Something new. I don't think it's been done so I'd like to have a go at it. It's Draco's point of view.

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I pounded on the bathroom door, she was taking forever, glaciers moved faster than she did. They also acknowledged me more than she did, because my continuous knocking was greeted with silence from the other side of the door. Every year, one week in every month we went through this shit: constant mood swings, asinine cravings, and all that other fun stuff. You'd think between the muggle doctors and the brilliant Healers in the wizarding world someone would be able to come up with a cure to this monstrosity. No. Not one of the smartest people in the world can come up with with some glimmer of hope for the male population of the world. So once a month we're stuck walking on egg shells because the female population can't stop the blood flow. What did we ever do to deserve this? What did I ever do to deserve this.

"Hurry up!" I pounded again. "We need to get you to the mansion."

Something was thrown down on the other side of the door. "Are you bleeding from your crotch? Is there a zit the size of Africa growing on your chin? Do you weigh two more pounds than you did yesterday?" She paused for dramatic effect. She was quite the drama queen if you asked me. "Exactly!"

I groaned. She was a pain in my arse.

"Jauclin." I waited for her to open the door. She didn't. "Open the damn door, Jauclin, before I blast it off!" It was hard being the good guy when she was pushing my nerves.

The sixteen year old prima dona pulled the door open and glared at me. Her cheeks were flushed, her blond hair a mess, and, what do you know, there was a zit the size of Africa growing on her chin. I involuntarily touched my chin, hoping to Merlin there wasn't anything there, nothing. But my action was greeted with a shriek and the slamming of the bathroom door. I slammed my fist against the locked bathroom door. Whoever thought it was a funny idea to give girls female issues should be shot. Luckily for me, I only had to endure this ungodly behaviour for four months out of the year. I had never been so happy she was a witch. The rest of the year she was locked up with seven other girls who shared in the same misfortune.

We wouldn't be out of this place until hell froze over, she hadn't even taken her damn shower. I trudged back to my room, why did she have to be such a girl? I liked her better when she wasn't such a freak like she was now. She was normal and we could have a conversation together without her blowing up at some word or phrase I said. God was such an unkind man, how could He have given me a girl? Was this some master payback plan He had in His scheming mind? Because I thought I was paid back enough when Jauclin first got her period, that was hell.

I think I actually wanted someone to kill me when she first got it. It was during a Potions lesson in second year, we were making a sleeping draught and she had gotten up to get some ingredient. I think it was Jobberknoll feathers, the shredded ones. Anyway, some little Hufflepuff thought it was a great idea to point out the dark splotch on the back of her grey skirt. It really wouldn't have been that big of a deal if Jauclin wasn't such a sissy. She could have said that she sat in whatever kind of liquid we were using, it would have been perfect. But no. She had to go 'consult' or whatever the hell girls called it with her partner and that's the first time I heard that damned shriek. The whole class was there for her little scene, she made a fool of herself. She had not inherited the chill gene from me. Jauclin ran right out of that room, quicker than a Firebolt, straight to her mother, who somehow was able to blame it on me. I question the girl's popularity. I know if I had been their age I would've never talked to her again.

But I was stuck with her, she was my own personal shackle.

"Dad," Jauclin walked into my bedroom as I was packing the last of my robes into my trunk. I looked up at her. She was wearing some awful dress her maternal grandmother gave her, the mop on top of her head was still untamed, and the zit was still there. "Kill me now."

"Your grandma is going to make you put something less muggle on when you get there."

"Aren't you listening to me?"

"And if you don't do something about that mess, she will." I nodded to her hair.

"I want you to kill me." She said confidently. "Put me out of my misery."

"Honestly, Jauclin, it's just a zit. It'll be gone in a few days."

"Grandma doesn't have zits."

"Because she traded them for wrinkles. So unless you want crows-feet, I suggest you finish getting ready so we can go."

She sulked away after letting me know the shower was free. I didn't know why she made such a big deal out of the zits popping up, she knew how to get rid of them. She always had them vanished by the time we saw each other at lunch or if we passed each other in the corridors, this all goes back to the drama queen label. The girl always claimed that she wouldn't have flawless skin if she constantly popped the zit with the help of magic, I hated to be the one to break the news to her, but I said if her skin was so flawless she wouldn't have the zit in the first place. The rest of that week was the the quietest week of my life. She was thirteen then, though, she now assumes that I have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to female problems.

The shower, of course, was cold as ice the second I stepped into it. Was there some kind of unwritten law that stated girls must use up all the hot water so their dad's share in their bad mood? Don't get me wrong, sometimes it wasn't bad, sometimes I needed it, but today was not one of those days. Today I was looking forward to a hot shower before I was forced to dorm with an imbecile, but my drama queen ruined that happy thought for me. Thank you, Jauclin.

