"Ghost Pirate Hunter Morgan LeFlay… I like the sound of that!" she smiled evilly. Though it couldn't compare to the evil smile given by the woman in the chair next to her. Her name was Monette, well actually, she had no name. To everybody, she was the Voodoo Lady, but she looked like a Monette. So, this Monette sat hunched over a few tarot cards strewn about the elaborately voodoo-esque desk in her hideout—an unnamed and unmarked place in the desolate wasteland that is the crossroads. The penultimate resting place of the newly deceased. Her smile was that of pure evil and a scheme yet unknown… but it was soon to unravel.

"Hoist the main sail…" he barked out. Shouting orders was fun and Guybrush Threepwood made sure to have as much fun as possible… but with only two crewmates—one of them being your wife, and the other being a navigator who will only listen to you when you point at a map—shouting orders was probably not the way to go.

"Poo bear… aren't you being a little… demanding?" his wife asked while seated on a tanning chair on the deck. "We're just going back home."

"Yes… but you want to get there faster don't you?" he raised his eyebrows hoping his wife would see his way of thinking, which was almost never. "Van Winslow… to Melee Island!"

Van Winslow rolled his eyes. That was not the way he liked doing things. "The map sir…"

Guybrush looked at the map pinned to the wall of the captain's quarters. "Oh," he cleared his throat, "right." He walked to the map and pointed to the image of Melee Island on it with his newly 'cured' hand. At the sight of it, he remembered Morgan LeFlay and how she had cut his hand off for the Marquis DeSinge forcing Guybrush to wear a hook. He felt sorry for his friend. He should have found a way for her to return to the land of the living with him, but first he had to save his wife, and that was what mattered, right?

"Guybrush!" Elaine looked up into the sky. She saw the dark clouds rolling in and ultimately shielding the sun from her view… and keeping her from effectively developing a tan.

"Yes plunder bunny?" Guybrush turned to look at Elaine, she just pointed up into the sky and said something about rain. He looked up and sure enough, it was starting to pour.

"Well," he started. "There goes my hot meal and warm bed."

"Aargh… what are ye doin' here lass?" he bellowed out. He was supposed to be dead. Well, dead for good now anyway, but here we was. Alive… and he did mean alive. Human and all.

"I need your help…"

"And what makes ye think I'll be helpin' you… 'specially when it looks like that darned Voodoo Lady helped ye escape the crossroads!" LeChuck glared at the girl he killed. She was now just a mere ghost, to a simple person it would seem she was still dead. She was, but without Monette's help, she'd be confined to the crossroads and not standing in front of LeChuck on a remote island.

"What if I told you I had a way of getting Elaine back?"

This piqued LeChuck's interest. He was never a romantic sort of fellow, but he wanted to woo Elaine. Body, and soul. And if he had to kidnap her first then win her affection, so be it.

"As you see now, I'm just a ghost… but if you help me find my body… I'll help you capture Elaine," she smirked. "What do you say?"

"Why doesn't that infernal woman tell ye where it is?"

"Because, although she took my body from DeSinge's lab… she doesn't know where it is," she answered slightly miffed at his questioning and at Monette's convenient forgetfulness.

"Fine lass… I'll help ye."

"Wonderful!" she started, "Oh and by the way, sorry for helping kill you."

"Sorry fer runnin' ye down with me blade," LeChuck answered.

"Even then?" she asked holding out her hand.

LeChuck looked down at her hand, apprehensive at first, but she was a ghost… what was she going to do? "Even…" he made a motion to accept her hand, and when he did ended up fisting a good amount of air.

"Good!" she smiled and thus began the partnership of the Pirate Hunter Morgan LeFlay and the infamous Ghost Pirate LeChuck.

Hey all,

Just a little something about Monkey Island that I wanted to write after finishing the series. I need something that'll hold me over 'till either the release of Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island or when I get the DVD edition of Tales of Monkey Island. So here it is, Hope you all like it so far!