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Demon Talk

Demon Thinking

"Voice Changer Talk"


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Chapter 3

Training Worthy Fighters

214 Prisoners disappeared and an Unknown amount of prisoner guards were missing as well.

It's official Kyubi. Naruto said to Kyubi while she ignored Iruka's lecture. I lost count of the number of Warriors I have.

That attack to the prison made it look like your first three years of hunting for hosts look like it was nothing. Kyubi said to Naruto who is reading a book on lightning manipulation. I figured out how to do the Chidori. Naruto just sat their reading her book.

"Now, there are many uses for chakra and what are the uses of chakra?" Iruka asked the class a question and Naruto just ignored the pink haired banshee.

If she screams loud enough she might wake the dead. Naruto said to Kyubi who snickered at the thought of freaking the dead out. Anyways how am I going to do the Chidori? Naruto asked as she kept her eyes on the book.

"... and that is the use of chakra." The pink haired girl said whose name is Sakura Haruno which Naruto regretfully learned.

"That's right Sakura. Naruto would you like to add something?" Iruka said and Naruto just said huh. "The use of chakra." Iruka said to Naruto to get her up to speed and she just said oh. She closed her book and entered lecture mode.

"Use for chakra... other than keeping you alive." That scared most of the students and Naruto couldn't help but feel proud of scaring the kids. "Without chakra we would end up dead. If you just unleash multiple jutsu at something your chakra reserves would be emptied. Once that is empty and you do the stupidest thing of doing a powerful jutsu you would end up disabled or worse case scenario you would end up dead." Naruto said in a lecture tone.

You're teaching your enemies kit. That brought her out of lecture mode. The world must be coming to an end.

Shut up, I'm trying to teach them to be worthy kills. Naruto said to Kyubi as she cleared her throat to get the students out of there scared minds. "Anyways the other uses for chakra are to heal your comrades, walk on walls and water, and enhance your strength and speed." Naruto finished with her lecture and went back to sitting on her chair.

"Alright then, it's time for a pop quiz." Iruka said and every kid in the room groaned and surprisingly Naruto groaned as well. She's still a kid in body but she has the mind of an adult. "You're not doing the quiz Naruto why are you groaning?" "Iruka asked Naruto as he hand some of the sheets to Naruto as she just staggered off her comfortable chair to hand the quiz out.

"I'm the one that marks them and I just got comfortable." Iruka just sweatdrop at Naruto's childish behaviour and went to hand the quiz to the students.

Once the quiz is handed down Naruto flopped down on her chair and went back to reading. Iruka just shook his head at his assistant's behaviour.

"Alright begin the quiz." Iruka said to the class to begin their quiz.

Anyways you said you figured out how to do the Chidori. Naruto said to Kyubi bringing the subject of Chidori back.

I figured it out, that you have to do a thrusting motion to use the Chidori, but the down side of the Chidori is that is causes tunnel vision, but with me inside and your increased eyesight you won't have tunnel vision on your target. Kyubi said telling Naruto the use of the Chidori.

That's great and all, but how do I do it? Naruto asked Kyubi not caring the things that won't affect her.

Well, you just do the hand seals and let it rip. Naruto had a blank look. A real blank look, no emotion or any signs of face expressions. Other than that you just need to add lightning chakra in your left or right hand.

Kyubi. Naruto said in her very so very death sweet voice which scared the demon. You took a month just to figure that much out and I have been reading this lightning manipulation book and finished it three times already. Naruto turned her death sweet voice to dark angry. So why that long?

Well, if I told you how to do it, you wouldn't have read that lightning manipulation book. Kyubi said as he prepared himself for the forbidden scene. When nothing happened he was confused. What gives? I thought you would unleash that horrible scene. Kyubi said not expecting this behaviour.

She inwardly sighed at this bit of information and said something that would get the fox going for a long time. It's true what you said. If I didn't read this book I would have just went on to the next lightning jutsu. Naruto said to Kyubi as he just sighed in relief.

During the quiz time or all the time, Naruto felt the stares of the Uchiha. She is so annoyed of that prick. No matter how many times she sent him to the infirmary he keeps coming back. But he isn't the only one looking at her direction.

The Hyuga sisters.

Hinata Hyuga and Hanabi Hyuga were the ones who were also looking at Naruto's direction during some of the lectures she gives and they always pay attention when she took over the lessons when Iruka had to leave. Their stares or looks aren't hatred or jealously like the Uchiha's, but Hinata seemed to be looking at her direction in admiration and Hanabi is just curious.

I don't mind the Hyuga sisters, but what the hell is with the Uchiha. Naruto looked up from her book to look over at Hinata who 'eep' and hid behind the quiz sheet as best she can. She just chuckled at the girl's shyness and looked down at Hanabi who just looked back and forth from her quiz sheet to her. Then she didn't bother to look over at the Uchiha. She knew he is scowling and brooding.

There has to be a limit to brooding. Think we should let the chestburster kill him, maybe a Praetorian egg? Kyubi suggested to Naruto. Over the month he gave many so many ways to kill the last Uchiha and they are very good ideas by the way.

As if. Naruto huffed at the thought of using a Praetorian egg on the last Uchiha. I don't want to waste a Praetorian egg on him. The Praetorian that comes from him will just be an arrogant bitch and brood somewhere in the resin. Naruto said to Kyubi who had to agree. Having an arrogant Praetorian would be a bad idea. I like the idea of making him swallow the solvent stuff.

