The Flight

Bill and Fleur were the last to arrive. Once they came into the airport, the flight was half an hour away. The kids were chaotic, and the parents were trying to figure out what was going on. Audrey and Hermione were the only one's who had ever been on a plane, and they were trying to show everyone else what to do. Arthur was vastly amazed by all of it.

Finally it was time to board the plane.

"Come on guys, we're going to go through here." Hermione was holding Hugo, and leading the group.

"Is that where the plane is?" Arthur asked bewilderedly.

"Yes, through that tunnel is where the plane is." Audrey explained patiently.

"Oh." They all walked through the tunnel. One would think that this was an easy task, but with fifteen little children, it causes chaos.

James was holding Albus' hand as they walked through. Of course, James up to no good.

"Albie you'd better close your eyes. Monster's live in these tunnels."

"Monsters?" Albus was getting smarter when it came to James. Obviously you don't listen to a word he says. But, sometimes that's too hard.

"Yeah, they like to eat little boys with black hair,"

"You have black hair Jemmy."

"Al, you didn't let me finish. They like little boys with black hair, and green eyes."

"I have green eyes." Al whispered.

"Oh yeah, that's right. Good thing I have blue eyes." With that, James let go of Albus' hand and walked away.

"James! James!" Albus yelled frantically. "James! I'm scared." Just as Albus started to cry, he felt someone pick him up.

"Ahhh!" He shrieked. "Put me down!"

"Albie, relax." Came the calm voice of Neville.

"Uncle Neville?"

"Yep, it's me." Neville smiled. "Did Jemmy scare you?"

"He said there was monsters."

"Oh. But, we know that there aren't real monsters. All the magical creatures are friendly."

"But Jemmy said,"

"Don't listen to Jemmy. Come on." Neville walked out of the tunnel, and onto the plane. When Ginny saw them, she rushed over. She grabbed Albus into her arms, and gave him a huge hug.

"Oh, you scared me Albie." She told him. "Thank you Neville."

"No problem. James was just being, well, James." They chuckled.

"James came out, and Harry asked, 'Where's Albus?' and James answered, 'I don't know.'" Ginny told Neville. "That kid is something else." They laughed.

"I'm gonna go find Hannah." Neville said.

"Okay." Ginny went over to where Harry was with Lily and James.

"Dad, I want to sit with Fred and Dom." James looked up at his parents.

"Yeah, okay." The family had all gathered around Harry.

After a few minutes, they decided on a seating arrangement.

In the first row sat (left to right) Dom, Fred & James, then an aisle, then Neville, Hannah, Victoire, Teddy & Arthur, then an aisle, then Angelina, Roxanne and Lucy. The second row had Charlie, Louis & Bill, then aisle, then, George, Percy, Molly, Audrey & Fleur then aisle, then Hermione, Rose & Albus. In the next row sat Hugo, Lily & Ginny then an aisle, then Rolf, Lorcan, Lysander, Luna & Molly then aisle, then Harry and Ron.

-Dom, Fred & James-

"What do you think will happen if I throw this bag?" The plane had just taken off, and Fred already had a mischievous idea.

"Uncle George and Aunt Angelina will probably yell at you." James told him.

"Yeah, you're probably right. I'm gonna keep it though."

"I think you should chuck it at Roxie." Dom said thoughtfully.

"But my mum's right there!" Fred exclaimed.

"That's an automatic grounding!"

"Then hand it to me and I'll chuck it at Louis." Dom held out her hand.

"Your dad's right next to him!" James exclaimed.

"If you throw it back at your Dad, but pretend you didn't mean to, I'll give you two sickles." Fred reached into his pocket. "But make sure it hits his face."

"Okay!" Dom smiled. "Deal."

Dom sneakily looked behind her. Her dad was little more than diagonal from her. After a minute, Dom grabbed the paper bag.

