Vile here. I had this idead in my mind for a very long time and i decided to put it up.

I read a few Alien vs Predator crossover with Naruto. I have seen Naruto using the Predator weapons only and I think I read one where Naruto used the Aliens. If you read my other stories than you might know that this one is going to be a female Naruto story.



Demon Talk


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Chapter 1

An Unusual Friend

She didn't know how she got down here.

She just knew that she is no longer in the sewer system of Konoha or the underground tunnels, but she figured she is in an underground cave.

The ninja that was following her has thrown a kunai at a wall in hopes of stopping her.

It exploded.

The explosion made the cave fall apart and made her fall in a hole.

She didn't know what happened to that ninja that followed her.

She just groaned as she sat up and noticed the floor she was sitting on is very slimy.

"What is this stuff?" Naruto asked herself as she touched the stuff with her hand and it indeed felt slimy. A slimy noise got her attention and made her look behind her.

It is an egg. A huge red brown slimy egg that has an X shape cross on the top of the egg. It was one meter tall that reached up to her chest if she compares her 6 year old body to a huge ass egg.

It soon started shaking and more slimy noises were made by the egg. Soon the top of the egg started to open and Naruto can see the inside of it. It is indeed slimy looking. Then she saw movement inside and she saw something that look like a tail and it was tan or brown looking. She took a step closer and soon whatever was inside it was slowly getting out of the egg, but it was moving its legs. It had eight legs and it didn't have any eyes from what she can tell. If she can give a description of what she is looking at, then she would say a brown slimy spider with a long tail.

It seemed like it is looking at her. Naruto can only wonder how can this weird looking spider can see without having any eyes. It soon started walking towards her and didn't make any hostile movements, so she thinks. Naruto scrawled to it closer as it creeped to her closer. Soon, she was close enough to hold and indeed she held it in her arms. It indeed felt slimy. It's tail wrapped around her arm as its legs clinged to her.

She didn't know why she felt so warm with this weird spider near her. She just felt happy and safe.

"So you survived the fall you monster!" Naruto turned to see the ninja that attacked her survived the cave in. "I'll finish what the Yondaime had start...Ahh!" The spider that was around Naruto's body jumped to the ninja's face. It wrapped its tail around the ninja's neck and used its legs to grip to the face. "Get... The... AUGH!!" The ninja was struggling to get it off and he soon passed out.

Naruto didn't know what to do. She walked to the ninja that had her new friend attached to his face is still attached to his face. She tried to get it off the ninja but it clinged to him hard and its tail tighten its grip around the guy's neck.

She decided to find a way out of the cave she is, but didn't find a way out. It seems that the hole above which will take her a while get out of.

Naruto looked over at the ninja to see that her clingy friend was lying on the ground not moving. She felt her heart drop at losing her friend even it was just for a few seconds and it protected her. Then the ninja started to wake up.

"What demon did you bring to this village demon?" The ninja said with venom in his voice as he started to advance to Naruto with a kunai in hand. He staggered a bit and held his chest. He soon started coughing crazy and soon felt more chest pain. "What did you do to me demon!?" The ninja started screaming in pain as his chest soon had a lump pressing outwards. Then his screams were matched with a high pitch shriek and blood splattered out of his chest as something came out of his chest.

The blood splattered onto Naruto and she looked at the ninja's chest to see something tan looking. It is small and light brown looking. The ninja soon collapsed as life left its body, but Naruto kept her eyes at the thing that was still in the ninja's chest. It too is looking at her and Naruto felt the same connection she had with that spider she met a while ago. She brought her hand closer to it as it snaked its way up her arm and onto her shoulder. With a closer look she noticed that it looked like its skeleton is visible and its skull goes way back and it too doesn't have any eyes and its tongue has teeth... yeah sharp teeth. She just let that go and decided to climb out of the hole she fell through.

A couple tries later she made it out of the hole with the small... what the hell?

Naruto looked at her back to see her little friend seems to be growing as it shed its skin. It started to grow and grow and grow. It is even taller than her, taller than that ninja that attacked her. It still had that slimy looking skin, its skull had a shell that is a bit spiked out and goes back, it looked more like a crown, it now has spikes that went out around it's shoulders and its tail is way longer with the end looks very sharp.

"Uhm... hi." Naruto just said out of the moment. She didn't know what to say to something that is very... scary looking and yet she didn't feel scared. With a shrug of her shoulders she turned around and walked down the cave.

A couple turns to the right and left, even going further down, she felt like she was going deeper into the caves.

Any yet...

The creature is still following her... it even helped her by carrying her down the cave when she got tired.

