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"I'm going to put Scorpius to bed, and then we'll talk." Hermione greeted as soon as Autumn and I walked through the door.

Autumn blinked. "Do I need to-"

"You can stay. You can talk with us."

"Do you really think-" I started but was cut off.

"She lives here, too. It'll affect her."

Scorpius took Hermione's proffered and clumsily tripped to skip alongside her as she led him through the living room to the stairs.

"Are you getting a divorce?" Autumn asked immediately, slowly dropping her bag on the table in the dining room.

"You have to be married to get a divorce," I replied, not bitterly. Truly.

"Are you splitting up?"

"No," I assured her. "Your mother and I are good. We're good."

Autumn nodded. "Did Jauclin get knocked up by another mutant?"


"I'm just covering all the bases."

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