I'm going to try and get a few more out before Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!

Optimus and Elita – Take one

Optimus casually strode over to his sparkmate's side, holding the organic branch behind his back.

"Why are you grinning?"

"How can you tell I'm grinning? I've got my mask on."

"I can see the mirth in your optics, lugnut."

"Can't a mech be happy his femme is visiting during the Christmas Holidays?"

"You're still going to have to explain to me about this Christmas Holiday thing."

Optimus' optics brightened. Perfect!

"Well, there are many traditions," he smiled warmly, retracting his mask. "One of my favorites comes to mind."

"What's that thing in your hand?"

"It's called a mistletoe and when you're standing under it someone has to kiss you," he answered, holding the branch above her head.

"Optimus, I'm not kissing you in public and on the Command Deck."

"Its tradition and bad luck if you don't," he pressed on, wrapping an arm around her waist, gently pulling her closer. "You don't want to offend our human friends do you?"

Elita glanced over to see the two human males, Spike and Sparkplug. She'd never seen humans before but she could swear the two men were trying not to laugh. She narrowed her optics suspiciously at Optimus.

"Please Elita…for me?" Optimus requested, using that tone she could never resist.

"Very well," she purred, snuggling up.

Optimus didn't hesitate to dip his head down and captured the sweet, metallic taste of her lips with his. A moment like this didn't happen but once in a millennium so he was taking full advantage of it by deepening the kiss. This of course inspired the others to cheer and whistle for their Prime and his mate.

Elita blushed slightly once he pulled away. The others noticed the hazed looking in her optics and laughed which only made her blush brighter.

"I'll see you later, promise," he purred, releasing his hold on her, while nuzzling his nose against her.

"I'm holding you to that promise," she smirked then left to room.

"Optimus you sly dog! I didn't think you had that in you!" Spike commented once they femme was gone.

"Yeah, Optimus," Sparkplug chuckled. "You'd better hope that Elita doesn't find out you duped her into kissing you under a small tree branch and not the mistletoe!"

"Have no fear, Sparkplug," Optimus smiled, his mask slipping back into place. "I can handle Elita just fine."

With that said, Prime turned on his heel with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step.

"Something tells me Optimus will be eating those words later," Sparkplug remarked as the Autobot leader disappeared out the door.