Solvent is a blue chemical that melts away flesh. Naruto used this little liquid to get rid of evidence of her whereabouts like the prison incident, why because if she uses her chakra someone will narrow it down to her and she learned that it has a nasty reaction to water. The water evaporates into nothing and anything inside the water. Very useful stuff.

Yeah, but I like to see what his face would look like if a chestburster bursts out of his chest. Kyubi said and Naruto had to agree. People make the weirdest faces when their chests are burst outwards.

"Alright it's time." Iruka said to the class and snapped Naruto out of her thoughts.

That was quick, we need to have more conversations like this Kyubi. Naruto said to Kyubi who had to agree with her. Naruto went to gather the quiz sheets and walked towards the door.

"Alright everyone take lunch and come back in an hour." Iruka said to the class and followed Naruto down the hallway. "Having fun?"

"Bite me." Naruto snapped at Iruka who just sheepishly laugh.

"It's only your first month so you could get use to it soon." Iruka said to Naruto as they entered his office. "I need to talk to you about something." Iruka sat down on the chair's desk and so did Naruto.

"About the lecture?" Naruto asked about the chakra lecture, but Iruka shook his head.

"No, the Hokage has asked me to ask you about the training you are having." Iruka told Naruto and she just held out the book she was reading about lightning manipulation. "I know that, but you have finished reading that book over and over so why are you reading it?" Iruka asked Naruto who just put the book away and started marking the quizzes.

"I have a lightning jutsu idea in my head." Naruto said to Iruka. "First I need to know as much as I need to know about lightning manipulation before I can create it." Naruto said to Iruka.

You. Create a jutsu.Kyubi was surprised by this and went to Naruto's memories. Then he found the jutsu and had to nod at her creation. Powerful and destructive, I like it. I'll think of something to make this possible. Kyubi began to think of ways to improve the jutsu. I think it's time for you to learn Chidori first.

Iruka was satisfied with that answer and continued to mark the quizzes.

After Class and ditching her stalkers

Naruto arrived to a training ground with a lake in it.

Alright what are the hand seals? Naruto asked Kyubi who he showed her the scene of the night she was attacked by Kakashi. Naruto growled at that memory. After she seen the hand seals she did the seals and let it rip. She grabbed her right hand with her left. It is different from Kakashi's which he had it on his left hand and Naruto chosen her right hand. She wasn't sure if it was the right way or not, but she successfully did a Chidori with her right hand.

"Still need some improvements." Naruto said to herself as she analyzed the Chidori.

You need to conjure the Chidori faster and make it more powerful. Kyubi put in his thoughts. I say you should light up a lake.

1 Month Later

Naruto was on her knees sucking in as much air as possible. She is in one of Konoha's training grounds with a lake in it.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it!" Naruto cursed at her hard attempts to light up the lake.

Still having trouble lighting up the lake with lightning, Naruto. Kyubi asked Naruto as she still continued to even out her breathing. Like I said this exercise is to help you manipulate lightning and you are very close.

"It's so damn hard!" Naruto shouted to the world. The Warrior in the tree hid behind the tree when Naruto shouted.

She brought her hand to the lake and used as much as lightning chakra she can charge and lit up the lake for a few seconds.

There you got it down right, but you still need to keep it lit up a bit longer. Later on, you will have to do the same thing without the lake. Naruto groaned at Kyubi and wondered why she is doing this.

"Forget it. I'll just try this out." Naruto stood in the middle of the field and did some hand seals and held out her arms. Soon a ball of lightning was in her grasp in each hand. She ran towards a nearby tree and thrust out both of her hands to destroy the tree.

You can do Double Chidoris more easily now. A great improvement a month ago, you are on your way to start making your own lightning jutsu. Kyubi looked on to the scene of decimated trees. How many can you do? Kyubi asked Naruto smirked and did the hand seals again.

After a few Double Chidoris she can unleash 2 of them in one day before she collapsed from exhaustion. Kyubi figured she can do more if she wasn't exhausted from training.

The Next Day

Naruto got lucky that the students had a day off and so did she, so she spent the rest of the day lying around on her bed. Those lightning manipulation training and multiple Double Chidoris had made her feel numb the next day and she just went to sleep for the day.

The Next Week

She is able to unleash 6 Double Chidoris in one day and that is until she felt woozy. Kyubi learned that there would be some strain in using the Chidori, but because of her conditions, the Chidoris wouldn't affect her... much.

'Take that Kakashi'. Kyubi said to Naruto when she was sleeping which he scared her awake and made something up like a patrol got sloppy which Naruto bought.

Now the hard part is to do the Chidori without the hand seals and we need you to work on making that lightning jutsu. Kyubi instructed to Naruto who is reading a book on advance chakra control during another boring lecture. Right now she can walk on water and the one with the spinning kunai looks interesting.

"The Yondaime also known as the Yellow Flash fought and brought victory to Konoha in the Third Shinobi War and defeated the Kyubi." Iruka lectured to the class and he knew what really happened the day the Yondaime defeated the Kyubi or sealed it away.

He did NOT defeat me! That prick cheated with a sealing thing! Damn bug couldn't face me alone! Kyubi yelled in Naruto's mind. Let me speak to the class and tell them what really happened! Naruto had to mentally block Kyubi off. She hates it when he gets like that and she is sure Kyubi is just yapping off other than finding a way around the mental block. As long as she doesn't say the Y word she will be ok... for a while.

"The Yondaime sacrificed himself to defeat the Kyubi and saved the village." Sakura answered Iruka's question which Naruto just ignored most of the time.

