"I-it's not in here..." Morgan floated towards LeChuck who was on his hands and knees, sorting through the rubble. She shook her head, wanting more than anything to look through the debris herself... but alas she couldn't.


"Morgan..." she growled.

LeChuck just ignored her and continued on with what he was saying, "I think we should just go."

"No... I am NOT going anywhere with you until you learn that my name is MORGAN... feared pirate hunter!"

"Feared pirate hunter? Maybe once... and even then, I doubt you were as feared as you claim to be." LeChuckled laughed, "Now let's go... LASS!"

Meanwhile, Guybrush, Elaine, and Van Winslow were still on their ship. Van Winslow was at the wheel with a grimace on his face due to the fact that Elaine yelled at him, but atleast the other two passangers were in a somewhat better mood.

Elaine was sitting on the tanning chair, leaning back and looking up in the sky. To anyone else, it would look as though she were relaxing, but Guybrush knew she was concentrating on her thoughts.

"Plunder bunny?" Guybrush sat in the tanning chair beside her.

Elaine sighed and turned her head to look at him, "I just don't know what the Voodoo Lady's deal is," Elaine sat up in the chair and slammed her fist into her palm with each word she said next, "What... is... she... planning."

"There's..." he shuddered at the the thought of what he was about to say, "Nothing going on between me and the Voodoo Lady."

Elaine stopped in her assault on her hand and looked at her husband with a quizzical stare, "What?" she shook her head once she understood what he had just said, "No... no... I don't dislike her because you may be-" she shuddered, not wanting to think of her goofy husband with the much older Voodoo Lady. "Besides... I don't think you're her type. You're too skinny..." she gave him a shy smile. "It's just that... I don't trust her. Why is she asking you to go out on adventures for her? Why must you find Big Whoop or... or The Secret of Monkey Island. I just don't understand it!" she continued speaking at a frenzied pace, but Guybrush was too busy thinking about what she had said before.

"Wait... what do you mean I'm too skinny?"

"Aargh!" Morgan felt like punching something... anything. She swung her dainty ghostly fist in LeChuck's direction and watched as it passed straight through him. They had already searched the woods high and low, and still no sign of her body. Even though her logical mind knew that finding it here would be too easy, she was still hopeful. Morgan did not want to stay a ghost any longer than she had to.

"Shut up!" yelled LeChuck as he rummaged through the last set of bushes in the woods.

"You shut up!" she sighed and floated into a tree, looking down at LeChuck. "You have no idea how frustrated I'm feeling right now..."

LeChuck stood up from the bushes and looked up at her in the tree, his hands crossed over his chest. "Oh don't I?" Ah, that's right. The ghost-girl before him had no idea that he was the great former ghost pirate LeChuck.

"I'll have you know that I once was a ghost just like you, dearie..."


"I lived on my ghost ship with the rest of my ghost crew, sailing the seas of Melee Island. My name was feared across the seas."

"Obviously not, because I haven't heard of you until now."

LeChuck growled, but ignored her comment. "That is... until Guybrush..."

Morgan raised an eyebrow, her interest truly piqued now. "Guybrush?"

LeChuck snorted and kicked a rock that was laying at his feet. He obviously didn't want to talk about it. That was all she needed to know, that the annoying blond pirate came along and his days as a ghost where through. She didn't have to know that he was bested by root beer.

She floated towards him. There was a smile on her face, "He defeated you..." she started. LeChuck's silence was all her conformation.

"I was resurrected thanks to my past crew mate Largo LaGrande," he started walking out of the woods with her following closely behind. Suddenly an idea struck him. Wouldn't it be much faster to just attempt in making her a zombie like he once was? Surely she had left some DNA around the island somewhere and he could find some root beer on Melee island using the ship he had commandeered from the pirates in Club 41. He wondered briefly why he was still helping Morgan... ah... because he needed her help with Elaine, and she was more useful to him as a zombie than as a ghost. "I have an idea..." he brought a hand up and signaled her to come closer to him. Once she was near enough to hear him, he told her his idea. It would take some work, but it would be easier than going on a wild goose chase around the islands.

Monette smiled evilly. From what she could see through the crystal ball, everything was going according to plan... maybe even better. LeChuck and Morgan LeFlay were on an adventure as was Guybrush. Not only that... but he still maintained her innocence against the suspicions of his harpy of a wife, Elaine. In the center of the room was a circle of statues, one of which was familiar while the others seemed to be new. Monette, standing from her table, walked to stand in the center of the circle, looking at the statues and as all evil men and women do, she began speaking of her plan... not caring that nobody but the statues was there to listen.

"Once dey are done, I will be granted with da power of de gods of Dnalsi Yeknom. Dis world will be mine!" There was a convenient flash of lightning that illuminated the faces of each statue as Monette laughed, and laughed maniacally. The laughs became coughs, then ultimately wheezes and she sat back down at her table, looking through her crystal ball. "I really need to start using dat elliptical machine I bought."

"We're almost to Melee Island, sir!" Van Winslow yelled.

"Great!" Guybrush smiled. Soon he would be home, in the governors mansion. First thing he would do would be to banter with H.T. Marley for a bit, have a great big meal lovingly prepared by his wife, go to bed, and maybe take a shower... or whatever he chose like doing. He wasn't much for lists anyway. "Hear that Elaine..."

Suddenly the sky grew darker again, black clouds completely shielding the sun from view. Rain began pouring violently from the sky and the water around them seemed to shake roughly.

"Not again..." Van Winslow mumbled.

"The Voodoo Lady is getting on my nerves!" Elaine lifted her arms and let them fall back down to her sides in an exasperated manner.

"You don't know that... maybe the forecast called for storms today."

Elaine looked at him, clearly unnamused. "You're protecting that woman and I don't know why." She stood up from the tanning chair and walked into the captain's quarters, slamming the door behind her.

"Plunder bunny!" Guybrush ran after her leaving Van Winslow to bear the storm before having the sense to go down to the crew's quarters.

Hmmm... not happy with how this one turned out, but at least it's an update and the story is progressing. We get some insight into Monette's plan.

Will Morgan become a zombie? What will happen to the Screaming Narwhal? Will Largo LaGrande ever be found?