"I'm ready." She whispered. She crawled onto her knees in her chair. She threw the bag back, and quickly turned around. The bag hit Bill squarely in the face. Dom, Fred and James couldn't help but snicker.

"Here you are Dom." Fred have her the two sickles.

Bill leaned over the seats.

"What was that for?" He looked at the three kids. They heard Charlie snickering in the background.

"It just slipped out of my hand!" Dom exclaimed innocently.

"Uh-huh, I bet so." Bill turned to Charlie, "Think it's funny?" Bill took the bag and threw it at Charlie. It hit in right in the face. Dom, Fred, James and Louis all burst into laughter.

"Very nice big bro." Charlie pulled out his wand and tapped the bag. He slipped his wand back into his wand holster, and threw the bag back at Bill. When it hit Bill, it silently blew up.

"Good one little bro." Ginny leaned over from the seat behind Bill.

"What was that?" She looked at her two brothers and nephew. And then she saw James, Fred and Dom.

"Was it you three?" She asked pointing at Dom, Fred and James.

"No Mum! I swear!" James put his hand up. "It was Charlie."

"That time it was me." Charlie nodded his head at Ginny. "But Miss Dom here started it."

"It was a complete accident." Dom said as innocently as she could.

"Well, Bill, if you have everything under control." Ginny settled down in her seat, and helped Lily with her toy.

"Well, you three just stop having accidents, and I think we'll be alright." Bill told them.

"Okay." The three turned around.

"That was brilliant Dom!" James exclaimed.

"I know I'm amazing." She said smugly.

-Roxanne and Lucy-

"My daddy was telling me all about Disneyland." Lucy told Roxanne.

"Remember those films we watched at Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny's house?" Roxanne nodded "Disneyland is going to be all about those movies!"

"I'm so excited!" Roxanne exclaimed.

"Daddy said there is a huge castle for the princess. And she lives at Disneyland." Lucy said.

"Wow. Which Princess?" Roxanne asked.

"All of them! Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine!" Lucy smiled.

"Uncle Harry said there are these things called rides." Roxanne looked thoughtful. "Mum, what's a ride?" Angelina looked at the girls.

"They are like little cars that you get into, and they go really fast. Or, so they say. I've never been to Disneyland." Angelina smiled at the girls. "We'll all know soon though."

"Yep!" Roxanne exclaimed. "And I'm so excited!" Angelina laughed.

"I know. It's going to be a blast!

-Victoire and Teddy-

Teddy was holding a map of Disneyland that Harry had gotten.

"I wonder if the castle is as big as Hogwarts." Teddy said as he traced his finger around the map.

"Maybe." Vic added.

"This one looks fun." Teddy pointed to Splash Mountain.

"Its number 33." Teddy looked it up on the side of the map.

"Splash Mountain." He read. "Cool."

"Yeah, cool." Hannah looked over at them.

"What'cha guys lookin' at?" Hannah asked.

"A map of Disneyland." Answered Vic.

"Oh, cool."

As they were looking, someone came around with headphones.

"Would you like to watch the film?" She asked the five in the row. Neville and Hannah shook their heads.

"What film?" Arthur asked.

"An old classic Mickey Mouse film." The lady answered.

"Mickey Mouse is from Disneyland, huh?" Victoire asked.

"Yes, he is."

"We want to." Teddy gestured to him and Victoire. She handed the headphones to them.

"I'll have some too." The lady handed a set to Arthur.

After a few minutes the movie started. It was 'Steam Boat Willie'. After 'Steam Boat Willie', was 'The Band Concert'. After 'The Band Concert' was another Mickey Mouse show. Only this time it was in color, and they talked. It showed Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto. Most of the episodes had them everyone laughing. After several hours, the show ended.

"Wow, that was brilliant." Teddy said as he took off his headphones.

"Yes it was." Vic agreed. "It made me even more excited for Disneyland."

-Hermione, Rose and Albus-

"Did you like the film?" Hermione asked Rose and Al, as she took their headphones.