"Good Sakura. Naruto would you like to add anything?" Iruka asked Naruto who didn't glance at Iruka. He took it as a sign to continue on.

During the course of her life, Naruto soon hated the Yondaime for sealing that damn fox inside her. She later on found out it is a curse and maybe a blessing in disguise to have the fox inside her. Who knows maybe the fox is the world saviour, which might be true considering he slaughtered the Xenomorphs from the face of the world or the tooth fairy is actually a serial killer who kills people who looks at her face or there is no such thing as ghost... right?

Man the world is messed up.

Three Weeks Later

The Damn Uchiha is getting annoying. Kyubi's ideas of accidently killing him is starting to sound really good right about now. But the hard part is to figure out how to make it look like his chest would burst out. He can't just trip and fall and his chest would magically burst out. He could eat something explosive but who would be stupid enough to eat explosives.

The most annoying thing about the Uchiha is his constant demands to fight him.

Naruto lost count how many times she sent him to the academy nursing room.

Kyubi counted 76 but that is beside the point. The point is, he has got to stop

"Fight me." Naruto groaned at the daily ritual.

Going to send the Uchiha to the nursing room. Check. Kyubi said as he marked the daily sheet off.

Naruto turned to the Uchiha ready to send him to the hospital this time but with an extra long stay. He got off easy the previous time and she isn't using a fraction of her strength.

Sasuke charged at Naruto and she decided to try something different for a change. As soon he got close enough she charged some lightning manipulation in her palm and slam it to Sasuke's chest. It wasn't enough to kill him, but it was enough to cause some serious damage to his electric current in his body which will disable him for some time. She pressed her palm into his chest to send him flying back and made a loud thud noise when he landed.

Naruto didn't care if she would be punished for this, but she did care that she would get back at the Uchiha till she can kill him later.

The Next Day

"I've been what?" Naruto raised her voice in a bored tone to the Hokage.

"You've been charged with crimes against the Uchiha." The Hokage said as Naruto continued to look bored.

"For what crimes have I gone against the Uchiha?" Naruto asked not giving a damn of what kind of punishment they unleash on her.

"You sent him to the hospital." The Hokage pointed out.

"So." Naruto just said not caring.

"The council doesn't like this." The Hokage looked at Naruto to see she doesn't care. "You'll be trialed." Still didn't make her budge.

"So." The Hokage sighed at her behaviour. He understood what Naruto is going through. He too would beat the crap out of that bastard.

Day of the Trial

"Naruto Uzumaki, you are here trialed for crimes against the Uchiha. What do you have to say for yourself?" Elder Koharu said to Naruto who just looked at her shackles.

"Is this necessary." Naruto raised her wrist showing the shackles. Koharu just glared at her, she should be kneeling before them.

"Yes, those are meant to keep you from doing anything against us." Homura said to Naruto who just shrugged.

"What made you think I have against the clan council?" Naruto said to the civilian side, which pissed off the civilian side of the council. "Besides they are not necessary." Naruto just took off the shackles like they weren't even on her. "It's just dead weight." She stood before the council crossing her arms. "Anyways this is a waste of time. Students are usually punished for attacking superiors and it wasn't during any practice time or any kind of sort of training. He blatantly attacked me and I don't care about pampered kids." Naruto saw Hiashi smirked at her way of talking. He is one of the people who knew that the civilian side is giving the last Uchiha everything and with Danzo gone, the Uchiha won't be made as a weapon.

"It is only logical for a student to ask for extra training. Did Sasuke ask you to teach him something extra?" The Aburame head asked and Naruto shook her head. "I see, and then it is in your right authority to teach a student a bit of extra." Many civilian council members didn't like what is going on.

"Besides, I went easy on him." Naruto said in a bored tone.

"Completely shocking his nervous system is going easy on him!" Homura shouted to Naruto as she still had the bored look, but inwardly thinking that this person is going to be a problem.

"If I went all out I would have completely fried him." She still held her bored tone. "Are we done here? I haven't eaten anything this morning and lunch is starting to sound good right about now." Tsume Inuzuka started snickering at the girl's behaviour. The clan didn't mind her attitude but the civilian side is ready to charge her for treason.

"Since there is no reason for you to be here, you can go get something to eat and head back to the academy." The Hokage ordered to Naruto who just shrugged and walked away.

"By the way." Naruto stopped and turned around. "If he continues to keep attacking me.... I'm afraid I can't be held for my actions." She watched the reactions of the council and noticed two people who are going to cause her some problems. Koharu and Homura, those two are going to have to go. Naruto thought and went to get something to eat.

After another day of teaching, Naruto went to go do something she hasn't done in a while.

Its night and she is in her Yautja armour with two Warriors behind her.

"Find those old prunes and kill them. Kill anyone who gets in your way." Naruto said with her voice changer. The Warriors hissed at the building before them. Naruto is looking at the rich side of Konoha and getting rid of two prunes who should have been six feet under a long time ago. "Get to it."

The two Warriors stalked the grounds. One went behind an Anbu and used its sharp tongue on the unsuspected Anbu. The Warriors tongue plunged a hole through an Anbu's head and sprayed blood over the walls, floor, anything that is near. They really don't know how to keep their kills clean.

"The Warriors are a powerful breed. I've never seen them fight in the open before, but it amazes me that they are able to sneak behind trained ninja."Naruto continued to watch as a Warrior pinned an Anbu down and killed him with its tongue. This process continued with pinning the Anbu down and a thrust to the head killing them or impales the Anbu with their tails. Soon the area is Anbu free. The Warriors entered the building and soon screams were heard inside. Then the two Warriors came out dragging the two old prunes.

