Title: Percy is a fan
Character: Percy Weasley
Rating: PG
Prompt: Enthusiasm
Word Count: 107
Beta: Not betaed!
Warnings: Bisexual!Percy
Summary: Percy hates Quidditch...right?
A/N: Inspired by prongsxwormtail's drabble, Weasley Enthusiasm (.com/weasley_#cutid1). Originally written for weasley_100.

Percy is a fan

Percy was never a Quidditch enthusiast. No news there. Everybody knew he didn't see the point in spending hours under horrible weather conditions...and in the air! Oh, don't make Percy start talking about the height and speed. You will never see the end of it...

However, there's one thing Percy loved about the sport: players. He loved how the boys' muscles stood out with their tight grip on the broomstick. He loved how the girls' hair flew everywhere as they did a sharp turn. Oh, and the butts! The best part. Boys and girls' butts all tightly confined in those tights...

Yes. Percy Weasley did love Quidditch.