Right now she woke up when she felt the creature that was carrying her carefully put her down to the ground when they came across something weird looking. She stretched out her sore muscles from her sleep. I must have fallen asleep. Naruto looked at the slime that was all over her body. She didn't shiver or act girly from the feel of the slime. When she touched it, it felt warm. Warm enough to make her sleep warmly. She looked at her giant friend and noticed it looking at a dead end or what it thought is a dead end.

Naruto is looking at something really weird. It was a door with weird markings around it. Naruto walked towards the door and pressed it. Nothing happened. Naruto pushed harder. It didn't budge. Naruto stopped with a sigh and looked over at her friend.

"Would you mind?" Naruto asked the creature and motioned to the door. The creature looked at Naruto and over to the door. With a high pitch shriek it charged at the door. It crashed into the door and broke it down. She's really strong... she? Well, it does have a crown. Naruto thought as she continued down the cave that soon turned to a wall with weird metal walls with the same markings it has with the door.

Naruto soon came across an open room with more of the weird markings on the walls with weird looking things. She just ignored it and went down a hall. Her friend is still following her and she started releasing pheromones that Naruto soon felt. Naruto's huge friend started acting weird.

Soon Naruto started releasing her chakra, but it wasn't the bright blue color, it was red. Naruto was grabbed by her friend and she soon black out.

Naruto's Sewers

Great, I'm back in the sewers. Naruto complained as she had to navigate through more sewer paths.

The difference between the one she passed through when she was chased by the ninja and this one she is going through is that there are the glowing blue and red pipes, with slim going down the walls and water flooded the floor. The major difference it the feral growl and deep breathing she is hearing. She followed the growls in hopes to get out of the damn sewers. The deeper she went through the pathways is that the slim is growing black things that look like that came off from her friend she found.

Then she came across an open room. The room is empty. Minus the huge cage at the end.

So my host has finally visited me and she found the last Xenomorph. Naruto heard behind the bars. Naruto looked further in the cage only to have a claw slash right at her, but something blocked its claw. Naruto looked at where the claw would have made contact only to see her friend in her place. Naruto noticed that her friend is large, almost twice as large. Her crown is larger, she has an extra appendage of arms that is smaller than the outer arms, the spikes on her back are longer and its tail is longer that seems sharp to her. So the Queen is protecting you. It's not like she will be able to protect you forever.

Naruto's friend which is now known as the Queen batted the claw away from Naruto and stood between Naruto and the cage.

She really is strong. Naruto thought as Naruto looked at the claw of her assailant and noticed red fur. "You're the Kyubi no Yoko."

So my host is smarter than she appears. Yes, I am Kyubi no Yoko the King of all Demons and the Ruler of Hell.The prisoner inside on Naruto said proudly as the Queen just made a hissing sound at Kyubi. So, the Xenomorph still holds a grudge against me. I thought I slaughtered you all. It seems I missed one of the Xenomorph's eggs.

"You keep calling her a Xenomorph and a Queen why do you call her such names." Naruto asked the Kyubi while hiding behind the Queen.

You're so called Queen is a parasite that would kill all life forms in this world and move on to the next. I and the other Bijus noticed such a threat and we exterminated this pest so we don't have to deal with them before they overwhelm us. The Kyubi said as he eyed the Queen.

"Wait, wait, wait a second here. You said the Queen and the other Xenomorphs kill everything that lives right." Naruto asked the Kyubi and it nodded. "Then why did you kill them? You and the other Biju go around the world destroying everything too." Naruto pointed out.

True, but we didn't like the competition. The Kyubi said and Naruto face faulted at the Kyubi's statement.

Soon the walls began to show some resin on the wall that was soon spreading around the wall.

It seems you are evolving kit.The Kyubi said as Naruto just had a questionable look. The Kyubi just groaned. Outside you are in a cocoon with the evolving Queen. What happened? Well the Praetorian that was following you soon began to mutate or evolve into a Queen. It created a cocoon to help itself evolve to a Queen safely.

"So I am in a cocoon with the highness here." Naruto motioned to the Queen. "So why am I evolving?"

The cocoon helps the Praetorian evolve more quickly and more safely. It holds a compound to help such a thing to happen, you getting this so far? Naruto nodded. Ok, now you are inside the cocoon with the Queen and the compound is making you stronger, faster, smarter and such. Since you are in the cocoon you may get some traits from the Queen here. Naruto wanted to ask what traits but the Kyubi cut her off before asking. The Traits you received from the Queen here is that your blood is like theirs; you can survive and move around any type of terrain, your chakra is non-existent.

"What do you mean I don't have any chakra!?" Naruto shouted and forgotten what her blood is like the Queens.

I didn't say you don't have any. If you didn't have any chakra, than you wouldn't be able to live now would you. I said it is non-existent. It means you have chakra but no one can see it or sense it. The Xenomorphs here don't have chakra. They are very stealthy and having no chakra makes them very hard to detect. Now we need to talk about your blood.