"Yeah, I liked Minnie." Rose said.

"Yeah, and Goofy was funny." Said Al.

"Yes, he was." Hermione reached down into her bag and pulled out some snacks. "Here you are." She gave each child a handful of snacks. "Rosie, should I read you guys one of your stories."

Rose smiled and reached for her bag. "Peter Pan."

-George, Percy, molly, Audrey and Fleur-

"That was brilliant!" Molly exclaimed when the show ended. "I hope they play another Disney film."

"Maybe." Audrey smiled. She remembered watching Disney movies as a child. When her other Muggle friends talked about Disneyland, she had been jealous. She was so happy that her daughters were able to go now.

"What is your favorite Disney film?" Fleur asked her niece.

"I love all the Princesses!" Molly exclaimed.

"They are very beautiful." Fleur nodded.

After a long time, the group landed in New York. They had to switch planes, for there wasn't a flight going straight to LAX, so they were stuck to take two flights.

"Okay, everyone follow Audrey and I." Hermione told the big group of people. "We have to get onto another plane."

Everyone followed, and the large group soon found themselves in the waiting room again.

"This is New York." Audrey breathed. There were many places she'd always wanted to visit, and New York was one of them. She had seen photos, but had always wanted to see the city herself.

The kids were restless, the little ones were whining, the trio was causing chaos, and the parents were trying to contain them.

As they were getting ready to board the new plane, Albus tripped and scrapped his knee. He was whining, and crying, and did a little bit of accidental magic. He tipped over a chair, and tripped Teddy, whose hair turned from the sandy blonde natural color, to bright red.

Ginny rushed over to Albus, and picked him up. Arthur went to fix the chair, and Harry went over to Teddy.

"Sorry about that Teddy." Harry helped him up. "Change your hair back." Harry whispered. Teddy had to keep his hair his natural color for the trip. His natural color happened to be Remus' hair color, sandy blonde. Teddy was also told not to do any changing of hair, skin, etc.

"Oh sorry." Teddy switched back to the sandy blonde.

They smoothly got onto the plane this time. The plane was arranged differently. The first row faced backward, and sat (left to right) Dom, Fred & James, then aisle, then Hermione, Rose & Albus. The next row faced forward, and sat Victoire, Teddy and Arthur, then aisle, then Ginny, Lily & Hugo. The next row was facing backwards again, it sat, Lysander, Lorcan & Luna, aisle, Angelina, Roxanne and Lucy. The next row was facing forward and sat Rolf, Neville and Hannah, aisle, Percy, Audrey and Molly. The next row was facing backward and sat, Bill, Louis and Charlie, aisle then Ron and George. The next row was facing forward and sat Fleur, Molly, aisle then Harry.

-Dom, Fred, James, Vic, Teddy & Arthur-

"I can't believe they have to sit with us." Dom whispered so only Fred and James could hear.

"Yeah, Vic is a big tattle tale." Fred agreed.

"Teddy sometimes tells my dad on me." James added.

Vic and Teddy watched their private conversation.

"We know you're talking about us." Vic said. Dom looked over at her grandfather, and saw he was asleep. Dom then looked at her sister.


"So, you're trying to be secretive, and we know that you're talking about us."

"We know. We just don't want you to hear what exactly we're saying." Dom retorted smugly.

"It's still rude." Vic pressed on.

"Have I ever cared? No. Then why would I care now?"

"You're such a brat Dom."

"No, you're a rotten tattle tale."

"I don't care. I'm a better person."

"Yeah, you'll probably be some stupid prefect, then Head Girl. You weren't even cool enough to become a Gryffindor." The Gryffindor retort hurt Vic. She had been unsure about becoming a Ravenclaw. Her parents had assured her that nothing was wrong with being a Ravenclaw, but her whole family was in Gryffindor. Even bookworm Aunt Hermione.