If two can do that, imagine what hundreds can do. Naruto had to agree with Kyubi. Two Warriors just took out a group of Anbu and that says a lot, but that is when they are stalking their prey. In the open, they can be killed easily, so it would be best to stay in the shadows. The old prunes were brought two her either dead or almost dead, they were bleeding badly and severely gashed with slash marks. Even dead they don't look pretty. Hell, they never looked pretty in the beginning.

"Send them back in the house." Naruto ordered the Warriors and they went and send the two in the house. They didn't even live with their family. Naruto thought and remembered their status. They got greedy and didn't want to share it with their family.

It's really amazing how low a human can go, even for me. Once the warriors dump the bodies back in the house Naruto aimed her plasma cannon and add some fire manipulation in it. The plasma shot gave a red fiery look and exploded when it hit. Explosive plasma shots, it is something Kyubi came up with since adding fire in the plasma cannon just plain burns the target and Kyubi said that adding more fire manipulation into it, it would explode. It causes destruction.

Once the three doted targeting system turned off as she watches the flames spread across the building, she turned around and left the area.

With those two gone, they won't be messing with you no more. I think it is time to continue with creating that jutsu. Kyubi suggested as Naruto entered the sewers and started walking down towards the hive. This idea of yours, I think it would be impossible for people without mass chakra reserves and high lightning manipulation and master chakra control.

"This jutsu is meant for mass destruction. You can say it is like the suicide plasma bomb, but not the 360 degree explosion." Naruto said about the jutsu.

You will have to charge your arms with lightning and compress it into a small little ping pong ball. Not to mention filling it up with loads of chakra and retaining it. If you can't do that, then you might lose your arm. That is why you need master control over your chakra. Kyubi gave his advice to Naruto about the process of the jutsu.

Naruto understood what he is explaining to her, she continued down the sewers and saw a hatch. She opened it and the Warriors that were following her entered first, then she climbed down the hatch and entered the hive. Naruto can see that the Warriors went to go hide which she didn't mind.

Walking down the resin pathways, Naruto came across the Konoha ship, which is completely covered in resin.

They completely destroyed it. The Drones sure know how to make a hive. When she entered the ship she was surprised it is still intact inside. Both just shrugged and entered the building.

Naruto went to the Throne Room to see the Queen. As suspected the Queen is still laying eggs and both Naruto and Kyubi noticed that the Queen is smaller than the previous Queen. The lights in the room gave the current Queen a black slimy looking skin with some green tint with it, while the Queen Naruto had raised is 1.5 meters taller and has a red tinted look with the black.

Mind explaining this Kyubi. Naruto asked the know it all demon.

Do I have to? Naruto threaten him with the forbidden scene. Ok, fine. Kyubi sure didn't want to know what that scene is but he knew it is scary. Like I said before, the first Queen is the one that is connected to you, so this one is loyal to you and you only. Besides this Queen is still young. Kyubi said to Naruto as she continued to look on to the Queen.

She still seems too small. Kyubi nodded in agreement. Each Xenomorph is different in size and depends on the age of when they are born. So this Queen is still young huh. Naruto turned around and went to the control room.

She looked at the tabs on a console like she is going to fight a god. She is still having trouble with the Yautja technology. With a sigh she started pressing some tabs and the screen started flickering. Then the map of the Elemental Nation is on view she pressed the button for the ship in Wave. The console gave her some options and she chose the communicate icon and picked the training ground 4 A.K.A. Thrown room.

The screen showed the Thrown Room and Naruto saw the Empress laying a Praetorian egg.

"Hey Empress!" Naruto said to the communicator and the Empress heard it through the speakers. "I need you to hunt down some bandits. I don't want you hunting down the village nearby as of now." The Empress gave a loud shriek and Kyubi confirmed it to Naruto she understood what she is to do. "Until then keep hunting and stay hidden." Naruto pressed a button to shut the console off. Naruto yawned as she stood up.

"I need sleep."

Two Months Later

The deaths of Koharu and Homura have affected the village greatly. They held the power in the council and now they are gone, which eased up the paperwork for the old man. In the back of the Hokage's mind he is dancing it celebration. With those two gone the council no longer has any power over him.

Again the damn people blame the Kyubi brat, but they didn't do anything to her because of her status of a shinobi of the village and they didn't have any evidence that she killed them. So she got off scot free... again.

As for Sasuke, he is back from the hospital and his glare and brooding has intensified.

When Naruto saw him in front of him she gave him a grin that rivalled Kyubi's grin which made him proud of her, but he didn't voice it. Sasuke didn't demand a fight but stood in front of her until he stepped aside to let her through.


He's learning from her... for once.

Another Month

"There has to be a limit for brooding, there has to." Naruto muttered as she was marking the quiz sheets during class as the Uchiha was glaring daggers at her.

"You say something?" Iruka stopped his lessons and Naruto just shook her head as she marks the quiz sheets.

After so many quizzes Naruto finished and tried to get some sleep during Iruka's lecture.

"Ok, we are going to have a taijutsu practice today so please follow us outside." Iruka said as the class went to the field and Naruto has indeed fallen asleep. "Come on we have to go." Iruka motioned Naruto who just groaned from her nap and followed Iruka outside.

The old man owes me big for making me go through with this. Naruto thought angry at the old man for making her go through with this. Kyubi would have made a snide remark if he wasn't thinking of a way to make that lightning jutsu.