"What's wrong with my blood?" Naruto asked wary.

Oh nothing, other than your blood is very potent acid. Naruto had a blank look. You don't know what acid is don't you? Naruto nodded and Kyubi just groaned. Acid is a compound that eats away anything. It eats away any kinds of metal like swords, kunai and shuriken. Naruto understood part of that. Kyubi looked around the room and noticed the resin now covered the walls and started absorbing the water. She's evolving faster than I anticipated.

The Kyubi let some of its chakra through the bars and unleashed it to Naruto and soon wrapped around her. Naruto felt huge amount of pain and the Queen wrapped Naruto in its arms and soon a cocoon enveloped them. It soon glowed red.

She may make things more interesting. The Kyubi said as it watched the glowing Cocoon. Shit! I forgot to tell her about the ship she found.

Real World

Naruto felt warm. She felt at peace.

Than like all things. It ended.

Naruto felt some cold air enter her lungs and she fell to the floor. She instantly stood up and remembered she was in a cocoon, but for how long? Then she heard some hissing sounds behind her and she turned to see the Queen and like what she witnessed in her mind the Queen is huge.

With no knowledge of what to do, she left the room to let the Queen do whatever it is it does.

She explored the weird complex and noticed it is something that isn't from this world.

Damn right it isn't from this world. Naruto heard somewhere.

"Kyubi... is that you?!" Naruto shouted out looking around.

No, the cookie monster. Of course it's me you dunce. Who else is trapped inside you?The Kyubi said sarcastically.

"How the hell was I supposed to know you are able to talk to me? Aren't you locked up?" Naruto asked as she stopped looking around.

Sadly yes, but I was able to make a connection for me to talk to you from your mind. Now I forgot to mention you found something that isn't from this world. The Kyubi said as Naruto was growing more curious of what she is looking at the symbols.

"Well don't keep me in the dark." Naruto wanted to know what she found.

This complex you are in is a ship. The Kyubi said and forgotten he is telling a child something that doesn't know about space. I'll try to explain this to you more easily for you to understand. Well, this ship here holds equipment and weaponry that would make the ninja that attacked you envy of what you have. The creatures that left this ship behind are called Yautja. They are hunters and warriors that the equipment that is hanging on the walls is there weapons. They were the ones who brought the Xenomorphs to this world. Damn creatures brought them here to host the hunt. Well, a long story short, they weren't expecting the humans to be dangerous and they must have been killed which is why this ship is here, because they don't leave things behind. They mostly blow things up.

"That's nice and all, but what about those things." Naruto pointed at a chair that is pointing to a wall.

That must be the console that would show you what is in this building. The Kyubi told Naruto. There must be a training room somewhere in this ship.

"Why would you want to know where the training room is?" Naruto asked as she sat on the chair and it felt comfortable.

Because I am going to train you. Naruto fell off the chair when Kyubi said that he is going to train her.

"What did you say?" Naruto asked as she sat back on the chair.

Since you have found the Praetorian egg and evolved it to a Queen and found this ship, I have made a decision to train you. Naruto just walked around the ship to find the training ground until she decided to see what the Queen is doing. When she entered where she left the Queen she noticed that it was sitting on a throne that looked strangely like her legs with a huge sack behind her. Looks like she has entered the fertilizing stage and will soon started making eggs. The Kyubi said to Naruto.

A few hours later

Naruto is looking at the eggs the Queen has fertilized and Naruto is left in a predicament.

"What do you mean I have to bring Hosts to the eggs?" Naruto complained as she was looking at one of the eggs.

Well, you need to have more of these Xenomorphs to help you stabilize the new hive. I still think you should take the Queen outside of the ship. The Resin will ruin the ships structure. The Kyubi said as Naruto just poked at the egg. You can carry the facehuggers and bring them to a host, but I wouldn't take one to a ninja yet. You don't have enough to take on a ninja, you're not strong enough yet and you got lucky last time. Kyubi said to Naruto trying not to get her killed by taking on a ninja.

"But still, I guess I can look around the caves to find a way out." Naruto said as she left the ship.

She went to where the ninja thrown an explosive kunai and can see that the only way to Konoha's tunnels and sewers system was through the caved in tunnel. With a sigh she went down another tunnel and exited outside of the village. With a way out she went to explore and came across a farm.

Hmm, it has some cows and a guard dog. It's small but it is a start. The Kyubi said as Naruto was looking at the hoard of cows and a dog walking along the fences.

Naruto went back the ship to gather some facehuggers and back. She had to lead them to the barn as they tried to wander away from Naruto but she pulled through. Somehow...