"Dom, that was low, even for you." Teddy said as he patted Vic's back. Dom just huffed and sat back.

After about half an hour, Ginny approached the group.

"You guys need to fall asleep. The time change is weird, so it's still a little light out, but it's well past bedtime at home."

"Aww…" James whined. "Mum…"

"We can split you three up." Ginny looked sternly at her son.

"We'll go to sleep Aunt Ginny." Dom smiled at her aunt.

"Okay. I'll be back." Ginny then went back over to her seat.

Arthur was still asleep, and Vic and Teddy were soon drifting off to sleep. Dom, James and Fred were a little more persistent.

"I'm just too excited to fall asleep." Dom exclaimed. Since she had been awake for many, many hours, she had become slaphappy.

"Yeah, I wish we had that Muggle soda." Fred and James were also quite slaphappy.

"Oh, that would be awesome!" James exclaimed. James waved down one of the workers.

"Can I help you?" She looked skeptically at the three kids.

"Do you have any Mu-" James went to say 'Muggle', but Fred elbowed him in the ribs. "OW!" James moaned in pain.

"Do you have any soda?" Fred asked calmly.

"Yeah, we've got Sprite, Root Beer, Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Shasta and we also have Red Bull."

"What's Red Bull?" Dom asked curiously.

"It's an energy drink."

"We'll get three Red Bulls." Fred said. James and Dom nodded enthusiastically.

"Alright then." The lady walked off into the back.

"My mum's gonna kill me!" James exclaimed.

"Who cares? My mum will too." Dom smiled. "Come on, we're on vacation!"

The lady that brought them the Red Bulls, was much more lively. She all but bounced over to them.

"Here you a-" She stopped mid-sentence. "Are you…" She left that sentence hanging. "What are your names?" The three kids exchanged looks. James and Teddy had a code of sorts. James quickly kicked Teddy in the shins. Teddy jerked awake, and glared at James, who just gestured to the lady. Teddy put his hand in his pocket, protectively grasping his wand.

"I'm James Potter."

"I'm Fred Weasley."

"I'm Dominique Weasley."

"And I'm Teddy Lupin." Teddy paused. "We're all cousins."

The lady let out a screech. She pointed at James.

"You're Harry and Ginny Potter's oldest." She then gestured to Fred. "You're George and Angelina Weasley's oldest." She then went to Dom, "You're Bill and Fleur Weasley's oldest." She then looked at Teddy, "And you are the son of the late Remus Lupin, and Nymphadora Tonks Lupin." Dom, being Dom, quickly responded by saying,

"And who's she?" She pointed to her sister.

"Your sister, Victoire Weasley."

"How do you know who we are?" Teddy asked, his hand still in his pocket.

"I'm a witch." She said, pulling her wand out of her boot.

"And I've read the Harry Potter books." She screeched again. "I've always wanted to meet you guys?" She pulled out a pen and piece of paper. "May I have your autographs?"

"Of course." James loved the attention he got from being the son of Harry Potter.

Dom kicked Victoire awake.

"Huh!" She quickly sat up. Vic saw James sign something and hand it to Fred, who signed it. "Huh?" Victoire asked as Dom signed the paper.

"Here, sign this." Dom said as she handed the paper to Vic.

"Okay." Victoire signed her loopy, sloppy, 'Victoire G. Weasley'.
"Here." Vic passed the page and pen to Teddy, who signed it.

"Thank you!" The lady exclaimed. "Picture?" She then squeezed next to Dom, Fred and James and got a picture, then did the same with Vic and Teddy.

"Can we have our drinks?" Dom was done talking to this lady.

"Oh, yes, of course." She handed them the Red Bulls. "If you need anything else, just ask."

"That was odd." Dom commented as she sipped her drink.

"This is really good." James said, taking a big gulp.

"I'm going back to sleep." Vic grumbled.