Once outside Naruto stood in the middle of the field waiting for Iruka to call on names.

"Ok, you guys are going to practice your taijutsu today." Iruka said to the class. "Naruto here will be your punching bag today." Naruto just huffed at the thought of being someone else's punching bag. She would rather beat them. "Shino Aburame, your first to go."

The Aburame walked to the field and entered a regular fighting style that didn't have any openings. Naruto smirked at him and brought out a hand to her head and picked something out. Shino looked closer and saw one of his bugs in her hands.

"I advise you to keep your bugs off me for the rest of your life Shino." Naruto let go of the bug. "Your move." She stood in a defensive stance.

Shino had his mind going a mile a minute processing mode at the information he received from the bug Naruto picked off from her head. They always gave him the same information he received from them about Naruto.

She has the Aura of Death.

It was the only piece of information they gave him before the bugs died and surely the bug today died as well. Shino found out it wasn't Naruto who killed them, but it was the chakra she has. It is so potent and nonexistent, but he knew it was her chakra that caused them there death. He asked his father about this and all he says that her chakra is too potent. He dropped those thoughts and began the fight.

Hmmm, he isn't fighting me seriously. Naruto thought as Shino continued on with his attacks. It was like he was waiting for something. He's hiding his true capabilities. At least he gets the full idea of being a ninja. Naruto thought as she continued on blocking Shino's punches and kicks.

When time ran out, he steps off the field with no sign of exhaustion.

"I see, my suspicion is correct." Naruto muttered as Iruka called in the next student.

"Ok, Choji Akimichi your up."

The big bone kid walked to the field and got ready.

"Go easy on me." Choji got into a fighting stance which is very sloppy but strong.

"Relax, I'm the defender and you are the attacker." Naruto said to Choji which calmed him down. "You got 5 minutes to hit me and the timer starts with your first attack." It took a few seconds for the big bone kid to attack Naruto which she side stepped each attack.

Half way through the fight Choji got a strong punch to her guard which staggered her back and the fight is over.

"Hmmm, 2 minutes and 43 seconds till you break down her guard, not bad Choji." Iruka congratulated Choji who blushed at the praise. "Alright next is..." Iruka called some students names and most of them didn't hit her or trip her or push her back. "...Sakura Haruno."

"Damn not her." Naruto muttered to herself. The only way the Haruno can kill someone is for her to scream as loud as she can, because of her loud shrieks, both Naruto and Kyubi agreed not to have a chestburster burst out of her chest. As much satisfaction it would bring to the two, having her scream out to the heavens and wake Konoha is a bad idea and it would hurt their ears.

Naruto didn't bother fighting her. She just grabbed her wrist when she attacked and twisted it, so she flipped and landed on her back. Surprisingly it knocked her out. Naruto just dragged her off the field and went back to the field not caring what she did. Iruka just shook his head and was glad she didn't cause too much damage.

"Alright Hanabi Hyuga your up." The little Hyuga walked into the field and stood in a Hyuga stance.

Aw man... this is going to hurt. Naruto knew that fighting a Hyuga in a taijutsu fight is suicidal. Then a very evil thought popped into her mind which got Kyubi's attention.

That would seriously hurt his pride big time kit. Do it. Naruto inwardly smirked at the thought and went through it.

The fight was fast and dangerous, well to the academy student's perspective. Naruto narrowly avoid each attack from the little firecracker. Then Hanabi sent a Jyukan palm to Naruto which she didn't avoided but made sure it look like Hanabi found an opening. When the palm struck dead center to her chest she was sent flying back a couple of feet, just before she landed to the ground she flipped and landed on her feet, but held her chest from the pain of that palm.

Most of the students were shocked to see that the little girl is able to get a clean hit. Iruka seen what Naruto did and had a guess of what she is going to do.

Step 1 accomplished... kami that hurt! Naruto thought as she held her chest. "Nice hit Miss Hanabi." The little firecracker nodded while inwardly smirking and went back to the crowd. Iruka walked towards Naruto.

"What are you planning?" Iruka whispered to Naruto and she just smirked, which confirmed what she is going to do. "The council won't like what you are going to do." Naruto stopped holding her chest as Kyubi finished healing Naruto.

"The council doesn't hold any power over me. Besides this will only hurt him." Naruto said as Iruka called in Hinata Hyuga. "Damn it, not another one." Naruto muttered as Hinata entered that damn taijutsu style. Maybe she won't be like Hanabi with her shyness. She thought as Hinata made the first move. Shit! She narrowly avoided a quick knockout.

Hinata was able to push Naruto back with her fast precise attacks. Then Hinata saw an opening. There! Hinata thought as she did the same thing as Hanabi did but Naruto didn't give the opening to her. The force of the palm attack sent her farther than Hanabi struck her and Naruto didn't recover. She just made a loud thud noise when she landed on her back. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, are you ok?" Hinata said as she kneeled beside Naruto as she held her chest... again.

She hits... harder than... Hanabi. Naruto thought as she held her chest and Kyubi was both laughing his ass off and healing Naruto the same time, but he was doing a poor job healing her up. "I'm... O......K. Just give... me... a... moment." Hinata saw she was taking deep breaths. Step 1.5 accomplish.

That wasn't part of the plan, but it would hurt him further... not to mention the plan hurts you. Kyubi was snickering and Naruto didn't have the mind to shoot him a comeback.

"Are you sure? That strike should have killed you." Hinata said not believing she went for the kill.