"Alright go get them." Naruto ordered the facehuggers and they jumped to the cows. That's seventeen cows and I still have three more of these small guys. Naruto looked at the remaining facehuggers that were clinging on her. Then she heard barking noises. "I thought you said that there was one Kyubi." Naruto looked at the two dogs that were running at her and the Kyubi just shrugged. "Ah forget it. Just go get them." Two facehuggers jumped at the dogs. Now I wait.

An Hour Later

Naruto was just looking at the clouds to pass the time and was getting bored. That is until she heard a cow flailing around the ground.

It's about time. I was getting board counting how many clouds there were.Naruto had to agree with Kyubi. She got bored after seventeen.

With more cries the chestbursters finally burst out of the cows and the two dogs.

"I still got one more facehugger." Naruto said as the chestbursters were lined up. "Go back to the Queen." Naruto said to the little creatures and they left the farm.

You think it's wise to leave the corpses behind. Naruto looked over to the dead bodies with an opened out chest.

"And what am I suppose to do about it?" Naruto asked Kyubi and understood her problem.

I see, well do this. Kyubi sent Naruto a mental image of a jutsu. Just do what you just seen. Naruto nodded and did what she was instructed and did the hand seals and took a breath.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu." Naruto said as she shot fireballs at the dead bodies. The facehugger that was on Naruto hid behind Naruto further in fear of fire.

Not bad for your first try kit, but I advice you not to do fire jutsu in front of the Xenomorphs. The Kyubi said to Naruto.

"Why shouldn't I do a fire jutsu in front of them?" Naruto asked.

The Xenomorphs are scared of fire. You can say it is a weakness, so don't do fire jutsus in front of them. Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Where are my cows?!" Naruto heard a voice shouting a bit further away. Naruto had to smirk as she sent the facehugger at him. Screams and shouts later the facehugger is latched onto the farmers face.

Damn it kit! Now we have to wait. Both Naruto and Kyubi groaned as they have to wait till the chestburster bursts out.

Another Hour later

With the sounds of screams and a chest bursting out Naruto picked up chestburster and walked back to the cave.

On the way, she had to drop the chestburster as it matured into a Warrior.

Kyubi had to explain to Naruto the types of Xenomorphs there are.

There is the Warrior. The backbone of the Xenomorphs and are quite known. Why, because there are many, so many humans in the world. They are smaller than the Queen. They have a blackish color skin and its exoskeleton skull is cylinder like and goes back a bit.

Then there is the Runner. They are weaker and smaller than the Warrior, but they make up for it in speed. They come from dogs and wolves or any huge cats. They look like the Warrior, but dark brownish colour with hind legs like their hosts which gives off there speed.

The Workers or the Drone. Like what their names suggest, they are the workers of the Hive. They are as small like the Runners but a bit bigger. They can grow some resin that makes the hives and cocoons. They also spit acid which is very useful. They are like the warrior with brown skin.

And then there is the Praetorian. They are the Queen's Guardians and are also stronger than the Warrior and bigger than them. The Kyubi said that they are matured Drones, but Naruto doesn't know how old the Drone have to be to mature into a Praetorian. Just like the skin of a Drone, but with an extra arm appendage and have a crown exoskeleton skull.

Last but not least, the Queen. Naruto's friend. Right now, it is laying eggs.

Naruto returned to the Ship but while she passed the tunnels she noticed that the walls had resin on the wall with some hidden Drones hiding. She returned to the ship to find more eggs and the workers were depositing them outside the ship in the open cavern.

At least they are keeping the Ship intact. The Kyubi said as Naruto entered the Queen's Throne Room which Kyubi has happily dubbed. And like the caves the resin is all over the room.

"Nice touch." Naruto looked up the Queen. "I need some of the Drones to open the tunnels." Naruto said as the Queen made a high pitch shriek. I assume she sent some Drones.

It may take some time to open the tunnels kit, so you better start training. The Kyubi gave Naruto some instructions on her training.

Which she soon regretted.

1 Month Later

The tunnel is opened up and Naruto had gained a few more Warriors and Drones. She went and found another farm with more people in it. At least she had an easier time making some Drones carry some facehuggers. She really needs something to carry them.

But the Tunnels are open. So she can return to the village, then she had a thought. Why should she return to the village? The villagers are cruel to her... that is all she had in her mind. Other than the Hokage being nice to her and that is all.

"Maybe I can use the tunnels to my advantage." Naruto said out loud.

Thinking of creating some havoc to the village kit, if you are, then I'm in on this. The Kyubi said as Naruto had thoughts of destroying the village that treated her like an outcast.

"With the Queen and the Xenomorphs by my side I can destroy them... but... there is only few so I will have to play the Kyubi brat for a while." Naruto said as she walked down the tunnel to go to her designated home that was given to her by the Hokage.

Besides, you can have some Warriors and Drones to follow you around and take some humans back to the hive. Kyubi suggested.

