to think of a way to tell him no when Dean changed her mind. Dean reached out grabbing her upper arm and pulled her behind himself.

"She's already got a ride. I'll be taking my sister home Asshole. You just stay away from her."

Kisha stared open mouthed at Dean what in the HELL was wrong with him. He never treated her like this and never in front of some guy. Her blood started to boil.

"Dean I will do want I want to do." Twisting our of Dean's hold she turned to Dante, "I would love to have you take me home Dante. What kind of car do you drive I will meet you after last period."

Dante smirked, "Hope you like Bikes. I have a 1994 Kawasaki ZX-9 R Ninja. You like to ride?

I have an extra helmet if you do." Kisha knew Dean was going to be mega pissed at her but God she just wanted to get back at him. "Sure I will meet you after last class, near the front lot."

"The Hell you will. Now get your ass back inside….. NOW Kisha!"

"Fuck you Dean. You are not Dad ya know!" Kisha glared at her brother. Looking into his eyes he saw that she had push him as far as she could without cause him to fly off the handle. Knowing that it was hopeless to fight with Dean she when back inside to tell Sam that she had to get back to class.

Dean was so about to kill his sister. He looked at Dante, "Look Dude, I know what you are trying to do and it just won't work. Leave my sister alone, and just walk away and you get to keep all your body parts in a nice working order. What do you say? We got a deal?"

"You know I think she likes me. This town has no new blood in it and all the other girls are so boring. So no I think your sister is going to be a lot of fun getting to know. I like her. Plus she has a tight little body and I know I am going to like getting to know that. What? Is that problem Dean? You not like your sister hooking up with a guy just like you?"

Dante laughed as he walked away, knowing that Dean was just spoiling for a fight right now. Before he walked into the building he turned and looked at Dean winking, "See ya in Class Dean."

Dean wanted to kick the shit out the guy. God this guy was bad news and he knew it. With Dad out of town he was in charge and he had to keep them safe. Kisha just wanted some freedom and he understood that he did. It was just that she was the only girl in a house full of male hunters. She could not move without one of them wanting to know what she was doing. They worried about her because of what was out there, not just the supernatural stuff. With her the family worried about whacked out perverts that might think they could get their hands on her, jerks like Dante.

God she is so going to fall for him, just to make us crazy, he just knew it. How am I going to keep her away from him without handcuffing her to the bed? He is going to play this Billy badass thing to the hilt. He knew he had played it a time or two just to get a little, it was fun. But right now being on the other side of act was so not fun. God how am I not going to kill this guy if he is in more of my classes. Dean bowed his head filling a headache starting to build. Man the next three weeks are going to be fun till dad gets home.

After the final bell rang Kisha knew she had to avoid Dean. He would never let her ride a bike home, let alone one that Dante was driving. She ran to her locker but saw that Sam was waiting by it. The little Shit always took Dean's side in a fight. She knew he would try and make her go to the Impala and that just was not going to happen today. They will kill me but God he is just so Cute and I just want to be normal just for one day is that too much to ask? She turned and ran right into Dean.

"Let's go now Kisha. You've had a busy day of ducking me all afternoon. Don't even think about running you know I'm faster." MAN she hated that smartass grin he had went he knew he had won and that she or Sam had no other moves left to them. Sighing her discontent she followed her brothers to the car. As they neared the car she noticed a sleek black bike parked next to the Impala, Kisha heard Dean growl and Sam just stepped in front of her.

"You know Dante I already told you she is not going anywhere with you. Now just move on and let us get in the car and go home." Dean ranted at the Helmeted biker.

The biker just gave Dean the finger which was all he needed to flare his temper. Dean reached out and grabbed the biker by the lapels of his jacket, and pull him off his bike. Ripping the helmet off the rider Dean stumbled back, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?"

The red haired biker smiled at the stunned Winchesters, "My name is Talon asshole, who are you?" Looking over dean's head he Yelled, "Have fun Dante, see ya later."

The boys had never noticed Kisha slowly backing away from them. She had spotted Dante moving closer to her from the upper level. Covering her mouth to quiet the giggles she ran toward him. She had just reached his bike and was holding the helmet that was given to her when she heard someone call out to Dante.