"'Night ya poop." Dom said casually. Vic glared at Dom before closing her eyes. Teddy too went back to sleep, while the dynamic trio finished their drinks, and slowly fell asleep.

-Angelina, Roxanne, Lucy, Percy, Audrey & Molly-

"Look at this one." Audrey pointed to another ride. They were looking at a map of Disneyland.

"I swear, Audrey you're more excited then the kids!" Angelina laughed. Percy and Audrey laughed too.

"I can't help it!" They all laughed.

"I'm more excited!" Roxanne exclaimed.

"You think so Roxie?" Audrey asked her niece.

"Oh yes." They all laughed.

'Which ride do you want to go on first?" Audrey landed the map to Roxanne, who took it gingerly.

"Hmmm…" She contemplated. "Maybe this one." She pointed to 'It's a Small World'.

"Number 58." Roxanne looked it up on the side. "It's A Small World." She read out.

"Cool. I wonder what that one's like." Lucy said.

"Should be fun." Angelina commented.

"May I look at the map?" Percy asked.

"Sure Uncle Percy." Roxanne handed the map to Percy.

"Hmmm…." Percy looked over the map. "What about number 22, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad."

"That sounds way cool!" Roxanne exclaimed.

"That does sound fun." Molly agreed. "May I see it, Dad?" Percy handed the map of Molly.

"22 does look fun!" She exclaimed. "It's like a bunch of rocks!"

"It's kind of like the old west." Audrey explained. "Remember the cowboys and Indians I showed you?"

"Yeah!" The two girls exclaimed, remembering the fun they had had playing cowboys and Indians.

"Well, I think that ride might have something to do with cowboys and Indians."

"So there's princesses and cowboys? Disneyland is awesome!" While Lucy spoke she threw her arms up into the air. Everyone laughed.

"Yes my love, Disneyland is awesome."

After a few more hours, they were finally landing at LAZ. When they all got off, Hermione and Audrey led them to the luggage claim, and they collected their bags.

"Now what?" Bill asked.

"We go get a cab to take us to our hotel." Hermione told them. "Harry, do you have the address?" Harry took a piece of paper out of his pocket, and gave it to Hermione. "I'll be back." She said before walking away with Rose.

After a few minutes Hermione and Rose came back with a ticket.

"Follow me." She said. "Ron, you get all of the bags so I can handle everything." Hermione instructed as she walked to the doors of the airport, everyone trailing behind. When they got outside Hermione handed a man the ticket.

"Five?" He said in astonishment.

"Yep." Hermione nodded her head. The man walked away, and Hermione turned to the group, "Seven people can fit in one van. Now decide who's with who."

"We're together!" Dom, Fred and James exclaimed, linking arms.

"I'll go with them." Ginny offered, "And I'll take Lils with me."

After a few minutes they decided on who would be where. The vans were situated so that there was the Driver and Passenger seat, and then there were three rows. Row one had two seats, row two had two seats, and row there had three seats.

The first car had (left to right) Dom, James and Fred in the back, Ginny and Lily in the middle, and Neville and Hannah in the front. The next car had Angelina, Roxanne, and Lucy in the back, Luna and Lysander in the middle and Rolf and Lorcan in the front. The next car had Bill, Louis and Charlie in the back, Victoire and Teddy in the middle, and Harry, and Albus in the front. The fourth car had Fleur, Molly and Audrey in the back, Hermione and Rose in the middle, and Ron and Hugo in the front. The last car had no one in the back, Molly and Arthur in the middle, and Percy and George in the front.

They rode to the hotel, checked in and went up to their rooms. Every family had their own hotel room, meaning Harry and Ginny had one, while Bill and Fleur had one. The hotel rooms were amazing! They all had a living/kitchen room, a bedroom with 2 sets of bunk beds, a bathroom, and a master bedroom and bathroom.

Molly and Arthur, and Hannah and Neville had smaller suites, while Charlie just had a standard room.

The next day, they were to all meet at breakfast at 10:00.