"I won't be able to just take people away. The villagers will get suspicions and will most likely blame me." Naruto thought it through.

True, you can just get people outside of the village and attack travelers. Naruto nodded in agreement as she continued to walk down the tunnels and climbed through a hole which she entered the sewer system of Konoha. You can also take away the homeless and all. The Villagers won't miss the homeless. It may bring suspicion, but they are easy prey until they can take on ninja.

Naruto made it back to her designated home without being seen and she finally saw her reflection. Her once blond hair is now a couple shades darker with some black and red tips. Her blue eyes are now dark red. Her whisker marks gone and in its place is a black looking tattoo that goes down her neck. If Naruto checked how the further down she would see that is spread to her back arms and back. She didn't mind the new look or what the tattoo looked like, she just wanted to sleep on a bed.

After a shower and some clothes that are a bit ragged but cleaned she went to bed.

Then the nightly attack from an avenging ninja sneaked into Naruto's home. He took out a Kunai and stood before Naruto. He brought down the Kunai, but he was tackled to the floor by a Warrior. The Warrior nearly killed him, but knocked him out and soon dragged him away from Naruto's home to take the ninja back to the Hive.

Naruto just slept peacefully without knowing an assassination attempt had failed.

3 Years Later

She hates this village. She hates it so much she would unleash her friends onto the village but there is still too few.

Five Drones matured to Praetorians. Naruto learned that the Queen can't make Praetorian eggs so she had to wait for the Drones to mature. She lost seven drones in the process, why, because they release pheromones that would make the Hive violent against the Drone. If the Drone escapes the Hive, then it can finish maturing into a Praetorian. The seven Drones were killed trying to escape the Hive.

The Warriors grew stronger and can run along ceilings and walls.

The Runners just gotten faster.

But what made things easier for the hive is that one of the Praetorians evolved into a Carrier. The damn creature maybe weak but it can carry some Facehuggers. Six to be exact, not much but it is an improvement.

Naruto learned the Yautja language, technology and weaponry. She didn't take any weapons to the village knowing they would just take it away from her. She hates the mask, sure it is very useful, but she just doesn't like it. Even the plasma casters, the mask is mandatory to use for the plasma caster. Naruto took a liking to the Combi stick, Chakram, Wrist blade, Shuriken and the Katana. Naruto seemed to favour close range combat then long range.

Right now, she is walking to the academy. She had nothing else to do and the villagers stopped attacking her. Damn. It seemed that the villagers seemed to not recognize her without the whisker marks, but the tattoo just scares them away or they don't know that she is the Kyubi brat.

Rumours of people disappearing spread across the village. Mostly the homeless, drunks and some lone campers disappeared without a trace. Some ninja were killed that later on found out that they were attacked by a dog like animal. The Inuzuka clan also lost a couple of dogs and later increased their patrols to guard their homes. The villagers blamed the Kyubi brat but all attempts failed because this all happened during academy hours.

In the academy she is acing everything. Some of the teachers had given her bad grades ended up disappeared. They blamed her, but didn't have any evidence so she was let go, but they were persistent to judge her. Mizuki and the other teachers sure know how to scream.

Attending the academy seems to be a waste of time to her. She is going to take the genin exams. Naruto navigated through the hallways and entered the room that the exams were given.

When the door open all the chunnin that were grading the soon to be genin looked at the door and all scowled. Thoughts of failing her entered all their minds but they remembered what happened to the other teachers.

Everyone entered their seats and a chunnin spoke up.

"Now we can begin the genin exams. The first part is a written test." Another chunnin handed the genin a sheet of paper and sure enough, the chunnin gave Naruto a test for chunnin.

Typical, they know they can't ruin your marks, but they can give you harder questions. The Kyubi said as he looked over the questions. Do you need some help? Naruto mentally gave him a blank look. Yeah, you need help.

"Ok, begin the exam." The chunnin said.

Kyubi gave Naruto the answers for the test. Once Naruto finished cheating she handed in her sheet.

When they gave back her exam she was surprised that they didn't change any answers so she aced it.

The chunnin led the genin outside to do a shuriken throwing test.

With practice with huge ass Yautja shuriken and chakram she is able to hit her targets dead on, even if they were dulled she aced another test of the genin exam, much to the chunnins dismay.

The next test is the taijutsu test and the chunnin went all out. With practicing fighting one of her Warriors she is able to dodge each attack until she took an opportunity of an opening and dealt a finishing blow, which sent the chunnin to the hospital. Naruto is still having trouble controlling her strength.

Then came next was the ninjutsu test. Naruto easily did the Henge, Kawarimi and Clone she passed the exam.

Some chunnin tried to fail her but the Hokage was watching her exam, so she passed.

The genin that passed were waiting for their jonin sensei.