Turning she saw a red faced Dean and a shocked Sam who was looking from her to Dean shaking his head. "Kisha you BETTER NOT GET ON THAT BIKE. OR SO HELP ME I'LL KILL YOU!"

Biting her lower lip she looked at Dean and thought about not getting on the bike, then she thought "OH hell you only live once. Might as well have fun before he kills me, at least it's not dad yelling at me."

Pulling on the helmet she yelled at Dante, "I hope your fast cause if he catches you, he will beat the shit out of you. Plus he is going to kill me so let's make this fun please." As a reply Dante just revved the motor. Once she was on and holding on tight he popped the clutch and did a wheely down the street. Kisha laughed as she wrapped herself tighter to him to keep from falling off.

Sam sat quietly in the impala listening to Dean curse the whole way home. Sam was trying to think of a way to tell their dad that Dean had killed Kisha in a fit of rage, Cause Sam knew that he was going to be down one sister when Dean got his hand on her. Back to the way it was before they picked her up after her father was killed.

John had wanted to raise her to protect her as her father had asked him to do. So from then on Sam and Dean had thought of her as a sister a very evil, pain in the ass sister! Maybe dean will just wait and let Dad kill her, But that guy Dante he was toast. Nothing to be done about that now, just had to hide the body after it was done. It would be a simple salt and burn for Dean after that. Sam laughed at his thoughts which cause Dean to turn on him.

"What the hell is so funny Sammy? You think it's funny that our sister is on a Freaking Death trap with a nut job right now. Man when I get my hands on him. I'm gonna rip his arms off. If he touches her…… GRRRRRR….. I am so gonna kill him."

Kisha laughed as they pulled up to the motel that was home for the next few weeks. "thank you Dante. That was so much fun. But you better get out of here. If my brothers catch you they will kill you right now. Plus my dad is a nightmare over me so I will see you at school sometime. I would really like to get to know you and you seem like you might be able to make Dean nuts and have fun doing it."

"Your Brothers are just looking out for you. I understand that. You are just so beautiful," he ran his hand down her cheek, "I would want to keep you locked up to if you were my sister. But since your not, I think I will be the monster trying to steal the princess, if you don't mind."

"No I don't mind at all."

"Good" Dante leaned into her and gently kissed her lips as he heard the powerful V8 roar up. "That would be my cue to leave." He winked at her before he pulled on his helmet, kicked his bike off and tore out of the lot just as Dean was running up to grab at him.

"Son of a Bitch he's fast." Turning on his sister he grabbed her and pushed her inside the motel. "You inside NOW! I am so going to turn your ass red for you."

"You would not dare. I will tell Dad if you try."

"Yeah. I want to be there when you try that one. Gee Dad Dean spanked me because I ran off after school with some random biker guy from my school. I just knew you would be on my side and be mad at Dean. Because I made such great choices."

"Damn it Dean it was just a ride home. I'm fine. See I am not hurt. God he is just a guy. I like him dean is that a crime. I just want to go on a date just for once. I'm Sixteen Dean and I have never been on one date. For Pete's sake Sam has been on a date and I have not."

"Hey! Leave me out of it. You two want to kill each other fine. Plus Kisha you have been on dates. You when out with Seth to the fair and to the movies."

"Oh Sam I did not know that having your brothers tail you around and sit behind you in the movies counted as a date. I can date who ever I want to and there is nothing you two can do about it." Kisha ranted.

"What the Hell do you think you are doing DEAN YOU stay away from me. SAM!!!! HELP! Dean I am so telling DAD!' Kisha screamed as she ran from her oldest brother as he came at her. She knew he would never spank her for real. But when he got mad it was scary!

When Sammy joined end she ended up pinned to the floor and tickled for scaring her brothers. Which led her to now Looking out her window at the boy she wanted to go out with and the door that held her brothers at bay.

"Dean, I'm going to bed now ass hat leave me alone till dad gets home." She yelled at the door as she placed pillows in her bed to make it look like her sleeping in case Dean did check in on her.