"I'm ok." Hinata saw her stood up but wobbled as she stood. "I'm ok." Naruto said while she straightens herself up, but inside she was in deep agony. She went for the kill! Was the only thought she had in her mind. She went for the kill! How the hell did that happen!? I thought she was the shy one! Kyubi wasn't any help either.

Well, I believe there is a saying about 'it's always the quite ones'. Kyubi said to Naruto and she had to agree with the fox. Hinata sure is a weird one.

In class, she is very shy, she listens to her lectures all the time, she looks away when she notices her staring. That's during class. Outside like out of the academy she follows her around from a distance. Damn her clan's eyes. And during things like quizzes and exercises she wants to prove herself. Hell she is the top of the class. It would have been Sasuke but he is absent a couple of times. Naruto made sure that no one rigs his marks which happen most of the time. Damn council members still trying to give him better grades.

Those two may have some uses kit. Kyubi said to Naruto as she started to equal out her breathing.

Damn... Hanabi struck my right lung and Hinata went for the heart... I should be dead. Then the dots were connected. Kyubi.

The one and only... what, it would be an unworthy death to be killed training academy students. Naruto just sighed and held back the headache she thought she would be having. So which one you want? The shy and deadly or the deadly and cute, either one is good enough for a chew toy. Kyubi was laughing again when Naruto tried so hard to hold back her blush at the mention of a chew toy.

"Alright Iruka, bring on the next victim!" Naruto hastily called in for the next victim not wanting to go on the subject of what team she plays. Kyubi was having a blast messing with his warden. He did so much to her like giving advice on a jutsu and... giving her ideas of a woman body. Damn pervert.

Iruka sweatdrop at her attitude, he should cancel this session and send her to a hospital. But, he went against that and sends in Kiba Inuzuka into the field.

Naruto got ready for the fight, but her opponent had his eyes somewhere else. He's checking me out... If he touches me the wrong place...

"Let's get this started baby!" Kiba attacked Naruto like a street brawler.

Baby... baby... he is so dead. Naruto thought as she continued to avoid fists, feet and claws. Hell he even tried tackling her couple of times. The pervert is trying to get a feel! Naruto was soon starting to feel like... killing a certain boy, but she held it back as much as she can.

Kiba was still trying to either pin Naruto down or have a feel, but Naruto kept her guard up at maximum not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

You give the meaning of 'hard to get' to a whole new level. Kyubi was laughing at the boy's attempts to get a feel, knowing that if he gets a feel, he will lose whatever hand that he uses to touch Naruto.

"Alright you two, times up." Iruka called the fight 1 minute early when he felt Naruto leaking small doses of killing intent and he was sure she was holding it in as much as she can. He just saved a life.

"Heh, maybe next time." Kiba said as he walked away from the field, unaware of the killing intent aimed at him.

Kyubi, remind me to get a new batch of Runners. Kyubi filed it down as things to kill and stop messing with his warden. He knows messing with her now would guaranty him the forbidden scene... or worse.

After many fights from students that either almost succeeds or failed, the main event has arrived.

"Sasuke Uchiha, you're up." Iruka almost felt sorry when he called him into fighting. Almost.

Naruto ignored the fan girls on concentrated on what is in front of her. She ignored the fan girls calling her names and saying how she should worship the Uchiha. Damn, did they get the message when she sent him to the hospital for two months?

Sasuke entered the field with the same confident smirk he always has on his face when he think he is superior.

He's about to get his ass kicked. Iruka thought and wondered if this was good idea. Well, he won't get injured or hurt... well his pride will be destroyed. Iruka waved his hand to start the fight.

Without even looking, Naruto sidestepped a right jab, duck under a high sweep kick, back step an upper cut and avoided every single attack the last Uchiha aimed at her.

Time to jab at that pride of his. Kyubi said watching this fight unfold. When the fight went halfway through she started to look bored, which infuriated the Uchiha.

"What gives Sasuke-chan?" Naruto taunted the Uchiha quietly so he is the only one that can hear her which raised his anger. "The villagers said that the Uchiha are far superior to the other clans, but I can see that the Hyuga sisters are far better than you." After she said that, the Uchiha was soon blinded by anger that he was getting sloppy with his attacks. That was the sign she needed to finally destroy his pride. "Even Hanabi got a hit earlier than you." That did it. Sasuke did some hand seals and ended with a tiger seal.

"Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" Sasuke blew a fireball at Naruto who just smirked at the incoming fireball. Iruka didn't bother to prevent this from happening, but he knew that fire attacks only give her a tan. The fireball connected with Naruto and caused a small explosion.

"She wasn't that tough." Sasuke said with his confident smirk as his fan girls were awing him at his display of power.

"I wouldn't celebrate just yet." The crowd of students looked over at the spot where the fireball landed to see the girl who was suppose to be smeared across the training ground standing perfectly still with her arms cross and giving her Kyubi like grin, which is starting to be second nature to give that wicked grin. Who would have thought concentrating chakra around myself can shield me from fire attacks. Naruto thought to herself and understood how Kyubi can never be harmed with his unlimited amount of chakra he has. "Since this was a taijutsu spar Sasuke-chan." She loved messing with people. "You are eliminated from the taijutsu spar. Iruka, call in the next victim."

Sasuke didn't move from the field, his family pride wouldn't allow it. Naruto never allowed the Uchiha to have his way and made it her goal to take everything away from him. That includes denying him his revenge. With what little pride he had left he blindly ran towards Naruto with a kunai in hand. Again, she couldn't help but grin at his advancing form. Naruto understood the shinobi laws and the punishments for attacking a superior officer.