You know Kyubi. Naruto opened up a conversation with Kyubi. If I didn't sent my Warriors out to get those no good teachers and made them as an example I probably wouldn't have passed the genin exam.

True, just by looking at them I can see that they wanted to kill you so badly. The Kyubi said as he remembered their screams when a chestburster burst out of their chest. But they really know how to scream though.

"Naruto Uzumaki." A jonin called out. Naruto took in his appearance. Tall, short haired, beard, strong and is smoking a cigarette. "I'm Asuma Sarutobi and please follow me." The smoker said as Naruto followed him.

They went through the village until they entered a training ground.

"Alright let me explain some things to you." He said as he took out a cigarette and lights it, then took a deep drag. "Usually the genin are teamed up together but you are a special case." He puffed out the smoke that he inhaled.

"No one didn't want to have me in there team or they would just send me back to the academy." Naruto stated like it was an everyday conversation and Asuma nodded.

"Yes, the old man saw this coming and asked me to train you. I said I had to see what you are capable of first, so you might as well get ready." Asuma said as he finished his cigarette and stood in a fighting stance.

Naruto took the initiative and attacked Asuma with a roundhouse kick. Asuma ducked underneath it other than blocking it. Each attack Naruto thrown at Asuma he dodge each one.

Damn, just be the feel of air around her hits, just one punch will hurt. Asuma jumped over Naruto when her fist smashed into a tree, she ploughed a hole through it. She has the strength but she doesn't have the finesse.

Naruto was getting fed up with him dodging she soon took it up a notch. With some hand seals she took a deep breath.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Naruto shot out multiple fireballs at Asuma who countered with a Great Breakthrough, blowing the fireballs out and in the fireballs were shuriken.

Asuma smirked at what he saw and did a Kawarimi to avoid the shuriken.

She's smart. She knows when to use jutsu and it looks like she can use fire jutsus no problem. Asuma thought as he looked for Naruto and failed to find her. She's excellent in stealth as well. I can't even sense her chakra signature.

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!" Asuma heard behind him and he was blown out of the tree by a strong wind but not as strong as blowing away fire.

Damn, she got behind me. He only smirked at the outcome of the match and what she just did. She did a fire jutsu and a wind jutsu. I didn't think she will be that good.

With Naruto

I told you it was the right hand seals. The Kyubi said while grinning at getting the right hand seals for the Great breakthrough.

You got the hand seals right by just looking at it but I had to figure the rest out for myself. Naruto thought as she had to gather wind chakra in her lungs and it wasn't much. The rest was packed loaded with chakra that the jutsu only succeed because of the forced jutsu. And my lungs hurt.

Ah quit your complaining, they'll heal in no time. Both Naruto and Kyubi felt a shift in the area. Genjutsu.

No shit Sherlock. Naruto clamped her hands together. "KAI!" The shift in the area disappeared.

"Not bad kid, not bad." Asuma appeared in front of Naruto with a lit cigarette in his mouth and motioned Naruto to stop. "Your taijutsu is lacking, but you make up for it in speed and loads of strength, so I'll have to find a taijutsu style that will suit you." Asuma took a piece of paper and handed it to Naruto. "Put your chakra into it." Asuma instructed and Naruto did what she was told.

The piece of paper cut in half and the other two burn and crumpled. Asuma whistled.

"Three elements at your age kid. The old man was right to make me be your instructor." Asuma said while he examined Naruto and noticed her struggling to breathe. "Was that your first time doing the Great Breakthrough?" Naruto nodded. "I see and you forced the jutsu." Naruto didn't have to answer as she coughed. Man, to do a jutsu at first sight, she must be a genius in ninjutsu.

God damn it Kyubi my lungs hurt! Naruto mentally shouted as she continued to cough.

I said it would heal in no time, I didn't say it would heal immediately. Kyubi defended himself.

"I suggest you take the rest of the day off and don't do that jutsu again until I instruct you how to do it." Asuma said as he took out another cigarette.

How many does this guy have? Naruto thought as she looked at the man with a cigarette in his mouth and then his words finally registered to Naruto's mind. "Wait, does that mean you're my instructor?" Naruto asked as Asuma nodded. "When do we start?" Asuma just took a puff of his cigarette.

"Tomorrow morning. I have to tell the Hokage that I'll be teaching you." Asuma started walking away. "We'll meet here in 8 in the morning."

He seems carefree and layback. Naruto thought as she left the training ground and walked to her home then shunshin down to the tunnels and started walking down the soon came across a pathway that looked like it came from a horror sci-fi movie. Man the Drones sure know how to work. While she was walking she noticed that there were some hidden Warriors. I can't see them but I know they are there.

That's the thing about the Hive's resin. It can be used as camouflage while they stalk their prey. Kyubi lectured Naruto and she groaned at being lectured. Sure enough the lectures are still going on even if she is not at the academy. The resin is made from...

