G1 Verse

Grimlock versus the Mistletoe

Grimlock approached the festive shrub with the curiosity of a sparkling.

First he looked at it, wondering how such a small thing could hold such power over mechs and femmes that they felt compelled to kiss one another beneath it. Next he transformed into his Dino-mode and took in its scent, thinking that if he inhaled enough of the fragrance he to would experience its strange power.

When nothing happened, Grimlock concluded that he must be too powerful to succumb to the mistletoe and that it was his responsibility to protect his fellow Autobots. So, he ripped it down with his mouth and started chewing on it with the intent to destroy it.

"Grimlock, spit it out," Wheeljack laughed.

"No. Autobots in danger. Me Grimlock will protect them."

"It's harmless, just a shrub hung during the Christmas Season. A token where people give thanks and their appreciation often expressed with a kiss."

"It not have special powers?"

"Nope," Wheeljack replied, shaking his head.

"It's just a plant, Grimlock," Hound added, joining the two after seeing what happened. "Like a tree, only smaller."

"Oh," Grimlock exclaimed and then spat out the mistletoe before walking away.

"Yuck, Grimlock!" Hound shuddered, picking up the ejected, now slimy shrub off the floor. "No one wants to kiss under mistletoe with Dino-slobber all over it!"

"At least that's better than stepping on Dino-dodo if he'd actually eaten it," Wheeljack commented.