Jauclin was sitting on my bed when I walked into my room, I was wearing nothing but a towel on mind you.

"Merlin, you're not eight anymore." I held the towel tighter. "Get out."

"I'm not going." It never ends!

"Why?" I asked truly uninterested from inside the closet.

"I found the letter she sent you."

I rolled my eyes, why was I cursed with a girl? "Which letter?" I groaned as I put underwear and trousers on.

"The one that said Teddy is going to be there."

What happened to my daughter? Who the hell is this thing sitting on my bed, did they do some kind of flop? Why am I stuck with this creature for a week? I actually liked her for the other three weeks, like I said before, she wasn't a freak.

"Teddy isn't that bad, Jauclin." I reasoned with her. "Sure, he's a halfbreed, but he's fun to piss off, and you two always get into some good arguments that you normally win. Push his buttons. Hey," I said coming out of the closet. "There's a full moon tomorrow, howling drives him insane."

Jauclin smirked as I finished buttoning my shirt. That was the first hint of normalcy I had seen all morning.

"I like it better when we're at Hogwarts, he flips out." Jauclin snorted. "He's such a Gryffindor." That was my daughter, not the parasite that controls her mind.

"You're an evil little wench." I said.

"It's in my genes." She gave me a pointed look.

"Hey, you get it from your mother's side." I sent my trunk to wait for me at the door.

"She says I got it from you." Jauclin smirked again before continuing, "Since you're an intolerable pain in the arse."

"Oh, ha." I pushed her out of my room. "Are you sure she wasn't talking about you?"

All in all, I love the girl. She wasn't thick like most of the people I was forced to associate with and she wasn't sleazy like the girls who I met day to day, and she was a prude know-it-all. Like in every functional family there were times when I wanted nothing more than to wring her scrawny little neck, but that was once in a blue moon, and normally during her time of the month. Other than that, though, she was an okay kid.

She was four when I started working at Hogwarts and had to leave her with my parents for the school year. I assumed it wouldn't be that hard, I mean, I knew how my parents felt when I went away to Hogwarts and I always figured they were being over dramatic, well mostly my mother. Anyway, the separation really hadn't bothered me until I started seeing constant reminders of her everywhere: in the corridors, at meals, during Quidditch matches. That's when I broke down like a wimp and started writing to her, even though she wasn't able to actually read the letters. It made me feel better knowing that she had a little piece of me while I had a daily reminder of her. Yeah, the little four year old was turning me into a big old softy. What was even worse was when mother thought it would be a brilliant idea to bring Jauclin up to Hogwarts for her birthday. If you wanted to see a twenty-two year old tear up, you should have been there.

This year was, by far, the easiest year leaving Jauclin at the mansion. It was her week which meant I had only gotten the first day and my parents were the ones who would have the pleasure of dealing with a hormonal, crotch-bleeding, drama queen. It was amazing. Although, come to think of it. I'd rather deal with a sixteen year old opposed to dealing with the train ride up to Hogwarts. Not only was I forced to share a compartment with someone, but the said someone was someone I wished would just sink to the bottom of the lake and never come back up. If I thought Jauclin and her mother were pains in my ass, this guy takes the gold. He's cocky, ignorant, and a complete muggle lover. He acted like he was better than me, thought that he was all high and mighty because he was childless, and apparently he was also on the verge of shagging Jauclin's mother.

He flashed me a huge grin when I walked into the compartment, "Longbottom." I greeted stiffly.

"How's Jauce?" I glared at him, I hated when people called her that.


"Oh." He looked up at me with eyes the size of Galleons. He watched as a few people passed out compartment, Granger was one of them. "Hermione's daughter is starting this year."

"Yeah." One worded answers usually gave normal people the cue to shut up, but not this fat ass, he just insisted on making my day worse.

"Did you see who you're rooming with this year?"

"Yes." He raised his eyebrows, encouraging me to continue. I glared at him, sent a rude hand gesture his way, then opened a letter Jauclin had specifically told me not to let anyone but her mother see. She should have never trusted the personal letter with a Malfoy, she would have done the same thing, she has done the same thing.

Train rides were generally quiet with Longbottom. Aside from his awkward small talk, things were usually nice and silent, just the way I preferred them. I didn't like sitting with Longbottom and his awkwardness, but he left me alone whereas every other person on staff tried starting up a conversation about how Jauclin was doing, or what kind of plans did I have ready for the students this year, then, of course, the ones that involved what I had done over break. Neville Longbottom wasn't like that, though, he enjoyed sulking in silence for the long train ride. I never went back to King's Cross to pick the students up, I used that time to plan lessons and cast charms on the room so that my dorm mate wouldn't be able to arrange things to his liking, that's why I went through so many of them. Luckily, and unluckily, for me the curse of the D.A.D.A professor still continued to this day. That's who I normally dormed with unless it was a girl.