"Enough! I can't take any more lectures. Just please, please don't give be any more lectures." Naruto begged to Kyubi not wanting to listen to someone.

But I need to tell you how resin is made from. Naruto mentally blocked off Kyubi's connection and he couldn't help but laugh at his success for annoying his warden. It's the only thing he has left other than to teach Naruto some Fire Jutsu and give some advice.

When Naruto reached the ship she stood in front of a console that had a screen.

"If I remember the buttons correctly it... is... this one." Naruto said out loud as the screen started flicker on. She soon started pressing more buttons. She stopped and on the screen showed a map of the Elemental Nation and some lights were flickering on the map.

Those are locations of Yautja ships in the Elemental Nation. Kyubi said to Naruto as she nodded.

"This one here is the one were in and thi... how did you get through the mental block." Naruto asked Kyubi when she noticed he is talking to her.

Well, I figured out how to go around it once I knew what I was dealing with. Anyways there is a Yautja Mothership in Wave and another one in Ame. The one we are in is a scout ship, another one is in Kiri, Kumo, and Iwa. Kyubi read the screen that showed where the other ships were and wondered why there are so many Yautja ships and why are they still intact. Surely they should have destroyed them a long time ago. It would be best to find them before someone else does.

"Who else knows where the ships are located?" Naruto asked Kyubi not caring that someone might know where the ships are and Kyubi had to agree. "Wave is closer and I can't go without raising suspicion, I'll go there once I figure things out." A loud shriek got her attention. "What's up with her now?"

Naruto shut down the console and went to the Throne room where the Queen resides. When she entered the room she came to the sight of a Praetorian evolving. Its spikes on its back grew outwards and turned web like. It grew a bit more pale and bigger.

"Another Carrier, but why is the Queen screaming?" Naruto looked around and noticed that a console on the wall was flashing. "I wonder what that console do?" Naruto wondered and went to it and read what it was. "Emergency Transmission Activated Infestation Spreading." Naruto didn't know what it meant.

Oh shit! Kit shut it off NOW!! Naruto was surprised at the loudness of Kyubi, but it was too late.

Communication Beacon Malfunctioning. The console messaged and Kyubi stopped telling Naruto to turn it off. Transmission Wave Sent. Naruto didn't know what that meant.

Oh boy. You are so screwed. Naruto wondered what Kyubi meant by that.

"What's wrong with that?" Naruto asked not getting what Kyubi was talking about.

Remember what I told you about the Yautja? Kyubi asked his warden.

"The Yautja are creatures that like to hunt and stalk dangerous creatures as entertainment or an honour. They only attack beings that may provide them a challenge. You also said that the Yautja makes trophies from there kills, usually their skulls or weapons they hold. If they cannot kill their target or they nearly get killed they commit suicide and leave with a big bang. Did I get it right?" Naruto said remembering that damn lecture about the Yautja. "Why would you bring that up?"

Like is says the Communication Beacon isn't working correctly so it isn't able to send an immediate message so it sent a Transmission Wave. Again he remembered he is talking to a child about technology she doesn't know about. Just think of it as a messenger bird, it won't get to its destination in some time.

"And why am I screwed?" Naruto asked a bit wary of what Kyubi is going to tell her. He even asked about what she knew about the Yautja.

Let's just say you will get a chance to meet one in the near future.

1 Year Later

With some training from Asuma and Kyubi, Naruto is able to fight a Praetorian head on without getting hit from its attacks. The damn thing is formidable.

Asuma had taught her wind manipulation with weapons which she took a liking to. This just made her more dangerous close range. He also fixed up her Taijutsu and taught her a couple of wind jutsu. Kyubi taught her a couple of fire jutsus. Asuma showed her the tree climbing but Kyubi already taught her that so he taught her water walking.

Of course there are the choirs she had hatefully dubbed that the Hokage happily calls it D-Rank missions.

She hated that damn cat Tora so much she brought a net caster from the ship and used it to capture the damn cat. She had to disable a function that would tighten the net so it won't kill the cat. Well she has to complete the mission. She can kill it after.

She later on did C-Rank missions that were more boring as hell. Delivering and escorting is very boring, especially escorting some guy who has a stick up his ass. But she rid them off the face of the world after she finished her mission.

Asuma had signed her up for the chunnin exams that were being held in Kumo. She went and passed without a problem, but many of the participants disappeared.

But, she needs to get out of the village. She gave the excuse of not able to take anymore of the villagers and she came to a subject of a hunter nin career. The Hokage did not like that path she had chosen, but with her status he gave in.

