"On the day of her sixteenth birthday, the girl will be brought back here..." A voice echoed throughout the chamber. The voice both quiet, but firm. It had the sound of authority, but at the same time the softness of someone pure. Sitting at the edge of a long circular table was a figure engulfed by the shadows of the dark room and the night. Glowing emerald green eyes peirced through the darkness as he gazed around at his allies who were sitting around the table. You could tell that the figure was a hedgehog. A male hedgehog. Long magnificent quills went down his back, and you could see a touch of blue through the darkness. His eyes wandered around the room, looking at each of his allies as if he was waiting for a response.

"But what about the girl's parents?" said a more deeper and darker male voice "They'd surely know of our attempts to take the girl back!" There was another figure just on the right of the first one. Another male hedgehog, but different. His eyes glowed a crimson red, almost redder than blood. You could also see a glimpse of his red stripes through the darkness. His quills were shorter than the first one, and they were faced upwards. But you could hardly see his fur...It was dark like the night sky itself...almost black. His hands were pressed against the table as he said his statement. His voice was different from the first one...It had some authority, but it lacked the pureness from the other hedgehog. Instead, the pureness was replaced with what seemed like...darkness. Just the sound of his voice was enough to make one's hair on the back of his or her neck stand. He spoke in a low and somewhat slow tone. His ruby red eyes were glued to the blue hedgehog, but the blue one lowered his head, and his peridot eyes suddenly disappeared when his eyelids suddenly lowered. You could almost see a glimpse of a somewhat wicked grin speared across his lips.

"The parents should have no need to interfere," he said "They know what they have done when they agreed to this. They know better...besides, what can two humans do?"

Suddenly, a more feminine voice was heard through the chamber. "But by now, the child and the serogate parents might have imprinted on each other," she said "separation will not be an easy task, my Lord..." There was another figure sitting next to the dark hedgehog on his right side. She was no hedgehog. She lacked the quills, and her ears were larger than a hedgehogs. You could see her wings were folded against her back, and her fur was pure white that it almost pierced through the darkness. She was a bat. Her lime green eyes gazed up at the blue one, waiting for his response.

"If the serogate parents put up a fight," he said sternly "then we'll have no choice but to put them down. But make sure that the girl is no where in sight where she could see this or know what's happening."

"Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go now!" A loud male voice suddenly boomed through the chamber, and the table shook when a fist made impact with it. Across from the dark hedgehog and on the left side of the blue one, amethyst eyes filled with rage and fruststration glared up at the blue one. He was no hedgehog either, nor was he a bat. Long gorgeous red dredlocks went over his shoulders and down his back, and his fur was as red as the dark hedgehog's eyes. His sharp canines were showing as he sneered, clearly enraged. He was standing from his seat, and you could see his somewhat long, but crooked tail. He was an echidna.

"Knuckles! Mind your temper around King Sonic!" the dark hedgehog snapped.

"But why must we wait? I am sure all of you want to bring her back just as well as I do!"

"Knuckles, please...calm yourself..." King Sonic said calmly, his voice just as pure as it was before "It would be wrong just to run in and take her away. There's no doubt that she's imprinted on her serogate parents. We must do this as gently as we can..."

Knuckles soon calmed down as slowly sat back in his seat. He let out a silent grunt of frustration as he lowered his head and closed his eyes.

"Your Majesty..." the dark hedgehog asked silently "You said we must wait until the girl's sixteenth birthday, but that's just a week away! Is there something you have planned in order to do this?"

King Sonic suddenly went quiet. He had never thought about that. He never planned out the recovery mission. They only had a week before they'd had to go to Earth and bring the child back. Outside, the gray clouds suddenly parted away and revealed the moon. The seemingly small white sphere shined brightly in the night sky with the stars twinkling as if they're trying to match the moon's light. The light poured through one of the castle's windows and illuminated the dark room. Though it wasn't as bright, you could see the figures more clearly. King Sonic sat in the highest chair of the table. But the table was in the shape of a long "C" instead of being just a regular circle. It was silent, and the room was filled with the silent murmurs of the other beings. King Sonic suddenly rose from his seat, and the room went completely quiet.

"We shall depart for Earth by dawn tomorrow. I want you all to get the top scientists and mechanics to activate the portal. It will give us the chance to use our new abilities to blend in with the humans. We will be there during that entire week. We will try to get as close to her as we can. And when her sixteenth birthday comes, we will bring her back to Mobius, whether she likes it, or not. With that said, you all are dismissed."

The other beings rose from their seats and walked out the room quietly while King Sonic remained in the room. He rose from his seat and walked over to the window and looked up into the night sky. The room was empty, or, so it seemed. The black hedgehog was still standing at the door and gazing worringly at his best friend. He walked over slowly, and he placed his hand on the blue hedgehog's shoulder.

"I know you're worried, but she's a strong girl...she escaped death more than once," he said "I know it's hard for you. Having to give up your own child and not being able to see her grow..."

"It's more than that, Shadow..." King Sonic said quietly "What will she think of me when she sees me? Will she believe us? Will she accept me? More importantly, will she see me as her enemy instead of her father..?"

Shadow suddenly went quiet and lowered his head. He had a lot of sympathy for his friend.

"It is late," Sonic suddenly said "we must get ready for our departure. We only have a few more hours before we must go."

"Yes...let us prepare for the mission." The duo walked out of the chamber, leaving it completely empty in the dark...The clouds suddenly engulfed the moon in darkness and blocked its light. The room was now completely dark, and empty...

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