The shifter carries the beaten girl to the tunnels below the city, so close to her family and yet miles away from them. He tosses her to the ground grabbing the chains that will hold her to the floor until her brother gets here. It licks the blood from her face as she stirs on the floor, the sounds of the chains dragging on the stone floor filling the room.

Her eyes blink and then go Large as she finally see where she is at, "Welcome to your New home Kisha! You like the new pad." The shifter twists his head so that she can get a good look at her boyfriend's face. "Dante really did like you. He wanted tonight to be something nice for you. But you should have heard him scream when you ripped his throat open, he drown in his own blood."

Kisha sobbed as she heard what happened to Dante. "Why did you kill him? What do you want with me?"

"It's not you that I want little one. I want your father. He is the one that will pay for what he has done to me. You my pet are just bait, Now which of your brothers should I bring down here with you?"

"No. Leave them alone!"

"But you see I have to take one of them. How else will my plan work? You just ran off with your punk boyfriend to get back at Daddy now I need one of the boys so that I can take their place with dear old daddy. Dean or Sam? Sam or Dean who should it be. I know…"

Kisha lays her head back as she tugs at the chains that are holding her to the floor of the room. The shifter changes so that it looks like her, then using her cell to make a call.

A hand covers her mouth as the shifter starts to fake whimper and cry into her phone. She fights it with all she has desperate to warn her family.

"What the HELL do you want?" She can hear Dean's tinny voice over the speaker, and then she watches as the shifter sets its trap for Dean.

" D….Dean…help me…(sobs) Dante tried….. I..fought…..Plea….please Dean come and get me…. I thought I wanted….but then I said No and he …. Dean Please…Please come and get me.." The shifter pours on the broken voice and sobs as if scared for its life. It watches the girl pinned under it, her eyes screaming at it, thrashing her face from side to side to try to free her voice from under his hand.

"Kisha you have to keep it together. Are you safe? Where are you and I will be there as soon as I can. Just tell me where you are." Dean's voice is on the edge of panic yet calm. Kisha lets the tears fall as she listens to her oldest brother try and calm her down, even after all she had done to earn his anger.

" I ra…ran away from him Dean. He followed me, I am in the old barn that you and Sally when to. You know the one you told me to never go to. I'm sorry Dean I was just so mad at you for calling me a whore. I'm not!!!! He said… Please come Dean…before he finds me again…. Please." The shifter begs, grinning the whole time.

"Kisha stay on the phone with me. I will be there in less than 10 minutes. Just talk to me."

"Please hurry Dean…. I'm scared" the shifter broke into sobs and for the next few minutes all that could be heard was the shifters sobs and Dean's cooed words trying to sooth her.

"Where are you Dean are you close?" The shifter lifts his body from Kisha's as he hears Dean tell him where he is. Kisha sees the evil glint in its eye and wonders what it's planning.

She doesn't have to wait long to find out, as the shifter, screams into the phone. "Dean!!! He's here! He found me, NO….. Get off me…… Please Stop…… DEAN!!!!!" The shifter reaches for a lighter that rest on top of the nightstand, flipping it on he brings the flame to her side and holds it there. Kisha screams under the hand as the flame burns her side.

The shifter lifts his hand as the second scream builds in her; the last thing Dean hears before the phone is shut off is the sound of his baby sister screaming in pain.

The shifter looks at her pain clouded eyes. "The screams are always better when they come from the real McCoy. I have to go now. We do not want to keep Dean waiting now do we?"