The Hive has spread out almost half of the Tunnels. That means that Konoha is almost on top of a Hive of dangerous serpents. The numbers of Xenomorphs have increase. First she started off with 20 when she first started. Then after three years their numbers have increased to 124, today they are numbered to 179. 10 of them are Praetorians, 5 Carriers, 42 Drones, 84 Warriors and 38 Runners. The eggs don't count, there are too many to count.

Then there is the highness, the Queen. She seems to be getting a bit bigger each day, so Naruto just passed that off as a growth spurt.

But all is going along nicely.

In Wave

"It should be right here." Naruto stated as the Warriors she brought along were looking around. Naruto is wearing complete armour and gear from the ship. She is wearing a black mesh shirt with a fishnet shirt over it and a chest plate over it that reveals her lower stomach, gauntlets, shoulder and arm armour, wrist blades on both of her arms, a combi stick on her right waist, chakram on her left waist, a fishnet pants with a tasset over it, greaves and a cloaking device. The armour she is wearing she had to take apart and adjust to her size. The Yautja sure know how to make armour.

The mask is something she and Kyubi had to make because the masks that were provided were way too big for her and she didn't like the design. So her mask is made the same material as the other masks but with more slick shape that pressed against her face, if she had to think about it, the mask would look like a hunter nin mask. She also has a plasma caster on her right shoulder. It was something she didn't like at first, but Kyubi insisted she would take it.

When she tried on the mask she soon liked it. The damn mask had everything. Infrared, Vision enhancement and Adjustment, Ultraviolet, Targeting and Tracking System, Voice and Video Recorder, and it is a Respirator as well so she can breathe underwater. The three doted targeting thing that aims the plasma caster is on it as well. It was hard to use at first but she soon learned how to use it.

Use the damn map. Naruto just sighed at the map. It isn't very helpful. Naruto brought her device on her left arm. It is a cloaking device with a built in sat-com which is a positioning unit that would show her, her location and other things like showing where a ship is.

"It says it is 235 meters below." The device projected the area to her and it showed some caves and she had a thought of smashing the damn thing. It should have done that in the first place other than just tell her the location of the ship. "Don't comment, no smart talk, or don't remember anything Kyubi." Naruto threaten the damn fox but she knew he won't listen.

Maybe it should lead you down there. Naruto growled as Kyubi snickered. Something like this only comes, once every blue moon.

"You guys find and secure the cave." Naruto ordered the Warriors and pointed down a direction then they darted off down the direction. "Think I should move the Queen here Kyubi." Naruto asked as she went down where the cave is located.

It would be best but you have to make sure it is safe enough first and let's remember it would be difficult to move the Queen out in the open. Again she had to think of a way to move the Queen without people seeing her. Besides, I don't think she knows how to swim with her growing size.

Of course Wave is a series of islands and the ship is located near water.

"I think Ame would be better for her." Naruto said not liking to move the Queen. "Besides, she seems to be growing a bit too big. You know anything about this Kyubi?" Naruto hoped the fox knew.

Nope, this is all new to me. She must be going through a phase or something. The Kyubi doesn't know much about the Queen other than it's huge and it lays eggs, but this Queen stopped laying eggs and is growing rapidly.

"Forget it the cave is just up ahead." Naruto let the subject of the Queen go as she entered the Cave that would lead to the she came down to an opening that must be a cavern and she came across the Ship. "Holy Shit!" Naruto shouted in awe of what is in front of her.

The ship she is looking for is about 10 stories high and... well, she couldn't see how long or how wide it is, but she can see the side of it in the cavern.

"How the hell did nobody find this?" Naruto asked sceptically. Surely someone would have found it.

I don't know, maybe the impossible and dangerous pathway to get through the cave and how deep we are underground. Kyubi said sarcastically as he remembers, how many times Naruto had slipped and nearly gets killed on the way down the tunnels. See what is inside then we'll think of a way to move the Queen in the ship.

It took nearly a day to know what is inside the huge ass ship. She found a couple of training grounds which one would be turned into a Throne room for the Queen. There are couple of storage rooms that is filled with Yautja technology and weaponry, a few of living quarters, a ceremony room, a trophy room, meeting room and the command room.

"Kyubi I found my new home." Naruto said as Kyubi had to agree with her about the place. The one in Konoha is getting to cramped up.

She looked at command console and activated it.

"Ok, system check." A few tabs were pressed and the screen started flickering. "Power is fully operation and should last until the end of the world, air is equal to the atmosphere, food is still frozen and ready to eat, and everything seems fine." Naruto shut off the console and left the ship.

"Alright it is time to hunt!" Naruto shouted gleefully, why, because she can go out and hunt people. There are so many benefits of hunting people. One is to capture and cocoon them. Second, once they die she can take the head and cash it in. Third, she is outside of the village with no one looking behind her back.

Surely the Elemental Nation will witness a new horror that will soon be unleashed on them.

To be Continued.

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