Hogwarts had two new professors this year. The brute of the two was sitting up at the front with Granger as McGonagall rambled on and on about the same rules and penalties I heard every time this year for the past twelve or so years, I could recite her word for word. The brute had a quill and parchment in his lap, I think even Granger gave him some kind of look like he was a nutter. I certainly was. I watched him closely, though, because if he and Granger were sitting any closer, she'd be sitting on his lap. I sneered at them, they were making me sick just by being in my presence. Couldn't they teach at another school where people actually cared about them. This new guy was another one to add to my list, right before Jauclin.

Pansy Parkinson slipped into the Great Hall and into the chair next to me.

"I see some things never change, isn't that right, Miss Parkinson?"

"Some things are better left undisturbed, Professor."

McGonagall and Granger glared at Pansy. The second the Headmistress went back to her parchment Pansy stuck her tongue out at Granger.

"Real mature, Pansy." I glanced around the room. "Where were you?"

"Busy." She grinned.

This was the new D.A.D.A professor, don't ask me how she was able to get the right amount of marks to even pass, I thought she was stupid. Well, I guess you really didn't need to be smart to get the position, just willing to be out of a job in year, and Pansy was just looking for something to give her enough money to start up some kind of business. McGonagall had reassured all of us in the letters she sent that Pansy was well qualified for the position. She worked well with the students, I'd hardly call flirting with them "working well", she also had incredible marks in Defense Against the Dark Arts, I really couldn't believe that. But I kept my mouth shut, she deserved to be here more than some of the other professors that littered the grounds. Pansy wasn't as thick as half the people here and she was definitely a better person to hold a conversation with rather than the brats that talked to me on a regular basis.

"Who's Jesmihr Cranny?" Pansy asked after we had been dismissed. She sat on my desk, reading her letter as I took stock of my ingredients.

"She's the librarian." I moved some vials around. "You won't see her much, though. She's normally in the library before and after hours with her nose glued to a new book. Although, if you need a good, legal, punishment for unruly students, she's the person to see."

"Have you seen her for that reason?" Pansy set her letter down.

"Yeah." I shrugged. "Jauclin walks out during the middle of a lesson all the time. You'd think she'd learn by now."

Pansy snickered. She settled her boredom by digging through my drawers, seeing what goodies I had stored away. All she found was ink bottles and a list of names. She held it up, "What's this?"

"Guys Jauclin has dated."

"Is there a certain reason you keep a list of them?"

I smirked, "They're afraid I'll embarrass them in class with secrets they told her." Pansy snorted. "I like to watch them squirm."

"You're such a ferret."

I banged by head against the top of the cabinet, sending a few of the empty bottles toppling to the ground. Pansy giggled at my mistake. I sent her a glare before turning to the cause of my problems.

"What do you want?" I sneered.

"I need you to make a dozen or so burn oinments." Granger left the door open.

"Why?" I hissed, my head was throbbing.

"Seamus Finnegan's little boy is starting this year, I want to be well prepared." The giggle box went into another fit of giggles, Granger stared at her a moment before going on. "I don't know how long they take to make but if I could have half of them by the time school starts, that would be great."

I was making her nervous, so nervous that she had to play with her fingers to keep from having a breakdown. It was brilliant.

"Is that it?"

"Why would there be anything else?"

"Then why are you still here?"

Granger folded her arms over her chest defensively. Pansy broke the silence, "I hear you're this close to shagging Neville Longbottom." She held her thumb and fore finger millimeters from each other.

Granger's face contorted in disgust, "Neville and I are just friends."

"Sure you are." I muttered under my breath.

Granger hadn't stopped making my life unbearable since the day she applied for the Charms professor. Of course, McGonagall had to give it to her, she was an arse kisser and there was no way she would let her star pupil get hired by someone else. I was accepted first, I should have had some say in who was hired to work at my school. Granger was only here because she had some sick, twisted mind that thought it would be a great joke to watch me suffer through life while she was my co-worker. Granger was only useful for one thing and that thing had already come and gone, mere dust in the wind now. The point was, though, that she was here, breathing the same air as me and I couldn't stand it, and she knew that I couldn't stand it. Insufferable little bint.

"Granger," I called as she headed towards the door. I grabbed the letter that was sitting next to Pansy on my desk and handed it to the bint. "It's from Jauclin."

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