In this case, Sasuke is attacking Naruto out of practice. She is freely able to punish the person who is attacking her and with Iruka as her witness, she is able to freely send him back to the hospital without having the council sentencing her to the new prison that is being constructed somewhere else when the current prison is discovered.

There goes his ninja career. Iruka thought as he watched Sasuke run towards Naruto with a kunai in hand.

Finally! Fry his insides! Kyubi shouted as Naruto did the same thing she did three months ago, but with more lightning manipulation.

The class watched the last Uchiha ran towards Naruto as she stepped forward into Sasuke so the kunai went by her as she struck his chest, they thought she did a Jyukan strike like the Hyuga, but the sound a cracking got their attention when they saw that Sasuke was enveloped by lightning. Just like last time she pressed her palm harder into Sasuke's chest and sent him flying back with much more force as he bumped off the ground like a rock skipping off water and lay on the ground unconscious as his body spasm from small shocks that is left in his body.

I counted five skips. Kyubi said as he analyzed Naruto's attack damage to the Uchiha's body. He should be in the hospital far longer than last time and you did fry his insides.

"What did you do to him you slut!!" A pink haired banshee screamed at Naruto as she dusted herself off from the non-existent dust and ignored the slut comment.

"I fried his nervous system along with rewriting his electrical current that sends out messages from the brain to the body. You can say when he recovers; he will have to start all over on how to move his body from scratch." Naruto lectured the pink banshee as the fan girls went to protect their love.

Frying the nervous system and rewriting the electrical current of the brain to the body, more like destroying it completely, it was one of Kyubi's ideas of beating the Uchiha, but it started out of frying his insides until both Naruto and Kyubi came up to the conclusion of doing what she just did. It is the top choice out of ten of crippling the Uchiha; there is also the top ten ways of humiliating, killing, insulting and torture the last Uchiha. It was the only thing Kyubi and Naruto had to ignore the class lectures.

"You have no right to harm a student and the last Uchiha!!" The Pink haired girl shriek at Naruto as she plugged her ears with her fingers just before the girl shrieked from last time experience as the other fan girls nodded, but surprisingly Yamanaka didn't voice her opinion.

"Actually Sakura, Naruto has every right to punish a student that shows sign of insubordination and Sasuke attacking Naruto with a kunai when not training or practice, she has the right to either kill him or punish him and she just punished him. He should feel lucky that she spared his life." Iruka lectured the pink haired banshee. As he lectured the girl, some chunnin took the Uchiha to the hospital and went to report the incident to the Hokage, in hopes of having the Kyubi brat punished.

"Iruka, is the taijutsu spar done here or what?" Naruto asked not moving from her spot and ignoring the Sasuke fan club.

"Ino Yamanaka your last to go." Iruka called in and Naruto had tried to get rid of the Kyubi grin on her face, but she couldn't help but feel... proud... yeah proud... proud of finally putting the Uchiha in his place... the hospital... and soon to be grave. That grin that is on Naruto's face was unsettling Ino as she took up a fighting stance. "alright you two, I want a clean fight." Iruka called out and signalled the fight to start.

Just like Sakura's fight... well Kyubi wouldn't call it a fight. Naruto grabbed Ino by the wrist and did the same thing with Sakura but, Ino flipped in with the twist of the wrist. Naruto wasn't expecting Ino to flip with the wrist, she barely avoided being backhanded. Ino stepped back as she readied herself.

That was unexpected. I thought she was just a fan girl. Kyubi voiced out his opinion at the platinum blond.

It is just like you said. She was a fan girl. Naruto thought and remembered Ino was paying less attention to the Uchiha and concentrated on her ninja career. Her marks went up and in her taijutsu spar; she can tell that Ino has been practicing in hand to hand combat.

"Times up you two!" Iruka called out. Ino was breathing a bit rag after the fight and sweating a bit.

That sweat gives her a nice shine to her skin. Kyubi pointed out and Naruto had to agree with him while she stared at her backside while Ino was walking away. Then it hit her.

Damn it Kyubi! Don't give me any ideas! Naruto mentally screamed at Kyubi for giving her such ideas while he was laughing his ass off. "Damn perverts." Naruto muttered while returning to the class room.

The Next Month

News of Naruto ruining the Uchiha's ninja career has spread like wild fire. The council have tried to sentence her to death or life in prison.

Notice the word 'tried' is up there.

It seems the information of insubordination is a serious thing in a hidden village. If the Uchiha already showed signs of insubordination already in the academy then he won't be so loyal to the village when he becomes a ninja.

So after so many unleashing of killing intent to the civilian council and there already loss of power from Danzo, Koharu and Homura, the council has made the decision to keep the Uchiha from becoming nothing else but a sperm donor.

Not to mention Naruto always keeps her word. Kyubi reminded her about a certain Inuzuka, so she went to the Inuzuka compound in her armour and a herd of Warriors and Runners. She ordered her Warriors to knock the dog unconscious so she can breed new Runners. Many dogs were killed that day and some clan members were taken as well.

All in all, both the Uchiha and Inuzuka were in turmoil, but the Inuzuka can recover. After all she needs the Inuzuka clan to breed more dogs for her growing army.

But Naruto has something else in mine for the Uchiha and it didn't involve the one in the hospital but it involves the foundation.

