One of Harry's muggle-born coworkers is from the State's. He was telling Harry all about a place his parent would take him to when he was younger, Disneyland. Of course, Harry was very fascinated. He knew some of the Disney fairytales; he read the books to Lily, and sometimes James and Al.

He told Ginny all about it, and she was interested too. Harry's coworker told him how to book a trip and helped him.

Harry and Ginny decided to pay for the whole family, Andromeda and Teddy included, to come along. They will be staying at the Disneyland Hotel, and will be there for four days, not including flying days. They will make it a complete Muggle trip, meaning they will fly there, and rent cars to get around the city.

They also invited Luna and her family, who happily accepted. Neville and Hannah will also be coming.

Ages of the Children-

Teddy- 13

Victoire- 11

Dominique- 10

Fred- 10

James- 10

Roxanne- 9

Louis- 8

Molly- 8

Lucy- 6

Rose- 6

Albus- 6


Lily- 4

Lorcan and Lysander- 1