We Used To Be Friends

seaQuest DSV/NCIS crossover
by Ahn-Li Steffraini

Summary: When crewmember on board the UEO flagship is found trapped inside the spherical dock of the seaQuest DSV, the MCRT team of NCIS is called in to investigate. Two of the Navy's most obstinate people have to work together to solve it... but when evidence leads to Bridger as the main suspect, even Gibbs' instincts scream that something isn't right.

Mother of all A/N's: There is some serious reconciling to do here, let me tell you...

1) seaQuest DSV took place, in its first season, in the year 2018. NCIS, at present moment takes place in present time. There's a nine year gap! So, presume that NCIS has progressed at least 9-10 years past the present season so all episodes that have happened are canon and part of distant history. For seaQuest, this means to not push that timeline any further, that it takes place in very early first season right about the time Captain Bridger took command.

2) While, obviously, in ten years many things can change for our NCIS people, I am finding a way to include them all. It wouldn't be a true crossover if I didn't.
a) Gibbs is still leading the MCRT team, however, he is due to retire.
b) DiNozzo is still there, as usual.
c) McGee isn't on the MCRT team, but is an Agent Afloat. Coincidence would have him as the Agent Afloat on the seaQuest DSV.
d) Ziva is still there, now a full citizen & Agent.
e) Ducky is retired, but still consults and therefore, due to the high-profile case will be called on through "vid-phone" should the team require his aid from where he now teaches back in England.
f) Abby is still our Forensics expert, so no changes there. Her paygrade has increased, and in her downtime she now teaches at a local university, but that's about it for changes with her.
g) The MCRT team has a new member. He'll be introduced later (time marches on) but will not upstage our favourite NCIS and seaQuest crew... just there to fill out the numbers.
e) Jimmy Palmer is now the NCIS ME.

Now, for those familiar with seaQuest but not NCIS:

NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service (explains why'd they be on seaQuest in the first place, eh?). Before the UEO and the confederations, it was a federal agency in the US. Now with NorPac, it still is a "federal" agency and serves much the same function as it did before the formation of the NorPac Confederation. Considering that, while on loan to the UEO, the seaQuest is still NorPac registered any crimes committed on board would automatically be under NCIS jurisdiction. In the TV show NCIS, the MCRT (Major Case Response Team) is led by Special Agent Gibbs and a team of investigators. It's an awesome show and if you haven't already seen it, watch an episode, I promise you won't regret it.

For those familiar with NCIS not not seaQuest DSV:

You missed out. I'm sorry! seaQuest DSV was a show that took place in the not too distant and (at least in the first season) a very realistic future on a peacekeeping/research sub with teeth. Her captain was Nathan Bridger... and in many ways the character of Bridger and Gibbs were almost (but not quite) identical and with very similar backgrounds, although each character's approach to life was a bit different. While the ensemble cast of seaQuest was a bit bigger than NCIS, each character had their own distinct personality like that of NCIS. Most of the episodes centered on the peacekeeping and research aspect, but if someone got on them, Captain Bridger never did hesitate to blow an enemy sub out of the water. While there was a slight touch of the "paranormal" in the first season, it was subtle and gracefully done... and usually well explained. The sub, like the show, was futuristic with a self-healing "skin" that also served to help it disappear a bit to the naked eye, used roving periscopes and sophiscated technology, and was approximately 100ft long with well over 200 crewmembers and the ability to carry more if needed.

If you're here because you know both shows... I hope I manage to catch the character of both shows without it turning into a crackfic.

So ends the Mother of all Author's Notes...