Like I was saying you can't be in two places at once. Kyubi said to Naruto as she entered the Uchiha district with a bottle of sake in her right hand. It turned out she has the love of the drink.

Oh how am I going to get some help in this garbage of a village? Naruto thought as she took a gulp of her sake and entered the main Uchiha compound. Forget it. I have work to do. She took out a scroll and released the contents of the scroll. All of it was nothing but customized explosive tags.

One Hour Later

I really need to try some of that. Kyubi thought as Naruto gulped down the rest of the sake she had. Satisfied?

"Shut up." Naruto took out a tag that has the kanji of boom on it. It was something she had made from researching of connecting explosive tags together to make one big explosion other than a series of explosions. Naruto can sense all the tags she placed around the Uchiha district were connected to this one tag. She was about to press the tag but Kyubi stopped her.

Are you crazy!! Kyubi roared in Naruto's mind which stopped her from pressing the tag. Are you trying to get us both killed?! Naruto looked around a can see she is still in the Uchiha district. I swear that sake is clouding your judgement.

"My mind is not clouding my sake!" Naruto defended her sake as she leaned to the right and nearly fell to the ground.

Damn it all. She's drunk. Kyubi thought as he tried to move Naruto away from the Uchiha district while burning away the alcohol in her system. It took some time to get her to a Warrior that picked her up and carried her back to the Hive.

Naruto stirred from her slumber and wondered when she passed out.

It's about time you woke up!! Kyubi roared in Naruto's mind.

"Damn it Kyubi! Shut the hell up!!" Naruto yelled at Kyubi as she held her head with her hands as Kyubi's laughter was making her headache ache a lot more. "I said Shut UP!!" she slammed her hand against the bed she is in and she heard a loud explosion and wondered what kind of explosion can be heard from way down in the Hive. She looked down at her hand to see the detonator tag that connected to some explosive tags. Then it hit her like a wave of nausea.

After she finished exiting her contents from her stomach she remembered what the explosion was. She went to check her scroll pouch on her left hip. "Aahh... Kyubi... where are my napalm tags?" She asked her tenant.

Those were the Napalm tags? Kyubi asked Naruto and wondered how drunk she had to be to mix up the explosive tags with the napalm tags. Out of all the mistakes Naruto made in her life, she had to say this one is the best one out of them all.

The Next Month

The destruction of the Uchiha district was a devastating blow to the village. The civilian council demanded to have the district be rebuilt, but the Hokage has stated to rebuild a clan district without any clan members will just be a waste of funds and instead used the funds to repair the stray debris and build some apartments over what was left of the Uchiha compounds.

The Hokage can only rub his temples for the headache he has received over the eight months that passed since he placed Naruto in the academy to teach. With her in the academy he couldn't help but wonder if she is the one who is the cause of the destruction inside the village. It wasn't much but it was devastating.

She entered the village after the prison was hit and all of the people in the complex disappeared. After that she came to him with info of Danzo's whereabouts and he ordered her to eliminate root, but instead she killed Danzo alone. During her time teaching at the academy she ruined the Uchiha's chance at becoming a ninja. Then his advisers were found dead. The last one is her crippling the last Uchiha and blowing up his compound. But he couldn't help but wonder if she is the cause of all the destruction that is going on. He could have her put away but, all he has is a theory and knowing what is left of the civilian council will easily by it and the clans don't give a damn,

Then he heard a faint explosion that came from the training ground that Naruto asked for. He didn't know what she is up to, but he can only see that the things she did were beneficial for the village.

Too bad he didn't know those benefits were meant for her.

With Naruto

You actually pulled it off. Kyubi said to Naruto who was laying spread eagle face up breathing deeply. The area she is in shows signs of destruction. The ground she is laying down is deeply engraved with many more engraved lines from her position. So... what are you going to call it? Kyubi asked Naruto about her finished technique. All he received was some snoring. Damn it.

Night Time

Naruto is sleeping in her apartment after she dragged herself from the training grounds to her apartment. She didn't bother refreshing up; she just collapsed on her bed and passed out from exhaustion... again.

Even the storm outside didn't bother her as she slept peacefully. Like all peaceful things she couldn't help but feel dread.

She woke up and grabbed one of her daggers she kept hidden. Why do I feel so uneasy? Naruto asked herself and looked outside the window carefully. There is something out there.

It's about damn time. Kyubi said breaking Naruto out of her paranoia.

In the Storm.

The storm that is passing by masked its presence and shot out a pod that landed away from the village and exited out the storm away from Konoha and into unknown space.

With Naruto

Naruto continued to feel uneasy. She knew what passed by hidden by the storm and left the area away from the village.

That was just a drop off. The ship left the area and went back to where it came. Think you can take that Yautja on? Kyubi asked Naruto who was thinking things through.

"This is unexpected Kyubi. I can't just go out there and hunt down that Yautja without raising suspicion." Naruto said to Kyubi and understood her problem. "Not to mention the Jounin Exams is tomorrow." Naruto sighed at her predicament than she remembers something Kyubi said to her earlier. "Kyubi, you said something about getting some help."

Yes I did. You could send in some Warriors to take out that Yautja, but they are unpredictable and could ruin some of our plans. Kyubi said to Naruto and understood that the Warriors and the other Xenos need some guidance and that is what the Queen or Empress is for. Naruto can relay her orders to them and they relay that order to the hive and she can't have either of them leaving their hive to follow some orders.

"So who is willing to help me?" Naruto asked Kyubi and he told her something unexpected.

You ever heard of something called a Newborn?

To be Continued.

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