Title: Ron Does It Again Chapter 5

Classes had already finished and it was turning out to be an eventful day. During breakfast a group of Slytherin girls came over to ask who topped. Harry had blushed and stammered. Draco though smiled and said I will when we have sex. In transfigurations Harry was mocked for his sexuality, not that they had much room to talk seeing as they were found screwing in the Quidditch locker rooms. And they were both boys. The next thing was a question Draco was flat out tired of. 'Why a Potter, he's half blood?' For once Harry was actually glad that Snape was an ass. It meant that Draco's head of house didn't care like some of the other professors. He told the blonde he would see him later, and headed out to practice Quidditch with his team.

Draco turned down a corridor heading for the library, He had a report for Defense class, but the book he owned didn't have an enough on the subject for his liking. He heard a few snickers and then the back of his head hurt, he remembered hitting the ground, and then everything went black. When he opened his eyes the room that he was in made his vision swim. "Morning Malfoy."

"We were wondering how long till you woke up." The faces were still blurry but there was no mistaking that voice, it was Flint.

"What do you want?" Draco closed his eyes, the light stung when they were open.

"We told you, that if you stay with Potter you wouldn't be able to sit or walk." Draco wasn't sure at the moment who the brunette boy was, his head hurt too much to try and figure out who. Probably some first year he assumed.

"I'd prefer not to fuck either one of you." He squirmed in his chair to see if he could loosen the ropes. They were too tight to move even an inch, so it was no use.

"That's what you think we're threatening? Why on earth would we screw a gay guy? Wouldn't he enjoy that too much?" Flint reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife.

"Then what are you planning to do to me?" He cringed when he felt his pants being undone and pulled down.

"Castrate you of course." The brunette held Draco's legs a part.

The knife was cold and dull to his displeasure. He inhaled a breath as he awaited the pain. "I suggest you don't go any further in your plan. You'll be in enough trouble with the headmaster as it is." Draco swore that that lazy drawl was his godfather; he opened his eyes looking towards the door. There stood Professor Snape. The boys hurriedly ran out of the room, apologizing as they did. Snape untied the blonde all the while tutting at him. "You of all people should learn to be more careful."

Draco quickly fixed his pants. "Well they snuck up behind me and knocked me out. I didn't think they would try anything when everyone is walking around the castle."

The dark haired man held out Draco's wand for him. "It was outside the room. I didn't think it was like you to be so careless."

The blonde nodded as a way of gratitude and walked out of the room. He smirked as he thought about those two boys being expelled or worse. Not getting expelled and having to face the rage of their potions master.

"Draco, you coming to bed with me?" Harry looked over the Slytherin's shoulder at his report.

"Let me finish this sentence and I will." The blonde set his quill down and put the report away. He laid down pulling Harry to his chest.

The brunette played with Draco's shirt. "I heard some boys tried to castrate you. Were they successful?"

"Are you worried I can't have sex with you now? Or is it you're hoping they did so you can top?" Draco could feel Harry chuckling against him.

"No, that's not why I asked. I was wondering because if it did happen your either very strong, or numb." He undid a button on the blonde's night shirt, laying his hand on the skin that was now exposed.

"It didn't happen. Professor Snape came in, and they pretty much ran for it." He placed his hand on Harry's.

"That must have been embarrassing. I would have hated to have any professor see me like that." The Gryffindor yawned; he was beginning to fall asleep.

"Not really. He's my godfather so I'm sure when I was a baby he saw me naked. He did baby sit me." Draco kissed the top of the brunette's head before closing his eyes so sleep could take over him.

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